Xiaomi auto conference: 2 suits, 50 "most", and several episodes.

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A three-hour conference, which is rare in a car conference.

Some people ridiculed that Lei Jun’s battery life is really long.

I have to admire Lei Jun’s physical strength. After listening to the whole conference, Xiao Bian almost couldn’t open his eyes at the end.

Let’s take a quick review of the whole conference first.

The conference is divided into two parts, the first half is the technical part, and the second half is the pre-release of Xiaomi SU7. The distinction is also simple,Lei Jun specially wore two suits, one black and one white, full of small details. Some netizens also feel that Lei’s general clothes change really fast.

Of course, the price that many people care about is naturally gone. Lei Jun said that the official release is still a few months away, and this time it is just a pre-release.

This time, Lei Jun changed his usual casual jeans, but specially changed two suits, and properly positioned the high-end market from the beginning.

Look at the first half first, which is a technology sharing session. Lei Jun introduced the technology of Xiaomi automobile from five aspects: electric drive, battery, large die casting, intelligent driving and intelligent cockpit.

Super motor:Xiaomi super motor V6/V6s has been put into mass production, with a speed of 21000rpm;. The millet super motor V8s has been mass-produced, and it will get on the bus in 2025, with the highest speed of 27200rpm in the industry. Xiaomi also carried out rotor pre-research technology, and the laboratory pre-research has achieved a rotation speed of 35000rpm.

Battery:Xiaomi 800V silicon carbide high-voltage platform, the highest voltage is 871V v. CTB integrated battery technology, the highest volume efficiency in the world is 77.8%. The maximum power of the 800V silicon carbide high-voltage platform reaches 150kWh, and the battery life under CLTC conditions can exceed 1200km (the upper limit of the platform); Under the "mature system", the maximum capacity of the battery is 132kWh, and the battery life under CLTC condition exceeds 1000km.

Super large die casting:Self-developed millet super large die casting 9100t. Xiaomi Titan Alloy, a self-developed material, is the only automobile manufacturer in China with mass-produced self-developed alloy materials.

Intelligent driving:Full-stack self-developed intelligent driving technology, zoom BEV, large road model, super-resolution network occupation, and more from super computing chips and sensing hardware. In 2024, Xiaomi Intelligent Driving entered the first camp of the industry.

Intelligent cockpit:16.1 "central control ecological screen, 56" super-large HUD, turnover instrument screen, which is full of ritual feeling every time it is started. Xiaomi Pad can be used as the rear expansion screen, the original car system, five-screen linkage and intelligent system integration.

The second half was the pre-release of Xiaomi SU7. Lei Jun first introduced the design team of Xiaomi Automobile. The chief designer is Li Tianyuan, who originally participated in the design of BMW iX. Lei Jun also introduced Shin Muto, director of interior design of Xiaomi automobile, and Qiu Zhen, director of exterior design of Xiaomi automobile.

Later, Lei Jun spent a lot of time popularizing the physical knowledge "wind drag coefficient" to us. The drag coefficient of Xiaomi SU7 is Cd 0.195, which is the lowest in the world.

Three colors of Xiaomi SU7 were also announced: Gulf Blue, Elegant Grey and Olive Green.

Then there are various details, so I won’t go into details one by one.

The whole conference stopped. Apart from being popularized with various scientific knowledge, the most impressive thing was that Lei Jun was "the most unique" in succession.

Just out of curiosity, there are more than 50. This is not counting all kinds of PPT.

For example, the PPT below is at least 20.

A group of friends spit out "the whole conference, the word that Lei always said the most was the most".

To tell the truth, at the mobile phone conference, we were almost immune to this "most". Now that mobile phone manufacturers have entered the automobile industry, the familiar smell has come.

However, despite watching countless press conferences, Lei Jun’s "most" frequency today is still a bit high.

So high that some netizens began to worry that this would violate the advertising law.

In order to avoid exaggerating propaganda, the advertising law has strict restrictions on extreme words. If you can’t prove the rationality of limit words, it is very likely to violate the rules.

