Family reunion day, same Lantern Festival, different reunion!

  CCTV News:Lantern Festival is a day of family reunion. From the northwest wind area of the motherland to the moving train, from the railway workers who stick to their posts to the passengers on the journey, people experience different reunions on the same Lantern Festival.

  This two-year-old boy named "Sambo" is the son of Zhang Wei and Pei Liyuan, employees of Hami Power Supply Section. Because Pei Liyuan works in the 13-room station in Bailifeng District, 170 kilometers away, the family gathers less and leaves more. This Lantern Festival, Zhang Wei will take his son to the 13 rooms for a different Lantern Festival.

  Triratna: "this is for mom."

  Knowing that he was going to find his mother, Xiao Sanbao was very excited. After more than three hours of running, the train arrived at the thirteen-room station.

  Triratna: "rush! Mom, mom! "

  The sudden appearance of her son surprised Pei Liyuan. The thirteen rooms where Pei Liyuan works are a fifth-class station on the Lanzhou-Xinjiang Railway and the core area of the Bailifeng District, where strong winds are raging all the year round. At the end of 2011, the whole line of Lanzhou-Xinjiang Railway was electrified, and once the foreign objects were blown into the catenary by strong wind, it would affect the safety punctuality of Lanzhou-Xinjiang Railway. Pei Liyuan’s job is to monitor and analyze the catenary data to ensure the safety and smoothness of this electrified railway artery. It’s common to have a gale of more than ten in the spring wind zone. Pei Liyuan hasn’t been home for more than ten days. This time, Zhang Wei specially brought her favorite "black sesame stuffing" dumplings.

  Zhang Wei, who doesn’t know how to be romantic on weekdays, also wants to express his love to his wife on the Lantern Festival.

  Pei LiyuanAfter so many years of marriage, I feel that he didn’t take the initiative to buy me a gift.

  Calling "I didn’t expect it", there are also passengers on this local train from Baoji, Shaanxi to Pingliang, Gansu. A group of teenagers with an average age of only ten years old came to the train to have a Lantern Festival, which brought surprises to the passengers.

  In the carriage, this group of social fire teenagers with an average age of only ten years old painted various facial expressions and dressed in folk social fire costumes, playing with knives and guns in an exemplary manner, attracting more and more tourists. On the passenger train from Heze to Harbin, the solve riddles on the lanterns race carefully prepared by the train staff of Jinan Passenger Transport Section was in full swing.

  Train conductor Wang Zhanyu: "Long ears, short tail, only eating vegetables, not eating, what is this?"

  Child traveler: "Little Rabbit."

  Train conductor Wang Zhanyu"By the way, I’ll give you a little gift. Happy Lantern Festival."

  Passenger Mr. Wang: "I guessed three correctly. I was so happy to meet this Lantern Festival event in the car for the first time."

  After guessing the riddles, the dining car staff served the steaming Lantern Festival for the passengers to taste.

  Enjoy the journey and enjoy the Lantern Festival, yeah!