2020 online celebrity Film Yearbook


Near the end of the year, movie viewing summary is active on social platforms.


How is your movie-watching life this year?

How has your way of watching movies changed this year?

What movie impressed you the most this year?

What are your top ten this year?


The annual film list is actually a beautiful thing, because it contains the memories of watching movies for a whole year. When these memories are slowly unfolded, it seems that we have relived the unforgettable and wonderful things that those movies have brought us. For 2020, the outbreak of the epidemic will affect the film market and even the industrial ecology. The long absence of cinema films in the first half of the year and the persistence of famine caused by the spread of the global epidemic crisis have also become the grayer background color in this year’s movie-watching life.


For domestic movie audiences, online celebrity movies also played a more special role in such a special year, especially in the first half of the year, when cinemas closed, so the demand for watching movies basically had to be met at home, and online celebrity movies also became the focus of attention at this stage. In the second half of the year, cinemas resumed work, cinema films were released one after another, and the market recovered to normal. Naturally, online celebrity films filled the still vast content space besides domestic cinema films.


Here, I want to explain again that the so-called online celebrity films in this paper refer to those films that have attracted great attention and heated discussion on the Internet because of their quality or potential. This year’s representative films, such as Sunny Sunshine, The Trial of the Seven Gentlemen in Chicago, Sincerely Half Solution, Hunger Platform and Telephone, exist mostly in the form of "resources". However, with the development and opening up of the film market in recent years, many online celebrity films have entered the cinema.


The formation of domestic online celebrity film groups comes from the comprehensive function of domestic film culture ecology and market status, while the change of online celebrity film groups and the presentation of different segmentation characteristics are also a side reflection of domestic movie demand and market development. Therefore, looking back on online celebrity’s films this year is not only a talk about movies, but also a review of domestic film culture and market.


Online celebrity’s films have poked the pain points of mainland audiences.


Combined with the results of the previous annual selection of online celebrity films, the overall reputation of online celebrity films is better this year, with films with Douban score of 8 or above accounting for more than half. Among them, Togo won the highest score of 8.8 in online celebrity movies this year, followed by the following three films: Speedcar, The Inheritance of the Pope and The Trial of the Seven Gentlemen in Chicago, all of which got 8.6 points, and the Chinese film Sunny Sunshine also got 8.5 points.


In terms of genre distribution, crime, thriller, horror and homosexuality are still the main types of online celebrity films this year. Of course, as mentioned above, the clear-cut genre also makes this part of online celebrity films an insulator of the mainland big screen. However, we can also see that these films have also become the main force of this year’s high-profile online red films, such as Gentlemen, Sincerely Half-understanding, Uncle, Telephone, Hunger Station and so on.


In terms of breakdown, same-sex movies generally have a good reputation. For example, Alice Wu’s new work, True Heart and Half Solution, which focuses on the ignorant emotional state on campus, is undoubtedly an explosion in the first half of the year. At the same time, the Hong Kong film Uncle, which tells the emotional story of elderly comrades, has also attracted attention because of its unique perspective, while The Happiest Season, starring Kristen Stewart and mackenzie davis, takes a warm route. At present, the reputation of this film has slightly collapsed. Combining the three films, in fact, their diverse perspectives and contents under the same genre, as well as their contents through different methods of singing and singing, are all eye-catching.


Another major genre is thriller and horror. This year’s representative works include Telephone, Hunger Platform, Hollow Man’s Happy Chopping, and A Trip to Busan 2: Peninsula. From the consistent situation, it is also difficult for horror movies to get high marks on the platform represented by Douban. After all, the core interests and final answers of this type of movies are very important. The expectations accumulated in the first half of the movie viewing process are very easy to form emotional self-attack at the end, so we can also see that these films this year are also difficult to get high reputation in the whole online celebrity film community. But from the perspective of film concept setting, content presentation and emotional establishment, except for the completely collapsed Busan trip 2, In particular, the "Telephone", which just released resources not long ago, once became a hot topic on social platforms.

In addition, the types of crimes are well received in online celebrity movies this year, such as Sunny, Gentlemen and Silence. It is true that the domestic film market is also in a vigorous stage of development, and it is also trying to develop diversified content. However, these crime films in online celebrity film groups are more sharp and sensitive in terms of subject matter and content. For the relatively conservative mainland film market, these films are still too "bold", so they will survive online.


At the same time, many works adapted from real historical events also rank in the first place in the word-of-mouth of online celebrity movies, such as Togo, The King of Racing, The Inheritance of the Pope, The Trial of the Seven Gentlemen in Chicago, Blackwater and Ministers of Nanshan, all of which have real prototypes behind them, and the appearance of these films also represents an excellent way of adapting movies from history.

It can be seen that not all online celebrity films have excellent reputation, and many online celebrity films have high expectations in the early stage, but their reputation completely collapsed after the release of resources, such as A Trip to Busan 2: Peninsula and The Witch by Birds of Prey. However, the reputation collapse does not affect the popularity of the films. The other is a film that became popular by being "spit out", such as erotic films’s "Gangster and My 365 Days", which sounds like a brainless and overbearing president. The title is doomed to be bad, but it still does not affect its high attention because of its full slots.


