Luo Yonghao delivers 110 million goods in 3 hours! Is the era of national webcast coming?

Special feature of 1905 film network "Wordless gratitude; Infinite shame; Will continue to work hard. "At 23: 39 pm on April 1, after the three-hour live broadcast,Luo YonghaoWrote the premiere speech. The first generation of online celebrity, neweastLecturer, crosstalk master, founder of Hammer Technology, etc., with various official or folk titles, Luo Yonghao turned himself into an older slash youth.

Although the phenomenon of business inexperience has been repeatedly staged in the live broadcast, even a slip of the tongue has been spit out by netizens and boarded a hot search. However, Luo Yonghao, who signed an e-commerce contract to pay off debts, still staged a "tough life without explanation." According to official statistics, this e-commerce live broadcast with the theme of "basically not making money, making friends" has a total payment transaction amount of over 110 million yuan, a total sales volume of over 910,000 pieces, and a cumulative number of viewers of over 48 million.

As the channel or medium of this delivery, live broadcast was first integrated into the development of the industry by the entertainment industry. Back in 2016, more than 1,000 live broadcast platforms mushroomed, making that year the first year of webcasting in China. The pan-entertainment live broadcast content with games as the core has made Huya and other related listed companies.


On November 5, 2019, film and television actors Dapeng and Ada visited the live broadcast room in Viya, bringing preferential qualification certificates for the starring films. This made the film and television industry, an important branch of the entertainment industry, have the first close contact with the e-commerce live broadcast.

The Imperfect Live First Show of the First Generation of online celebrity

Every time he changes the track, Luo Yonghao always hears the sound of "Lao Luo has finally become what he hated when he was young". This time, the live broadcast of e-commerce is no exception, and he said, "I am thinking of various ways to make money and pay off debts. The money for being an anchor is not dirty money."

As we all know, since the business crisis in 2018, Hammer Technology has owed about 600 million debts to banks, partners and suppliers at most. Among them, Luo Yonghao’s personal unlimited liability guarantee is more than 100 million. As of November 2019, "about 300 million corporate debts have been paid off."


According to relevant financial media, in addition to traffic support, the amount of cooperation between the two parties is 60 million yuan. Earlier, it was reported that there were 25 items in the first show of the live broadcast, and the pit cost of each item was 600,000 yuan. Although it is impossible to confirm the exact value of the pit position fee, this fee, which belongs to the industry practice, does exist.


During the actual live broadcast, a total of 23 items were displayed, and the cumulative transaction volume exceeded 110 million. In addition, the reward income of live broadcast exceeds 36 million sound waves (10 sound waves are 1 yuan RMB), and the direct income exceeds 3.6 million yuan. According to industry practice, the anchor will draw a certain percentage of commission from it. Some media predicted that Luo Yonghao’s income would exceed 35 million yuan for the first live show.

In this feast with goods, all parties have their own needs. The anchor party received a lot of commissions and rebates, and the orders of the commodity party surged in a short period of time. The audience bought their favorite products at a relatively low price, and the platform side spread brand value to attract more users than registration and anchor.


According to statistics, products just needed by life, such as spicy crayfish, electric toothbrush and gel pen, have become the TOP5 sales list. Many netizens found that the price of gel pen official website at 9.99 yuan (10 packs) was the same as that of this activity, while the lowest price of JD.COM platform even reached 8.8 yuan.

Luo Yonghao’s first live show in Tik Tok caused a big battle for platform delivery, and Aauto Quicker and Taobao entered the game one after another. The anchor deer, who claimed to be Simba’s apprentice, the first anchor in Aauto Quicker, brought HONOR worth 120 million yuan. Viya, the elder sister of Taobao, sold the rocket launching service including the title of the mission, the advertisement of the arrow body and the launch vehicle body in the live broadcast room.


It is still difficult to determine which platform can win in the live broadcast war. However, for a long time to come, it will be an indisputable reality that the head anchors of different platforms will "take the mountain as the king". On the premise of not knowing the product, people’s personal cognition and perception of the anchor will become an important reference factor for whether the purchase behavior is achieved, and the head anchor has inherent advantages.

How to strengthen industry self-discipline and self-examination has become a top priority for e-commerce live broadcast. On March 31, 2020, a survey report on consumer satisfaction of live e-commerce released by China Consumers Association showed that nearly 40% of consumers had encountered consumption problems in live shopping, including exaggerated anchors and false propaganda, and the goods were not right. 


Webcast: Starting from entertainment and thriving in e-commerce.

In 2016, with the maturity of Internet infrastructure such as smart phones and 4G networks, more than 1,000 live broadcast platforms appeared in China. The situation of "Thousand Broadcast Wars" made China the title of the first year of webcasting in 2016.


The entertainment industry is the earliest field of commercial realization through webcasting. Among them, Huya, bilibili and other pan-entertainment live broadcast platforms with games and surroundings as the core are listed in the United States.


