Zhao Benshan: I don’t care if I can’t attend the Spring Festival Gala. Song Dandan makes me nervous.


      Live pictures of the Spring Festival Evening sketch performance (Source: CCTV International)

    A few months ago, when Song Dandan was interviewed by a reporter from Shanxi Evening News, he shouted loudly that he was his brother, mentor and good partner. Interviewing "White Cloud" can’t leave behind "Black Soil" of course, but Zhao Benshan is so busy that it is no exaggeration to say that he may be the most "hectic" comedy star in China. Therefore, the reporter of Shanxi Evening News can only use the Internet and Zhao Benshan to complete the interview by mail. This also proves that teacher Benshan can surf the Internet, and he knows that the Internet is convenient and fast, and that it is not used for fishing.

      On the Spring Festival Evening, professional households kept their promises.

    Speaking of Zhao Benshan’s busyness, in fact, he has been doing something about "romantic affairs" recently. He is busy in his hometown in Northeast China, and started filming the sequel of "Country Love". "He is a big old man, and he is still hanging out with young people for fun. Hehe, now that the play has started shooting, most of my energy is still on this play, hoping to make some breakthroughs on the basis of the first one, hoping to make it better. " Teacher Benshan is old enough to know his destiny, but sitting on a lot of report cards, he still works hard from morning till night. In his words, he walked across the south and crossed the north, ran over his legs on the train track, drank water from the Yangtze River and the Yellow River, and kissed a fool. Who did Boss Zhao fear in the entertainment circle where the spring breeze was blowing and the drums were beating? ! In a word, do it.

    In the second half of the year, the Spring Festival Gala became a hot topic. It has been 16 years since the Spring Festival Gala was held every year. Big Brother Benshan has been known as a professional household in the Spring Festival Gala, and his relatively flat shoehorn face has become a little gray. In recent years, I believe that Zhao Benshan has heard about the decline in the level of his sketches. In the face of criticism, does he still have the courage to stand on the stage of the Spring Festival Evening? As soon as the problem arose, according to his agent, Zhao Benshan held back for a long time.

    Zhao Benshan: It’s not up to me to attend the Spring Festival Gala. Although they have become professional households, they are not "village heads", and their words still don’t count.

    Shanxi Evening News: If you attend the Spring Festival Evening this year, will you choose the Olympic theme? This is the hottest theme at present.

    Zhao Benshan: As for the subject matter, there is no mature idea yet. But we can’t be angry. Let’s do whatever we want.

    Shanxi Evening News: When you were interviewed by other media, you said that you were tired of last Spring Festival Gala?

    Zhao Benshan: No, I, Lao Zhao, must actively strive for it. The Spring Festival Evening is the highest hall in the hearts of our sketch actors. No one doesn’t want to go to it. As long as I have good inspiration and works, my first thought is to get it and dedicate it to the people of the whole country. The people will be happy, and we will be happy, right? It’s just that every time I go to the Spring Festival Gala, I’m always nervous, afraid of losing it to my folks? Hey.

    From the poor children in the village to the celebrities who are seen everywhere nowadays, instead of being fooled into finding the north because of his fame, Zhao Benshan felt the pressure from the audience more strongly. Zhao Benshan said that the audience’s taste is improving day by day, and he has to constantly innovate and break through. "Some things have to be satisfied with themselves first, so that they can take out their hands and let others judge good and bad." However, Lao Zhao also believes that every excellent person is like this. The pressure comes from himself, and he puts pressure on himself to constantly improve his requirements. Because he is excellent, he is also tired. "The pressure is the boss."

     Lao Zhao’s heart, there are times when it is cold and cold.

    Zhao Benshan belongs to the "I am ugly, but I am gentle" type of man. Of course, in many cases, Benshan is a low-key celebrity, never letting his wife and children show their faces, making them look like half-baked stars. However, under the reporter’s repeated questioning, Zhao Benshan said that when he was not busy, he would also give his wife and children some dishes like shallots dipped in soy sauce to taste fresh. Benshan is a blessed man. In addition to walking all the way from the ravine to the capital to settle down, he also met a favorite daughter-in-law and gave birth to twins. "I firmly support family planning, and the two students met." When it comes to his wife, there is a feeling of distress between the lines.

    Shanxi Evening News: Will Teacher Benshan often accompany his wife and children?

