Sad! Are you afraid that the 9-year-old girl in Hangzhou was "taken away" by the tenant?

  CCTV News (Reporter Li Shanshan Di Chenchen):"Accident" did not become a "miracle" after all. According to @ Xiangshan, at about 12: 30 noon on July 13th, a girl’s body was found on the sea surface of Shipu, Xiangshan (121 degrees 59 minutes east longitude and 29 degrees 12 minutes north latitude). After forensic identification, the girl’s body is Zhang Zixin who has lost contact for many days.

  "Dad, I can’t come back." This is the last sentence that Zhang Zixin, a 9-year-old girl, said in the last phone call to her father. Her original intention was that she couldn’t go home on time that day, but she really couldn’t go home again.

  On July 4th, Zixin was taken away by two tenants at home on the grounds of "being a wedding flower girl", and she lost contact with her family completely on the night of July 7th. During the six days when the girl disappeared, countless people worried about it and prayed for her safe return. However, the reality was still cruelly placed in front of everyone and Zhang’s family.

  In hindsight, regret and self-blame swept through everyone in Zhang’s family. "If we had called the police at the beginning, wouldn’t the child have been lost?" The child’s father rubbed his hair: "If you leave the contact information of the network car at that time, let him tell me the location directly, or ask him to send it back to me, can you get it back?" Grandpa deeply blamed himself. "A person secretly cried at the door and slapped his face."

  But these still can’t eliminate people’s doubts about Zhang’s family. Why did the old man feel relieved to let his granddaughter go with strangers at that time? What made them let their guard down? What lowers the child’s guard?

  For families who are caught in regret and grief, it is too cruel to simply accuse them, but the reflection on the incident cannot stop there. As the guardian of children and the first responsible person of children’s safety, how to improve the awareness of prevention? How to protect children from harm? How to make the tragedy never happen again? This is not just the responsibility of parents.

  Lowered guard

  It is the means for the tenants to get close to Zhang’s family and the children to do what they like.

  According to reports, the initial contact between the tenant and the Zhang family was around June 20, when there was a hotel chain in the village. On June 12, the tenant booked a room in this hotel in the village on Ctrip and stayed in the hotel for seven or eight days. After that, he began to walk around the village.

  According to Grandma Zhang, two tenants often buy some fruit from her. "Come every day." Gradually began to get acquainted with them. Later, two tenants proposed to stay in Zhang’s house. Finally, the two sides talked about it, and the rent was paid in 500 yuan every month. They paid 500 yuan in advance and officially moved in on June 29th.

  After check-in, they bought durian and shared it with everyone. They also bought snacks for girls from time to time and gave her their mobile phones to play with. They were very generous. When they saw a native chicken, they bought it for 150 yuan, and they also built trust with the two old people. But after that, the development of things completely exceeded the expectations of the two old people.

  At noon on July 3rd, two tenants suggested that the girl was cute and wanted to invite her to Shanghai to be a flower girl, and she would be paid 5,000 yuan. The two old people worked at home all the year round, and their minds were very simple. After getting along for a few days, they felt that they were "not like traffickers". Although they were not on guard, they were not at ease. They called Zhang’s father in Tianjin to discuss it.

  Dad Zhang objected on the phone and suggested that even if he wanted to go, he would want grandpa to go with him. On the evening of the 3rd, he made several phone calls to his parents and disagreed with his daughter going out with the tenant alone, but the old man didn’t realize there was a problem.

  Zhang Zixin’s aunt said that both the tenant and the tenant photographed their ID cards to the two old people. The old people felt that "the technology is so good now, everything is monitored, even if it is what it looks like." So I agreed.

  On the morning of the 4th, Dad Zhang got the news that his daughter had left with the tenants. However, the police investigation confirmed that they did not take their children to Shanghai at all, but went to Dongshan in Zhangzhou, Fujian and Xiangshan in Ningbo.

  So the child has no vigilance at all? Dad Zhang said that her daughter was actually very alert. Before going out, she used her grandmother’s mobile phone to photograph the male tenant’s ID card and send it to him. But it seems that the children themselves want to go out to play.

