[Morning Post] From next year, China will implement zero tariffs on some anticancer drugs; A new round of interest rate cuts on deposits will strike, and the interest on deposits of 200,000 yuan for t


  Macro news

  1, the State Council Customs Tariff Commission issued.In 2024, some commodities will be adjusted.Tariff. From January 1, 2024, China will impose a provisional import tax rate lower than the most-favored-nation tax rate on 1010 commodities, and impose zero tariffs on some anticancer drugs and rare diseases.

  2. On December 18th, Pan Gongsheng, Party Secretary and Governor of the Central Bank, presided over an expert symposium on the economic and financial situation. Pan Gongsheng said that the people of ChinaWill fully absorb the opinions and suggestions of experts, maintain a reasonable and abundant liquidity, the scale of social financing,With economic growthMatch the expected target of price level and keep it.Reasonable growth, steady pace, and structural optimization will create a good environment for the sustained economic recovery.Financial environment.

  Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin held a regular press conference yesterday. A reporter asked the United States to consider raising tariffs on electric vehicles in China. Wang Wenbin said that the so-called new regulations recently released by the United States are an upgraded version of "American protectionism", which China firmly opposes. China urges the United States to abide by WTO rules, maintain a fair and competitive trade order, and provide a fair, just and non-discriminatory business environment for enterprises from all countries.

  4. Yesterday, the spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce answered a reporter’s question about the inclusion of 13 China enterprises in the "unverified list" of export control by the US Department of Commerce: China has noticed the relevant situation. The U.S. approach ignores the facts of cooperation between the two sides, damages the basis of cooperation between the two sides, hinders enterprises from carrying out normal economic and trade activities, and undermines market rules and international economic and trade order. China firmly opposes this, and the U.S. should immediately stop its unreasonable suppression of China enterprises. China will resolutely safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises in China.

  Industry news

  1. The National Work Conference on Housing and Urban-Rural Construction was held in Beijing yesterday. Ni Hong, Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, stressed at the meeting that the balance between supply and demand of real estate should be achieved because of the city’s policy and one city’s policy. Further strengthen the implementation of the first set of housing and the second set of housing policies; Guarantee the delivery of the building to implement the territorial responsibility, strengthen the supervision of pre-sale funds, and accelerate the reform of the pre-sale system.

  2. The National Conference on Industry and Informatization was held in Beijing yesterday. The meeting stressed that it is necessary to accelerate the cultivation of emerging industries in 2024. Introduce an action plan for future industrial development, aiming at human form., quantum information and other industries, focus on breaking through key technologies, cultivating key products, and expanding scene applications.

  3. State-owned banks will cut their deposits on December 22nd.This is far from the last round of deposit reduction.After more than three months. Among them, the listed interest rates of time deposits of one year or less, two years, three years and five years are lowered by 10BP, 20BP, 25BP and 25BP respectively. After simple calculation, on December 21st, the annualized interest rate of three-year large deposit certificates of many state-owned banks was 2.65%, which was 2.35% after being lowered by 30BP. If you deposit 200,000 yuan for three years, the three-year interest rate will be 1,800 yuan less.

  4. Blue chip heavyweights strengthened yesterday afternoon.The index rose by 1.03%, and the funds ran into the SSE 50 again.. The turnover of Huaxia SSE 50ETF reached 3.2 billion yuan yesterday, double the turnover of 1.6 billion the previous day. 4.ETF giants are active in trading, with a total turnover of 9.3 billion yesterday, significantly higher than the previous day’s 6.2 billion.

  5, the Ministry of natural resources held a party meeting, the meeting stressed that strengthen the management and control of land and space planning, do a good job.Land use security. It is necessary to study and formulate documents for village planning to lead rural construction, adhere to county-level overall planning, make good use of idle land in villages, ensure farmers’ demand for reasonable land for building houses, and support the preparation of practical village planning by village zoning with conditions and needs.

  6. The Development and Reform Commission of Zhejiang Province recently issued "Several Policies on Further Promoting High-quality Economic Development (Draft for Comment)", which mentioned that implementationPolicies such as automobile purchase tax reduction and exemption. Implement electricity price policies such as peak and valley time optimization of charging infrastructure, and add public utilities throughout the year.More than 20,000. Promote policies such as the orderly cancellation of restrictions on passenger cars in Hangzhou.

  7. After more than two years, the Ye Fei case officially ended. According to the Qingdao Intermediate People’s Court, Ye knew that Liu and others manipulated the stock of a listed company. After conspiracy, he decided that Liu would provide funds and Ye’s organization and personnel released it.In the report, Yemou contacted the media to speculate on the concept of the company’s development to advantageous industries, and tricked investors into buying the company’s shares, helping Liu and others make a profit of more than 29 million yuan. Qingdao Intermediate People’s Court to manipulateHe was sentenced to three years in prison for market crime and fined 500 thousand yuan.

  Company news

  1、Announcement, because the company was suspected of violating laws and regulations, it was filed by the CSRC.