    Zhao Benshan: If you have time, who can you stay with without your wife? To tell the truth, I usually shoot and perform outside, and I don’t have much time to spend with them, but I basically call my son and daughter every day to ask them how they are today and whether there are any interesting things happening at school. As long as it is home, it is pestered by two little guys to take them to play. Any father is like this. I have all my wife, children and hot kang. Looking at my two children, they are my motivation. I have to support my family, right?

    Shanxi Evening News: Tell me about your wife. We seldom see my sister-in-law in public. Does she have no complaints about being the woman behind you?

    Zhao Benshan: I grew up in the countryside, and I believe that men are the masters outside and women are the masters inside. Wife? Complain? No, that’s what couples do. Both parties have to pay.

    Shanxi Evening News: Teacher Benshan is such an open-minded person in the sketch. Is there anything that makes you nervous in your life, just like Fan Wei’s cold heart in the sketch?

    Zhao Benshan: I also took warm treasures in the sketch! In real life, when my son and girl were born, my fragile mind was severely tested. They are twins, which happened to be the Spring Festival one year. I was rehearsing "Red Sorghum Model Team" when a phone call came from home, saying that my daughter-in-law was going to have a baby. It wasn’t even midnight then, and there was still one month before the due date! It’s my wife who moved the TV to her waist to record my program. I was so anxious that I didn’t sleep all night on the way home. Urgent! At that time, in order to ensure safety, I called the hospital to ask for a caesarean section. Fortunately, mother and son are safe. My heart just clattered in my stomach.

    Shanxi Evening News: What’s your first feeling when you see a child?

    Zhao Benshan: A child, like me, will laugh when he is born, probably because he saw his father happy. But later, when I was a major, I was busy with my work. There were no men at home except her mother and nanny, which made my children cry as soon as they saw me coming home. You said, this joy is crying, and my heart is enough to pull out the cold.

    A fashionista’s hobby.

    In the sketch, Zhao Benshan is a rural old man who is clamoring for wearing a vest or not, or a down-and-out old man who sends water to his father, but Zhao Benshan, who wears a broken felt hat, is what kind of person is real life? According to the interview, Lao Zhao is still a fashionista.

    Shanxi Evening News: Can Brother Benshan tell us something about your hobbies?

    Zhao Benshan: Don’t look at my thin arms, they are still explosive when swung round. I love to swing golf, but I don’t have a high talent for sports, so the level of golf has always been at a "stable" level. When you don’t have time to play golf, you stay in the study of the office and practice calligraphy to cultivate your self-cultivation.

    Shanxi Evening News: What do you like to write?

    Zhao Benshan: "There is no worry about water, but the face is wrinkled because of the wind, and Yamamoto is not old, which makes the clouds bald." I quite like these poems, because there is the word "Benshan" in them. And the meaning is right with my current mood. Then look at story books, and sometimes inspiration comes.

    Shanxi Evening News: Who do you admire most? It’s not the man you said in your sketch!

    Zhao Benshan: You mean Ni Ping! Hehe, when you interviewed Song Dandan, did you ask her most admired person? I especially admire Chaplin, who is called a master, a master, not a pinch.


    Zhao Benshan Song Zu Ying Errenzhuan (Source: beijing daily messenger)

     Hot duet

    Zhao Benshan’s other career is to strive to create the glory of Errenzhuan in Northeast China. Is it because of his attachment to the white mountains and black soil, or has he never walked out of that hot song? As a leader, Lao Zhao doesn’t take the credit to himself. He says that the achievements are everyone’s, cooperation is important, and the pursuit is certain, and the "northeast wind" is what Lao Zhao hopes most. Zhao Benshan: Almost all the people in my sketch writing team are from two people. From Li Zhongtang, Cui Kai, Juck Zhang to He Qingkui, although they are not duet actors, they all sing with clear pronunciation and mellow voice, full of charm. Gao Xiumin and Li Jing, like Lao Zhao, are the pillars of their original local opera troupe. A truly powerful alliance.

    Shanxi Evening News: Why do you love duet so much?

    Zhao Benshan: There is a saying that is really good: "Hot duet, hot feelings!" Describe the mood very aptly. People’s lives need happiness, and duet is a good choice. Many people say that two people have moved to another place and are worried that the audience will not like watching it. I think this kind of worry is redundant. Now I plan to enrich the content of the duet performance and connect with the world. I also plan to let the "Liu Laogen Grand Stage" open a branch in Beijing at the end of this year and early next year, and let them "turn" into the capital. I believe that if you turn around, no one will say that the two have changed places.

    Shanxi Evening News: Do you like duet because it is very similar to your mood?

    Zhao Benshan: I’m burning inside, too.

Editor: Li Xingcun