Wuhan "online celebrity" breakfast shop reopened 62-year-old boss: confidence is quite enough. We can’t go up when raw materials go up.

  Boss Zhao Youzhi is packing a photo for the guests: lin li.

  International Online Report (Reporter lin li): "Daily Red Oil Master Zhao Regan Noodles" is a famous "online celebrity" breakfast shop in Wuhan. During normal business, diners at the door often discharge tens of meters. Recently, this store, which was closed for more than two months due to the COVID-19 epidemic, reopened.

  I heard that the "Daily Red Oil Master Zhao Regan Noodles" store has opened again, and many new and old customers have come. There was a line of tables outside the store, and the waiter quickly packed the food according to the customer’s requirements, put it on the table and took it away by the customer himself. There was "no contact" between the whole staff.

  Wuhan snack cake folder steamed dumplings Photography: lin li

  Zhao Youzhi, 62, is the owner of this shop. While reminding customers in line to keep their distance, she helped to pack food and reduce the waiting time.

  Zhao Youzhi said: "We got up earlier than usual, some disinfection work should be arranged, sanitation, comprehensive disinfection, temperature measurement, etc., and protection work should be done well, so we should get up earlier and arrive at the store one hour earlier than when there is no epidemic."

  It is a tradition that this small shop has been closed before New Year’s Eve and opened on the eighth day of the first month. Zhao Youzhi proudly said that the word "everyday" in the signboard is real. But this year, because of the epidemic, it failed to open the door as scheduled on the eighth day of the first month.

  Boss Zhao Youzhi said that Wuhan people are positive and optimistic and full of confidence in their future life. Photo: lin li

  Zhao Youzhi said, "Why not hurry? Every month, employees stay at home without pay, and we are independent and self-financing, and the facade is tens of thousands of dollars (rent) to pay, and the loss is still not small for a month or two. But we don’t bother the government. We can save ourselves, start business as early as possible, do the best protection work and make employees safe, so we are fine and have a good attitude. "

  To Zhao Youzhi’s slight comfort and reassurance, there were a lot of inquiries from customers during the closing period, and everyone still remembered her shop.

  Zhao Youzhi said: "We haven’t opened since the eighth day of the eighth year, but every day people call, starting with eight or nine people, and then at least forty or fifty calls a day a month later. (Ask) If there is any takeaway, we will patiently explain. (Guests) all want to eat our bite, so have a good bite. "

  During the epidemic, Zhao Youzhi developed the habit of watching news and paying attention to current events. When the number of new cases in Wuhan dropped to single digits every day, Zhao Youzhi felt that the day of reopening was not far away. As soon as the policy of returning to work came out, Zhao Youzhi wrote an application at the first time.

  People in line are consciously separated by one meter. Photo: lin li

  Zhao Youzhi said: "The government let some (stores) resume work, so we quickly wrote an application. The government still supported us, and it was approved two or three days after it was put up, every Sunday. Because our brand is famous on the Internet, there may be this factor. After the approval, we began to prepare on the same day. The raw materials were all ready before, because I was quite confident and felt that I could approve (down), and I had a 100% bottom in my heart. "

  Zhao Youzhi is not worried about future business. She said: "reopening this store has no worries for us, because I usually have the skills in it, and I am inseparable from my heart by constantly calling (coming) every day. I knew there would be more people when I opened the store. Because others haven’t eaten my family’s food for so long, I look forward to it and yearn for it. I feel satisfied when I eat it. "

  A large portion in 9 yuan, Regan Noodles, a small portion in 6 yuan, a set of oil cakes in steamed dumplings and 10 yuan, and a bowl of glutinous rice wine in 4 yuan … … After reopening, Zhao Youzhi decided not to raise the price, although the price of raw materials increased.

  Zhao Youzhi said: "This is our price and we can’t go up. The price increase makes customers feel uncomfortable, which is not good for themselves, and their integrity and credibility are gone. Now is an extraordinary period, raw materials have gone up and we can’t go up. We should look on the bright side and look down on the profits. "

  Zhao Youzhi also thought that after the epidemic ended, the store would be expanded to bring better dining experience to the guests. She said: "We are confident when we usually make our products solid and solid, which is the result of our usual efforts."