  2、The announcement of stock price changes has been issued. At present, the relevant financial indicators of the company have not improved, and there is uncertainty in the ability to continue operations.

  3、It is announced that it plans to donate 10 million yuan to the earthquake-stricken areas in Gansu Province.

  4、Announcement, it is planned that 0 yuan will accept 24% equity of Anshan Henglong.

  5、According to the announcement, the passenger turnover increased by 137.47% from January to November.

  Global market

  1. US stocks opened higher and closed higher. The three major indexes collectively closed higher, with the Nasdaq up 1.26%, the S&P 500 index up 1.03% and the Dow up 0.87%. Popular Chinese stocks generally rose,Up more than 5%,Up more than 4%. Major European stock indexes collectively closed down, and Germany’s DAX30 index fell 0.3%.

  2. The settlement price of international crude oil futures declined slightly. WTI crude oil futures contract fell 0.44% in February. Brent crude oil futures fell 0.39% in February.

  3. Comex’s February gold futures settlement price closed up by 0.18%, and Comex’s March silver futures settlement price closed down by 0.19%.

  Investment opportunity reference

  1、There are new actions, and terminal channels are being vigorously laid out.

  According to media reports, after the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology reported some information about the first product, it is speeding up the recruitment of distribution channels and preparing for listing. Recently, the reporter inquired about a recruitment software and found that in the past two weeks, many positions such as retail store manager, retail supervisor, training supervisor, sales operation and retail experience engineer have been intensively released.

  Shen Gang believes that Xiaomi Automobile will have a certain advantage in intelligent driving and intelligent cockpit, and Xiaomi mobile phone will also bring traffic to Xiaomi Automobile. The OS system is equipped with Huawei HarmonyOS, Xiaomi’s terminal equipment,, smart cars, etc. can all run under one system, creating a whole ecology of people, cars and homes. Optimistic about the future sales of Xiaomi Automobile, it is estimated that the sales volume in the first year is expected to reach 100,000 units, and pay attention to the investment opportunities related to Xiaomi Automobile Industry Chain.

  2. The M9 security configuration was announced and will be officially listed on December 26th.

  AITO Automobile announced the safety configuration information of the M9 on social media. The new car adopts an integrated die-casting car body, and the whole car comes standard with safety configurations such as 9 airbags and 16 safety points. Wenjie M9 is officially positioned as "Panoramic Wisdom Flagship SUV". The new car adopts a brand-new family design, equipped with Huawei Turing chassis, HarmonyOS4 intelligent cockpit and other configurations, and will be officially launched on December 26th.

  It is reported that the "Xuanwu body" of this new car is the world’s largest integrated die-casting car body, and the volume ratio of aluminum alloy in the whole car is as high as 80%, and the lightweight coefficient is as low as 2.02. At present, nearly 40,000 M9 new cars have been booked.It is pointed out that Huawei’s intelligent selection model has been successfully verified on the new M7, and the market popularity has continued to the M9. It is expected that with the blessing of Huawei’s technical strength, brand strength and sales channels, the subsequent Huawei cooperative models are also expected to become hot-selling models.

  3. The data trading service platform 2.0 of Shanghai Stock Exchange was launched, and the trillion blue ocean was fully opened.

  Recently, Shanghai Data Exchange officially launched the data transaction service platform 2.0, which aggregates data products, information resources, transaction services and circulation cases of the whole industry, and is geared to all kinds of users in the market.Market development index, data map, compliance assessment, industry information, number business activities and AI admission consultation.

  Huaxin believes that the "X" plan has landed and the trillion-dollar blue ocean has been fully opened. With the continuous enhancement of the national top-level driving force and the gradual introduction of relevant policies, relevant standards, guidelines, norms and other detailed rules and regulations, as well as pilot demonstrations, will be pushed forward in an all-round way, and the overall development will be expected to move from "system breakthrough" to "industrial practice" and accelerate into a new stage of "government-industry co-driving".

  4. The supply scale of the industry is growing rapidly, and the first batch of co-created products in Tik Tok will be launched soon.

  On December 21st, "The Future of Dramatic Power-Cooperation Seminar on Fine Micro-short Drama" was held in Hangzhou. It is reported that BeijingMore than 20 media organizations, including Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Dragon TV, have reached cooperation intentions with Tik Tok, and the first batch of fine miniseries will be launched in March 2024.

  With the improvement of market rules and systems, the short drama market is constantly rejuvenating. According to the data of Detawen, there were 481 new short dramas in the first half of 2023, setting a record high. Compared with the data of 454 new units in 2022, the supply scale shows a trend of rapid growth. Ai Media Consulting predicts that the market size of China mini-short drama will reach 37.39 billion yuan in 2023, up 267.65% year-on-year, and it is estimated that the market size of China mini-short drama will exceed 100 billion yuan in 2027.It is pointed out that miniseries are expected to become the second growth curve of revenue growth of film and television companies.