Evaluation of "port number transfer": Tianjin needs to handle the preferential tariff for Beijing consumers on the spot.

  CCTV News:On July 3rd, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said that it was promoting the work of "port number transfer" by the end of November, which was required by the previous the State Council executive meeting.

  Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: The Interim Measures for the Administration of "Portability to the Internet" were recently made public.

  Wen Ku, Director of the Information and Communication Development Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology:Five pilot provinces and cities have completed the work of "number portability" for 2.3 million users. At present, the interim measures for the service management of "port number transfer to network" have been drafted, which will clarify the service handling conditions, business processes and service specifications of "port number transfer to network" and will be open to the public for comments in the near future according to procedures.

  Ao Li, Director of Institute of Technology and Standards, China Information and Communication Research Institute:This involves the operation system of nearly 1.6 billion mobile users in China, and the scale is very large. Now we are asking to complete the network transformation in July this year. It is necessary to supervise telecom operators so that they do not set up various obstacles when telecom users propose "port number transfer".

  Tianjin: Those who meet the requirements need to apply for port number transfer on site.

  As early as 2010, Tianjin and Hainan started the "port number transfer" as the first batch of pilots. In 2014, Jiangxi, Hubei and Yunnan became the second batch of pilot provinces.

  In these five provinces and cities, 2.3 million users have completed the port number transfer. At present, in these areas, how is the port number transfer business handled?

  Tianjin Unicom customer service:Now we can’t do port number transfer online, so we need to do it in the business hall.

  In the interview, CCTV financial reporters learned that taking Tianjin as an example, at present, the port number transfer business needs to be handled in the business hall with identity documents. Before that, users need to edit an inquiry message to see if their business status meets the requirements.

  Tianjin Unicom customer service:Maybe the number is in arrears, or there are some contracts that can’t be transferred within the contract period. If you send the short message, you can apply for it if you meet the requirements, and the number transfer will take effect on the same day.

  CCTV financial reporters conducted random interviews on the streets of Beijing. Although they paid attention to different aspects, most consumers expressed the need to transfer numbers to the Internet.

  Consumer:I feel that this business is still quite good, and the main consideration is the issue of tariffs.

  Consumer:I’ll consider port number transfer, but it doesn’t matter how much the tariff is.

  Due to the huge scale of China’s mobile communication users and the complex network, the promotion of "number portability to network" requires not only the necessary transformation of the networks and operating systems of three basic telecommunications enterprises, but also the synchronous transformation of third-party platforms such as banks, insurance companies, securities companies and Internet companies.

  In fact, the mobile phone number portability service has already been implemented in many foreign countries and regions, such as Britain, Japan and South Korea. Then, how do these countries handle the port number transfer business?

  Japan: On the day of port number transfer, you can apply for transfer without handling fee.

  On October 24, 2006, the policy of port number transfer was officially launched in Japan.

  Japan’s procedures for port number transfer can be completed on the same day. Japan’s three major operators, NTT Como, KDDI and Softbank, all charge about 2,100 yen for withdrawing from the network, which is about RMB 134, while the transfer fee is free. In more than three months after the implementation of the port number transfer policy in Japan, more than 1 million users in Japan changed their operators.

  South Korea: The peak of port number transfer is during the launch of new mobile phones.

  In South Korea, the peak period of handling port number transfer business is generally concentrated during the launch of new mobile phones. Users carry their ID cards and fill out application forms for processing. If the network is switched before the contract expires, the user needs to pay the liquidated damages to the previous communication operator. However, in order to compete for customers, some agents of communication operators often help customers pay part of the liquidated damages. In 2012, the number of users with port number transfer in Korea reached its peak, and a total of 12.557 million users handled port number transfer in one year.

  UK: New regulations for port number transfer are introduced, and mobile phone operation saves money and increases efficiency.

  In Britain, the port number transfer service has been popular for many years, and since July 1 this year, the new regulations have made this service process more simplified. The mobile phone user sends the specified code to the national unified related number, and after receiving the "migration authorization code", provides the code to the new supplier, and can complete the network transfer within one working day, and the user’s balance can continue to be used. According to the British telecommunications regulator, the new regulations save British mobile phone users a total of about 10 million pounds (about 85.516 million yuan) every year.