What’s wrong with searching for the most correct woman’s play?

Even for the audience who don’t watch domestic dramas very much, it is estimated that ta can confidently say "I will do it" in the face of the question of who is the hot topic of Chinese dramas in the near future.

Because, Nothing But Thirty is so hot.

Not only is there a hot search for plots almost every day, but even supporting actors are fancy on the list.

In addition to doing a good job in marketing, Douban, which had soared to more than 8 points, almost put on the shining crown of "the light of national drama" for Nothing But Thirty.

However, as the plot entered the middle and late stage, Nothing But Thirty’s score suddenly dropped.

It makes people curious: What’s wrong with this hot search for the most correct woman play?

There are spoilers in this article.


In the explosive drama camp, there are always two emotional magic weapons-either hold back or be cool.

Nothing But Thirty, who can be widely discussed by the audience, is naturally an excellent model for practicing this rule.

The story is chosen in "30 years old", which is considered by most people as a time node to formally break away from naivety and move towards absolute maturity.

The first person in charge of "suppress" is an ordinary and ordinary luxury store counter sister Wang Manni.

She came to the big city with her dream, and she was diligent and flexible in her work, but the goal of starting a family here is still out of reach.

The glitz dispersed, leaving me alone in the silent street, exhausted.


Wang Manni, who worked so hard, couldn’t even find a close person who could help her when she fainted. She had to listen to her parents’ phone calls to persuade her to go home day after day and learn how to remain firm and never waver when her family debunked the truth of life.



All kinds of life scenes in which men are silent and women are in tears are simply the portrayal of most "X drifts" in life, and they are really humbled.

Of course, if you are lucky, you may become a big city indigenous like Zhong Xiaoqin.

Even if she is married, she is still a little princess at home. She goes home for dinner anytime and anywhere, and works as a busy little clerk in a big company, and her work and life are both right.

However, she also has her own grievances.

The marriage with her husband Chen Yu, "You raise fish and I raise cats", is not as sweet as lovers, nor as close as family members. It is polite and exasperating to turn husband and wife into roommates alive.

Fortunately, the humbling of the first two is relieved here in Gu Jia, who is also the first character in the whole play to output "Shuang".

As a legendary "stay-at-home wife", Gu Jia is not Luo Zijun who was divorced regardless in My First Half of Life.

On the contrary, she has brains and means, and knows how to use interpersonal relationships to expand the territory of her husband Xu Huanshan’s fireworks career and push her family to a higher social class little by little.

However, Gu Jia is not a passive role for the sake of interests.

Some female employees are preparing to seduce the magic mountain. Gu Jia reminds the other party with an orange, and likes to mention the title of "green things on earth".

Faced with the fact that old customers sexually harassed in the name of orders, Gu Jia chose to refuse sternly, even if he didn’t make money, he would defend his dignity.


My son was put in a dark room by other parents in kindergarten, and Gu Jia, who was furious, directly solved it by force, and demonstrated what it meant to be a mother.


Good wife, good mother, going to the hall and going to the kitchen, Gu Jia, who blames all the way, makes the tyranny of the wicked and self-improvement "Gu Xue" rampant, and also helps Nothing But Thirty successfully unlock countless female topics, which is still hot.



In order to dispel the sense of suspension brought by the rich family, Nothing But Thirty also made some efforts.

For example, the details such as actresses going home to become plain, husband and wife washing and eating, etc., help the drama show a side that is in line with real life.

What highlights the flavor of "chicken feathers in one place" is the short story of parents that domestic dramas can’t be avoided for thousands of years-in the story of three women, there are all kinds of men.

First of all, it was Liang Zhengxian, the "sea king" that Wang Manni met.

Little transparent cabinet sister met a rich and idle bachelor on a romantic yacht. This kind of idol drama plot that others dare to watch and dare not think about happened to hit Wang Manni.

How can she not be carried away by love when she sees the luxuries that she can only see and can’t afford on weekdays?

It’s a pity that "Neptune" is only in love and not married, and it’s still going to have a "one south and one north" golden house.

Wang Manni’s line, from the "exquisite poverty" that everyone talked about, turned into a more fashionable department (art) in minutes, which personally shattered the vanity fantasy of countless girls meeting perfect true love.

Similarly, Zhong Xiaoqin, who lived step by step, began to experience more emotional entanglements than usual.

Behind the marriage of "He raises fish and I raise cats", it is always hidden that Zhong Xiaoqin and Chen Yu never take the initiative to understand each other’s indifference and estrangement, and the bad news of the child’s fetal arrest has become the fuse for their separation.

So, Zhong Xiaoqin and his wife quietly went through the divorce procedure.

Being single this time not only unlocked Zhong Xiaoqin’s hot search for "super sweet brother and sister love", but also provided her with another perspective to observe her ex-husband. She began to compare and measure her old love and new love uncontrollably.

The most difficult person is the legendary omnipotent Gu Jia.

Although Gu Jia walks in the Jianghu with the title of "a green device on earth", it is inevitable that there will be some omissions in preventive measures.

In the past, Xu Huanshan, who listened to Gu Jia’s bidding, had an affair with Lin, the goddess of green tea who had just left campus, and became a daughter of love rat who was severely punished by netizens.

With the scenes of three heroines meeting people who are not suitable, the audience can’t help feeling that the only good man in the whole play is Xu Ziyan who is still in kindergarten.


Nothing But Thirty’s front foot put # Is a full-time wife an independent woman # on a hot search, and her back foot made the three heroines have a headache for men.

Isn’t it a little hasty to divide the position of good and evil simply by gender opposition?

A female drama inevitably needs male roles, but this does not mean that women’s problems must be created by men.

The most difficult thing is that after the fast pace and high output in the first half of the drama, with love rat’s daughter showing her true colors in succession, the domestic drama entered the dog blood stage with supporting roles.

Not only the joys and sorrows of the three women can’t escape from men, but they also filmed a large-scale derailment record, completely missing the chic of "thirty", leaving only water injection and procrastination.

Even if the screenwriter himself came out and returned, the rapidly declining score in a few days proved that the audience was the most sensitive quality inspector, and it was Nothing But Thirty’s irreversible fate to open higher and lower.

In less than a month’s broadcast time, from women with different personalities to men who are full of slag, Nothing But Thirty has set off countless discussions through diversified roles.

Undoubtedly, the communication effect of the series is the same at one time.

However, under the surface excitement that seems to cover many issues, the most common problem of Chinese opera-routines has always been hidden.

The counter sister in luxury stores often looks at people to order dishes and dishes, and she can know whether the other party has purchasing power at a glance at the customer’s clothes, while Wang Manni doesn’t pick customers, even if she is facing ordinary guests, she feels at home.

As a result, the heroine successfully unlocked millions of orders and established a good person.


This routine, for the screenwriter, this expected reversal of the plot really saves time and effort, but for the audience, it is estimated that it is more suitable to describe it as "aesthetic fatigue" in the barrage.

As the story comes to an end, only the nonstandard ending of refusing a happy ending can save Nothing But Thirty a little:

Some people accept love, some people wait for love, and some people create love.

Both inside and outside the drama are not perfect, but at least their existence makes more women believe-

A woman must have her freedom, and this freedom deserves everyone’s respect.

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