However, Xiao Bian also noticed that in Xiaomi’s external posters and copywriting, the use of extreme words was restrained, and it was not as exaggerated as the press conference.

In fact, the reason why Lei Jun said "the most" is very simple. Xiaomi car is too important, and Lei Jun also said that he gambled on all his net worth.

As the first appearance of Xiaomi Automobile, it is still a technical conference, and there is no strength to convince investors and consumers.

More than 50 "most" are necessary for Xiaomi to go to the high end.

In fact, before the press conference, Lei Jun revealed that it was "a bit expensive". In the face of the temptation of the audience, Lei Jun bluntly said that the battery cost is more than 100,000. Don’t think about the 99,000 and 149,000 Xiaomi cars.

It seems that Xiaomi auto start will not be low this time.

Let’s take a look at the reaction of netizens. They are full of emotion and tears, but they still ask Lei Jun to come up with a cheaper model.

-A car should be made for ordinary people.

-Some rice noodles just grow up, not become rich.

-I feel that most rice noodles are no longer available.

-I hope Mr. Lei can produce a civilian model within 10W in the future, so that ordinary people can also sell the fun of science and technology.

-you want to break up with young people who have just left society.

—— Technology release is just a marketing strategy to pave the way for high prices. Many people are rushing to Lei Jun, and Xiaomi symbol is the ultimate cost-effective product in people’s hearts.

The incomprehension of netizens can be understood, but as a company, the overall high-end strategy of Xiaomi Company is the general trend, whether it is a mobile phone or a car.

The first car product must be sold out, and the quality and price will be high-end. Look at Wei Xiaoli’s development route and you can actually understand it.

It is very possible to make cheap models in the future.

After talking about the press conference, let’s take a look at a few episodes.

Regarding only paying tribute to Wei Xiaoli BYD Huawei, there is no tribute to the controversy caused by other car companies.

Lei Jun explained that when Xiaomi decided to build a car, he visited all the car brands at home for the first time. He added: "Salute to all pioneers of new energy vehicles in China".

Others said that Xiaomi’s new material Titan alloy was theirs, but it turned out to be self-developed. Even claimed to sue Xiaomi.

But not long after, the man said that he had made a mistake, saying that he had read the wrong ingredients. He explained that he didn’t see the explanation of PPT at first, and finally said sorry Xiaomi.

It’s a bit inappropriate to label a thief without knowing the situation, and in the open language environment of group chat, I made a mistake afterwards.

The first conference of Xiaomi Automobile is of great significance to Xiaomi. The theme of the conference is "Leaping", which is the last link of Xiaomi’s car family ecology.

In three years, Lei Jun even claimed to have gambled on all his net worth, but the stimulus of this conference to the stock price was not obvious.

At the close of Hong Kong stocks, the share price of Xiaomi Group’s Hong Kong stocks fell, rising over 2% in early trading and closing down 0.25%.

We still expect the official release of Xiaomi Automobile in a few months.

Yesterday, Lei Jun and Xiaomi paid tribute to many car companies such as Huawei. Many car company executives responded, but Yu Chengdong didn’t respond at that time.

The Xiaomi conference was almost overwhelming, and Yu Chengdong sent a message in the circle of friends that the M9 was set to break through 20,000 units.

Mr. Lei gave a lyric speech near the end of the press conference. He said, "Build a good car for these drivers, a dream cars that carries all their aspirations."

Lei Jun’s speech clip:

Looking at the roaring traffic and the passing figures, I suddenly want to cheer for these strangers. I also want to tell them that you have worked hard this year. Perhaps only you know your hard work. You deserve to thank yourself and reward yourself. No matter how many grand narratives there are in this era, no matter how many responsibilities and responsibilities you have, everyone’s heart has a surging dream and a boundless yearning for freedom. I think I can build a good car for these drivers, a dream cars that carries all their aspirations! No matter how cold and windy this winter is, your car and your heart are warm; Your steps and your wheels are equally steady and powerful.

Netizen lamented: Fortunately, I was not at the scene, otherwise I couldn’t stop (buying a car).