[Pomegranate blossoms and seeds are concentric] Spring water gushes "gold" to explore the "Antu sample" of mineral water industry development

  Cctv news(Reporter Wang Jingyuan Sui Jiatong Xing Ming): At the end of August, the rainy season in Changbai Mountain was not over yet. Walking into the natural mineral water industrial park in Changbai Mountain, it was misty and misty, just like a landscape painting.

  Antu County, Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, Jilin Province, is located at the northern foot of Changbai Mountain. The main peak of Changbai Mountain and Tianchi Waterfall are all located in the jurisdiction, which is the core area of the hinterland of Changbai Mountain and is known as the "first county of Changbai Mountain".

(Photo by CCTV reporter Wang Jingyuan of Changbai Mountain Natural Mineral Water Reserve)

(Photo by CCTV reporter Wang Jingyuan of Changbai Mountain Natural Mineral Water Reserve)

  Benefiting from the unique geographical advantages, mineral water has become another label of Antu County. Antu County has huge mineral water reserves, and 106 mineral water sources have been found in the area of Erdaobaihe Town under its jurisdiction, all of which are self-flowing cold springs, and the water temperature is constant at 6℃-mdash; Between 8℃, the total daily inflow is 568,000 tons, and the annual inflow is more than 200 million tons. It is rated as "the hometown of mineral water in China" and "the large natural mineral water base in Changbai Mountain".

  In addition, the pH value of mineral water in Antu County is 7.2— 8.5, weakly alkaline; The content of metasilicic acid is 40 mg per liter — Between 70 mg, it is rich in more than 20 kinds of trace and macro elements beneficial to human body, such as calcium and magnesium. It is also known as the three major gold water sources in the world with the European Alps and the Russian Caucasus.

  "Antu natural mineral spring water age is 41 years — In the past 50 years, simply put, the water we see with the naked eye now takes at least 41 years to form. " Zheng Guolong, deputy director of Changbai Mountain Natural Mineral Water Reserve Administration, introduced. In fact, this is extremely rare in the country and even in the world. With such high-quality and abundant natural resources, ecological protection has become the top priority.

  In 2014, Antu County established Antu Changbai Mountain Natural Mineral Water Industrial Park. Zheng Guolong introduced that adhering to the principle of paying equal attention to protection and development, Yanbian Prefecture issued the Regulations on Environmental Protection of Natural Mineral Water Sources in Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, scientifically delineating first-and second-class water source protection areas and quasi-protection areas. According to the classification of water source protection, 16,000 linear meters of fences were laid in the first-class protected areas, and 41 boundary pillars and 16 in jiepai were set up.

  There is a 24-hour real-time monitoring in the first-class water source protection zone to ensure that the source environment is pollution-free. "It is usually closed here, and even animals can’t come in." Zheng Guolong said that not only the first-class water source protection zones, but also the second-class water source protection zones and quasi-protection zones are prohibited from engaging in any business activities that may lead to water pollution.

  The spring in the water source protection zone is "protected". At the outlet of the spring, the enterprise directly fills the spring that is not exposed to the air and directly introduces it into the factory for processing.

(The spring eye protected in the house is connected to the pipeline. Photo by CCTV reporter Wang Jingyuan)

(The spring eye protected in the house is connected to the pipeline. Photo by CCTV reporter Wang Jingyuan)

  In order to better protect water resources, the business activities of enterprises are also strictly restricted. Antu County issued relevant protection regulations, requiring that the daily mining amount of enterprises must be below 70% of the daily inflow, and it is forbidden to mine springs with a daily inflow of less than 1,100 tons.

  Zheng Guolong said that the park has established a "hukou" file of mineral water resources, set up a professional law enforcement team, and carried out regular patrols on issues such as private construction, illegal sewage discharge, livestock and poultry breeding, and solid waste stacking. "Nature has given us such a good resource. We must protect and make good use of it. First of all, we should protect it. This is our root."

  On the premise of keeping the red line of ecological protection, Antu is also trying to write a "water article". Zheng Guolong introduced that Antu established the Changbai Mountain Natural Mineral Water Industry Association and formulated the first national industry association group standard, and all indicators were higher than the national standard.

  In order to expand the industrial agglomeration effect, in recent years, the park has continuously strengthened infrastructure construction, including the reconstruction of main roads, the laying of sewage pipe networks and the migration of water supply, drainage, gas and some power supply lines. In addition, the park has also built a mineral water testing center, which can not detect mineral water in the park, reducing the time cost of enterprises.

  As "the first county in Changbai Mountain", Antu not only has mineral water resources, but also enjoys unique tourism resources. Today, Antu relies on the construction of Hongfeng mineral water town, and promotes the integrated development of life service industries such as cultural tourism, leisure and health care through the production and processing of mineral water, constantly extending the industrial chain and "contributing to rural revitalization".

(photo by CCTV reporter Yan Jiatong of Changbai Mountain Natural Mineral Water Reserve)

(photo by CCTV reporter Yan Jiatong of Changbai Mountain Natural Mineral Water Reserve)

  The gushing spring water in Antu County is a unique resource endowment, and it is also one of the sources of living water for the economic development of Yanbian Prefecture. Mineral water industry is the pillar industry of Antu. At present, there are 9 mineral water production enterprises in the county, with an annual production capacity of 3 million tons and an output value of 630 million yuan in 2022. The mineral water industry contributes 14.38% to the county’s GDP.

  In the early autumn morning, the Changbai Mountains are often haunted by mist, and clear springs, mountain streams and streams spread out among the verdant mountains. Relying on its rich mineral water resources, Antu County adheres to the fundamental ecological development and explores a unique road to the development of mineral water industry.