Peak travel is more cost-effective! Free Tour of the Lantern Festival in Dunhuang in 2024.

During the Spring Festival holiday in year of the loong, the tourism market in various places continued to heat up. The Lantern Festival is coming, and Dunhuang has issued the preferential policy of "Welcome to Spring". Visitors can enter the scenic spots of Mingsha Mountain, Yueya Spring, Yumenguan and Yadan Geopark free of charge, and they can also enjoy the great value experience of increasing the number of open caves in Mogao Grottoes from 8 to 12, and reducing the number of visiting groups from 25 to 15. Invite people from all over the country to come to Dunhuang to experience the different scenery in the northwest during the Lantern Festival.

According to statistics, as of February 14th, the Mogao Grottoes received a total of 63,956 people in 2024, an increase of 100.31% compared with the cumulative number in 2023. Crescent Spring received a total of 75,445 people in 2024, an increase of 100.87% compared with the cumulative number in 2023. On February 14th, the six scenic spots in Dunhuang received a total of 25,340 people, an increase of 1,230.88% compared with 2023.

(Headquarters reporter Song Zishuai, lu shan Dunhuang Rong Media)