From the perspective of countries, American movies still occupy a quantitative advantage. After all, the United States is still a world movie power in terms of output and content latitude. In addition, films from Japan and South Korea also maintain their advantages, but the number has decreased compared with the past. Indian films are absent this year, and this year’s Indian films are not brilliant in terms of discussion heat and quality presentation.


The circulation and popularity of online celebrity’s movies are caused by the demand of a large number of audiences. Nowadays, with the global cultural integration and the developed film culture ecology, movies are not a corner thing, but a core cultural product for sharing and communication.


It’s not easy to switch cinemas in online celebrity.


Compared with domestic cinema films, online celebrity films still have an important position. With the gradual opening of the domestic film market, the number of foreign films is increasing, and the entry standards are constantly being adjusted. The content ecology of the mainland film market is also constantly developing and upgrading, but freedom is always relative. Under the current system, a large number of online celebrity films are still excluded from the content red line. The film world is sometimes much richer than the real world, so there are always many movies that are seen and appreciated based on network communication.


However, the online celebrity movies discussed at present are also in a narrow sense, because the real online movies appeared even earlier than the word "online celebrity". In the past, the domestic film market was far from such a scale as it is today, both in terms of the number and types of films, but the development of the Internet has already opened the whole world to the audience.


Therefore, those movies that have not been shown on the domestic screen, become popular in the form of network resources, and will always lie quietly in our hard disk are actually online celebrity movies in the sense, such as those movies that have not been shown in the cinema in Douban TOP250, the famous The Shawshank Redemption, This killer is not too cold, Forrest Gump, etc. These movies first entered the domestic audience’s sight in the form of video tapes, VCDs and DVDs. With the development of the Internet, nowadays,


The Shawshank Redemption


Movies that became popular in the form of online resources, as well as a number of movies such as Bollywood, Heartbeat and Out of Reach, etc. In 2008-10, the dissemination of resources such as "seeds" has become the trend of film resource sharing. With the progress of science and technology, the diffusion speed of good movies has become faster and faster, and the scope has become wider and wider, thus online celebrity movies that truly change from form to meaning have emerged.


With the development of Internet and film and television resource websites year by year, the number of film seeds has expanded rapidly, and the number of films in online celebrity has also increased. The domestic audience’s cognition of foreign films is also established on the basis of resource films, especially those from Japan, South Korea, India and other countries.


For example, memories of murder, Flying Tai Chi Flag, old boys, Hanjiang Monster and other films are the first batch of online celebrity films that South Korea flows into the mainland audience’s field of vision, and at the same time, it is also the period of strong rise of Korean films (after 2000). Since then, almost every year, Korean explosive movies have appeared on the small screens of domestic audiences, such as Furnace, Sunny Sisters Amoy, Defender, Su Yuan, Gift from Room 7, Snow Country Train, Live Horror, Miss, A Trip to Busan and Tunnel.

The same is true for Indian films. Indian films in the eyes of domestic audiences are also built from resource films, such as Bollywood Life and Death, Bollywood with Three Fools (later released in the Mainland) and so on. In the eyes of domestic audiences, India’s "Three Sweats" can actually be regarded as "online celebrity". Of course, nowadays, more Indian films are landing in cinemas, and they are moving from online to offline.


It can be seen that in recent years, many online celebrity films have transformed into cinema films, but their "online celebrity" status has different effects on the blessing of cinema road. Many of the previous batch explosions were online celebrity movies, such as Uncle Monkey of Little Loli, Perfect Stranger and Invisible Guest, Bad Genius, etc. When the films were shown in cinemas, the network popularity of their early praise could be a powerful boost to the promotion of the mainland market.

However, such cases are not always successful. This year, online celebrity films have entered the cinema, such as "King of Speed Cars" Hollow Man, both of which won good reputation in the first half of the year, but the cinema performance of these two films is not satisfactory. The early exposure of film resources will disperse and dispel the audience’s demand for watching movies to a certain extent, which will lead to the loss of some audiences after the film is released in the cinema in the later period. At the same time, the market performance is also related to the matching degree between the film itself and the mainland film market. For example, the content theme of Speed ? ? Car King is relatively small in the domestic market, and the film is not entertaining, and its market development path is relatively blocked.


In addition, online celebrity films sometimes face a problem when they enter mainland cinemas, that is, deletion. For example, last year’s "Rome" was cut in Bohemian Rhapsody when it was released, and the previous year’s "Water Story" was not cut at all, but some scenes were also specially treated. Such a deletion has also made domestic audiences have inner rejection of going to the cinema to watch movies.


Generally speaking, the reason why online celebrity movies appear is more because these movies can’t be shown normally in mainland cinemas, so they are circulated and become popular on the Internet through resources. Therefore, compared with cinema movies, online celebrity movies actually present a more complete and real film content ecology. After all, the domestic audience’s demand for watching movies is not satisfied with sitting in the well and watching the sky. In the Internet era, good content will speak for itself.


Perhaps, in the future, more and more online celebrity films will enter cinemas and meet domestic audiences in the most appropriate way. And online celebrity movies will certainly not disappear, because the pursuit of good movies is our common hope. When reviewing this year and the past online celebrity film stories, the beauty of the film is magnified again.


While wishing the cinema a revival, we also expect more online celebrity movies to appear, because we always welcome good movies.