  In the first three days, Zixin was able to talk to her grandparents on the phone every day. "Grandpa and grandma, I had a good time, so don’t worry." In the descriptions of many witnesses, Zi Xin has never been abnormal. The three people have a harmonious atmosphere and sometimes look like a family.

  But the fact is that the tenant did not take Xinxin home on the 7th as agreed. Zhang’s father searched anxiously, made a searching for you and called the police, but what came was the news that two tenants committed suicide at 0: 00 on the 8th in Dongqian Lake, Ningbo. Leave countless strange mysteries to everyone, especially where did the children go?

  What does a "bad guy" look like?

  A child is all the joys and sorrows of a family. Every child’s misfortune is a family tragedy.

  My parents have been separated for a long time, and my mother hasn’t seen her daughter for four years. She only made a phone call once in 2016. My father has been working in other places for a long time. He goes home two or three times a year and stays at home for about half a month at a time. Usually, only two old people live in the country with their little granddaughters. Family of origin’s various realities constitute many unfavorable factors for children’s growth and events.

  Apart from these, adults are too confident, too assured of children and not alert enough to strangers, which has also become the subjective reason why this incident is difficult to avoid.

  Many parents think that they often give their children safety education, and children will not be easily fooled by strangers, but is this really the case?

  Many children were "abducted" (Source: Yangzi Evening News)

  In 2018, a kindergarten in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province invited parents to play "traffickers" and conducted anti-abduction and anti-fraud exercises for small classes. As a result, 46 children were successfully abducted in just 20 minutes!

  Some of the "babies" who were abducted were sent out by the whole class, while others were in groups of three or five, all in high spirits. Finally, when the children were stopped by the kindergarten doorman, they said goodbye to the security master happily as if nothing had happened.

  A mother who was invited to participate in the activity was particularly emotional: Yes, we thought we had done enough safety education for our children and repeatedly warned them not to do this or that. However, children are simple in nature. Young children lack the ability to resist temptation and have a weak sense of self-protection.

  The grandmothers of girls in Hangzhou stated in an interview with the media that they "don’t look like traffickers"; Zhang’s family didn’t call the police for a long time, and thought that "these two people are tenants who have checked their ID cards. I didn’t expect it to become like this in the end."

  Judging from the videos and news released now, the child "had a good time" with the company of two strangers. It is estimated that when children are wandering around, they feel that they are not like bad people!

  "Don’t look like a bad person", how many children will have this wrong stereotype? Worrying.

  What should a bad guy look like? Some parents once asked more than a dozen children about this problem at the scene of a relative gathering.

  A 3-year-old child said, "Bad guys, like the big bad wolf"; A 4-year-old child said, "Bad guys, monsters are bad guys"; A 5-year-old child said, "Bad people’s eyes will breathe fire and have sharp teeth"; A 6-year-old child said, "The bad guys wear hats and masks"; A 7-year-old child said, "Bad guys are bald and have scars on their faces" … …

  However, do all bad people look like this? What causes the stereotype of children?

  If you have the experience of watching cartoons, TV series or even reading picture books with your children, you will easily find a similar phenomenon: bad people always make people look scary or afraid to get close, such as witches with long noses and sharp teeth; Logger Vick has a big bald head and a wretched beard; Grey Wolf has a long scar on his face and dark eyes. Dangerous bears have evil eyes … …

  Those who are beautiful, handsome and lovely are "good people", such as Snow White, GG Bond, Superman, Sunshine and Handsome … … Children are often subtly influenced by these impersonal "stereotypes" in their daily lives.

  In addition to environmental factors, adults around children often "instill" stereotypes into children intentionally or unintentionally with their own "experience".

  "The neighbor’s child with seaweed-like eyebrows and upturned nostrils is not a good boy at first glance, so don’t play with him." "The little girl at your desk was very cute when you were in the interest class, so you can play with her more." "The aunt who sells toys doesn’t look like a good person, so let’s not go to her to buy toys in the future" … …

  Tenants who take girls from Hangzhou often buy fruits from Grandma Zhang. After staying in Zhang’s home, they will share durian with everyone, and occasionally buy snacks for girls and give her their mobile phones to play with. From the face exposed by the surveillance video, they really don’t look like bad people. However, it is they who took their children away from their loved ones, which caused the tragedy that countless people lament today.

  Children’s "anti-abduction" education should be early.