Panda Live, which was once valued at 5 billion yuan and has now closed down, signed Angelababy in September 2015 with the entertainment resources of Wang Sicong, which greatly increased the attention of the platform. Prior to this, Michael Chen, who became popular with ipartment series TV series, signed a live broadcast of Tiger Tooth.


Behind the cooperation between the two parties, in fact, the underlying logic of the mutually beneficial shopping mall is endorsed. Whether it is the joining of entertainment stars or the carrier of games, the entertainment genes in the first year of live broadcast are strong.


In the early days, due to the limited live broadcast content and narrow user groups, the realization mode of selling gifts in shopping malls was single. Under the homogeneous competition, the internal and external factors such as strengthened supervision, poor income and behind-the-scenes capital game have led to a major reshuffle of the live broadcast platform industry, including Panda TV, a platform backed by big trees, which has been eliminated, not to mention hundreds of other small companies.


The appearance of live e-commerce stars such as Viya and Li Jiaqi has made people shine. Because the scope of goods covers people’s daily life, the audience is also oriented to the general public. Coupled with the impact of the epidemic, it directly catalyzed the rise and popularity of e-commerce live broadcast.


According to the "2020 China Mobile Live Broadcasting Industry" Special Report "released by QuestMobile on March 10th, during the epidemic period, netizens increased their dependence on the mobile Internet, and the usage time of the Internet increased by 21.5% than usual. On the whole, the live users of typical platforms are mainly young people. Among them, the live broadcast users in Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker are between 19 and 35 years old, and users under the age of 24 in bilibili account for 81.5%. This kind of young people not only have certain spending power, but also have many consumer needs.

Judging from the recruitment information, some stores began to recruit live shopping guides, which shows that the liquidity of live broadcast plus e-commerce is concerned and affirmed by merchants. Many studios sell stock snacks through live broadcast, opening a new channel for self-help in the industry.


In addition, different industries, such as education and learning, news and information, have also started the live broadcast mode. Some government departments even invite investment and promote agricultural products through live broadcast, and the new scene of live broadcast has been further opened. In this context, the era of national webcasting is coming to the fore.


What is the impact of webcasting on the film and television industry?

As an important branch of the entertainment industry, the film and television industry will naturally not miss the spread of the new media form of live broadcast. In terms of project announcement, program production, film festival transactions, and even corporate recruitment, the film and television circle has more trial space and applicable scenes.


From March 20 th to 22 nd, the film opened a cloud road show. Starring Dapeng, Ada, Tian Yu, etc., the film was promoted through the live broadcast of Lian Mai. According to relevant media statistics, the cumulative number of onlookers of the three-day online roadshow live broadcast exceeded 4.25 million.

Prior to this, Dapeng and Ada had entered the e-commerce live broadcast room and brought 120,000 discount tickets for movie tickets in 20 seconds. Since then, films such as "The Party at South Station" have followed suit, and online roadshows have been conducted while buying tickets live, increasing the popularity of the film before screening.


"For film promotion, a film should have at least 30 to 40 roadshows, which is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also difficult to clearly evaluate the results. In this context, making an online roadshow for the film in the form of live broadcast will become a must for future film announcements. " Yuan Juan, general manager of Lighthouse Platform, said so.


Undeniably, live broadcast, a grounded form, can really play a role in enhancing the popularity of movies before screening, improving publicity efficiency and reducing the energy consumption of starring actors. No matter what kind of publicity mode, it only solves the embarrassment of "the wine is also afraid of the deep alley" in the Internet era. In the final analysis, the content quality is the core competitiveness of a film and television work.


Some Chinese and foreign film festivals have been postponed or cancelled due to the epidemic situation. Through the cloud opening and cloud trading in the form of live broadcast, it has become the voice of some viewers. This kind of attempt is not bad. In addition, in the previous interviews, many screenwriters said that the script communication would be conducted through live online broadcast, which is more convenient without venue restrictions. Some film and television companies are recruiting now, and they are also interviewing through live broadcast.


In terms of film and television project production, the series of public welfare programs "War Epidemic Story", which was created by the film channel and jointly produced by the 1905 film network and Aauto Quicker, adopted the form of live media, and many front-line medical staff were connected in each live broadcast, which sent condolences and help to the war epidemic heroes and also brought shocking spiritual strength to ordinary netizens who were concerned about the front line.

There are also live broadcast elements in variety shows such as "Singer’s Year of Playing in 2020" and "Youth has You 2". The reality and live feeling of live programs make it easier for viewers to feel immersed. This is also an important reason why e-commerce live broadcasts are more likely to arouse consumers’ desire to buy.


Generally speaking, the entertainment industry is an early field in which webcasting is applied to industrial development. In addition to economic value, social value can highlight the practical significance of a literary work. How to make good use of live broadcast to contribute to the development of the industry is worth thinking about by all practitioners.