Shuiquan Town: Cherry in greenhouse is in full bloom, and fruit farmers are busy with flower thinning, pollination and management.

On March 1st, in Shuiquan Town, shanting City, Zaozhuang City, fruit farmers were pollinating cherries in greenhouses.
A few days ago, more than 3,000 acres of greenhouse cherries in Shuiquan Town ushered in the full flowering period, and fruit farmers were busy with flower thinning and pollination, which was a gratifying scene of "people are diligent and spring comes early".
It is reported that in recent years, Shuiquan Town, based on the advantages of mountainous areas, regards the development of "brand cherry" as a highlight of prospering the town and enriching the people. By introducing famous new varieties, doing a good job in "cherry+"articles, integrating cultural tourism and e-commerce emerging formats, it has made every effort to build a regional brand of "Shanting Fire Cherry", promote the high-quality development of rural characteristic industries, and rely on the development of cherry industry to help rural revitalization.
The picture shows that in the greenhouse cherry planting base in Shuiquan Town, growers are helping large cherry growers to pollinate.
Mass Newspaper and Rural Mass Reporter Juck Zhang Correspondent Sun Haifeng Gong Zheming Liu Mingxiang