  The purpose of the two tenants taking Xiao Zixin away is not "abduction and trafficking", which has been confirmed by the task force responsible for the case, but their purpose is even worse.


Couples met Zhang Zixin two years ago, and her innocence and loveliness are unforgettable.

  If Zixin hadn’t been cheated away from her family, it’s summer vacation. She may be eating peaches and watching cartoons at home, or she may leave a small village in Qiandao Lake Town to play with her aunt’s youngest son, or she may travel to Beijing with her cousin under the guidance of her father … …

  However, "bad guys" don’t have holidays, and summer vacation is also the peak of children’s abduction.

  In 2013, a research and analysis based on 133 publicly reported abducted children by People’s Public Security University of China included such a set of sampling data: among them, 12.78% of children were stolen while adults were unprepared, and 3.75% of minors were deceived.


  Source of data: Research on the Current Situation of Rescue and Protection of Abducted Children in China and the Countermeasures for Improvement — — — Based on the analysis of 133 publicly reported cases in recent years.

  A lesson from the past must be vigilant. How to improve the anti-abduction awareness of children and parents? How to weave children’s safety net? How to make the protective tentacles of society closer to children?

  Some experts suggest that as a government department, especially the public security department, we should increase publicity and education on children’s safety knowledge. In many cases, children are abducted and cheated, which has a lot to do with parents’ weak safety awareness and insufficient attention. Therefore, parents or guardians should be investigated for legal responsibility when necessary.

  As a school, children’s safety education should be included in the school curriculum, and some basic anti-fraud knowledge should be taught by inviting public security personnel to teach some real cases, teaching children not to talk to strangers easily, leaving school with strangers and so on.

  As parents, we should strengthen the supervision and care responsibility of our children. Don’t let children leave the sight of supervision and care at will, and at the same time give children more safety knowledge education in their lives.

  Chu Zhaohui, a researcher at China Academy of Educational Sciences, said that since children have cognitive ability, they should gradually improve their safety awareness. They should not blindly ask not to talk to strangers, otherwise it will go too far. The key is to improve children’s discriminating ability and learn to identify. What characteristics among strangers must be guarded against, not generalized.

  Educate children not to accept strangers’ food and toys, not to open the door to strangers, not to walk with strangers, and not to confide any information to strangers. In case of emergency, learn to refuse and shout for help. Children may not be able to do this right away, but parents should teach them for a long time.

  As for the girl incident in Hangzhou, Chu Zhaohui believes that it is worth learning a lesson that the society should establish a more effective protective net to protect children from harm, especially children from special families, who themselves lack care and rarely associate with others. If a person is kind to him, he will become emotionally dependent, which should arouse social concern.

  All kinds of subjects should be deployed in various ways to form a joint force of protection, make up for the serious lack of loopholes in children’s anti-abduction and anti-fraud education, and firmly weave children’s safety protection net.

  Once a child is missing, Wang Dawei, a professor at the People’s Public Security University of China and an expert on juvenile delinquency prevention, has a "10-person four-pursuit method": "1. The mother stays where she is, and the father mobilizes 10 relatives and friends to look for it in four directions. 2. The search is divided into two layers: thick and thin. The thick search on the first layer is within 2 kilometers. Go after it quickly along the road. This requires 4 people, at least 1 person in one direction. The detailed search is still within 2 kilometers, but you have to go to the main railway stations and bus stations, and there are also more than 4 people. Go to 4 stations and look for it immediately. 3. There are at least eight people above. What else do two people need to do? One goes to the police; A person should stay at home and expect the children to go home by themselves. Once a two-or three-year-old child is lost, at least 10 people should be organized immediately and go out to chase it. If there is a slight delay, the consequences will be serious. "

  At the two sessions this year, Zhang Baoyan, a deputy to the National People’s Congress, suggested that the crime of abducting and selling women and children should be adjusted from "more than five years to the death penalty" to "more than ten years to the death penalty", and the sentencing of the crime of abducting and selling women and children should be heavier than the crime of kidnapping.

  When the girl in Hangzhou finally appeared in the monitoring screen, she walked at the front and walked so fast … … May heaven be painless! May the whole society weave a safety net for children, and similar tragedies will not happen again.

  Zixin, have a good trip!