Baoding, Hebei responded to the bus outage: the funds were tight and the battery exceeded the deadline, and all pure electric buses were forced to quit.

  Recently, some netizens in Baoding, Hebei Province consulted through the message board of People’s Daily Online. Is the bus line stopped in Baoding still expected to resume? When will it take to recover? When to buy a new bus? Now the only No.18 bus in Han Zhuang Street has been out of service, so there is no bus to take.

  Baoding Public Transport Co., Ltd. later replied that since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic in early 2020, the passenger volume of public transport has plummeted, and the revenue from public transport operations is less than 30% of the normal operation, and it has always been in a downturn.The operating funds of bus companies are extremely tight. At the same time, the first batch of pure electric bus power batteries have exceeded the warranty period, and there are potential safety hazards. They no longer have safe operating conditions and are forced to withdraw from operation.The arrangement of public transport capacity has been seriously affected.

  Baoding Public Transport Co., Ltd. said that the bus company can only re-adjust the vehicle configuration of the line according to the existing transportation capacity, with the principle of tilting to the passenger flow concentrated line and tilting to the rush hour, so as to ensure more citizens to travel to the maximum extent. With the current operating status of public transport, it is temporarily unable to resume the operation of temporarily suspended lines, including Route 18. When the capacity and financial resources of public transport allow, bus companies need to give priority to restoring 23 temporarily suspended lines in urban areas to ensure the normal travel needs of citizens.

  The Paper noted that in November last year, Baoding Public Transport Company announced that it was struggling to operate due to the repeated impact of the epidemic. In order to alleviate the business pressure of enterprises, the bus company has taken temporary suspension measures for 8 lines including No.7, No.26, No.36, No.38, No.53, No.105, No.108 and No.207 since November 15th.

  At that time, the city bus company said that due to the continuous decline of bus passenger flow, the passenger income dropped precipitously, the cost remained high, and the operating funds were cut off several times, so it could only be barely maintained by means of financing and arrears of fees, and there was little financing funds left.At the same time, due to problems such as the fuel cell of trams and the service life of gas vehicles, nearly 900 buses no longer have safe operation conditions and are forced to withdraw from operation.The arrangement of public transport capacity has been seriously affected, and it is not easy to ensure the current operation status with the current operation status of public transport.

  In February of this year, Baoding Bus Company announced that the company overcame the actual situation of operational difficulties and serious shortage of transportation capacity and maximized the output of all available transportation capacity. After adjustment, the departure interval of bus trunk lines will be controlled between 12 and 15 minutes during peak hours, and the departure intervals of other lines will be adjusted and shortened accordingly.