Why does the Indian musician’s The Last Mohican make people cry?

  Alessandro Queirovaru is a Polish Indian musician. The Last Moxigan is Alessandro’s signature track, which comes from the movie The Last Moxigan. The film, released in 1992, is set against the background of the seven-year war in which Britain and France fought for colonies in America in 1757, and tells the stories of the aborigines and colonists, as well as each other. The music in the film was nominated for the best film soundtrack at the 50th Golden Globe Awards.

  "This song makes me cry." Alessandro described "The Last Mohican" like this.

  Similarly, this piece of music has made tens of millions of people cry, causing ripples in the hearts of people of different races, countries, religions and cultures. "A piece of music tells the birth, rise and decline of a civilization." The audience in China sighed with emotion.


  Alessandro was born in Lima, Peru. As the eldest son of his family, he dreamed of helping his family financially. With this in mind, he immigrated to Poland at the age of 18. Alessandro still lives in Poland, and will regularly perform live performances on the waterfront promenade in Sivinoisiche, and will wear different Native American costumes.

  This musician, who came out of the Andes in Peru, has an innate ability to hear and remember tunes. He is good at playing all kinds of flute and flute playing instruments, such as Guina flute, Guina flute, antara, barstow flute and Maltese flute, and makes good use of the rich musical elements in South America to express sadness and happiness.

  In 2016, Alessandro came to China for the first time. Although he is far away from Wan Li, China audiences have reflected that he has heard a sense of deja vu in China in his music.

  The music critic Erdi commented that Alessandro’s music sounds distant and mysterious, atmospheric and desolate. Whether it is playing the Guina flute, shouting full of original ecological flavor, and dressing up with Indian national elements, it has left a deep impression on passers-by.

  On May 29th, Alessandro will hold the "The Last Mohican" concert in shanghai centre Theatre, and perform the reserved tracks such as "The Last Mohican", "Song of the Eagle" and "Firefly" on the spot. The tracks in the concert have no lyrics, and they are all sung by Alessandro’s voice and played with various flutes and flutes.

  Alessandro has added China to his performance footprint in recent years. He opened the Weibo in China. Not long ago, his new album "The Color of Rainbow" co-produced with composer Mario Spindler was released on QQ music and cool dog music.

  In the past 20 years, Mario has published more than 50 albums inspired by South America around the world. The Color of the Rainbow contains 12 singles. Mario and Alessandro combine the traditional music of the Andes with modern listening habits, just like opening a sound carpet from South America for the audience.

  One of the singles, Dawn, is magnificent and spectacular, giving people the illusion of watching epic movies. When playing this song, Alessandro said that he thought of a young patient who needed spiritual help. "He was depressed and sad at first, but it seemed that there was ‘ Wizard ’ With the help of the wizard, he scared away the bad mood with a bell. He fought with bad emotions and longed for health. Gradually, he felt much better and began to play and dance … Later, he was sad again, and he fought with bad emotions and finally won. "

  After listening to the single "The Color of the Rainbow", China fans left a message. The music touched the soul and made people burst into tears, as if they had found a spiritual shelter in a noisy city.