Recalling the origin of the folk song "Aquilaria sinensis" and the Lantern Festival in Zhangjiajie

half past one
For Zhangjiajie, "Lantern Festival" is an indispensable annual feast. On the Lantern Festival, the whole family went out to visit lanterns, solve riddles on the lanterns and watch performances … It was very lively.
Do you still remember the past Lantern Festival? What is the most impressive memory? Occasionally, in retrospect, will there be a surge of happiness in my heart?
After a four-year absence, Zhangjiajie Lantern Festival will return grandly! From now on, Yongding Rong Media launched a series of short videos of "Remembering Yuanxiao" to recall "those things about Yuanxiao" with everyone.
Today, let’s listen to Zhao Guobing, executive director of Zhangjiajie Lantern Festival and director of yongding county Cultural Center, and talk about the origin of folk song "Aquilaria Resinatum" and Zhangjiajie Lantern Festival, as well as the highlights of this year’s Lantern Festival.