Football Storm: Who can escape punishment in the harbour or Mount Tai?

Today is the final match of the 30th round of the Super League, and the topic that fans are most concerned about is whether the Football Association will punish the players who got red cards in the last round of the league and send out tickets. Judging from the last round of the game against Taishan at home in the harbor, the red staining of many players may also give the Football Association a difficult problem. Therefore, this paper will discuss the last round of disciplinary incidents and which players the Football Association may issue tickets to.

For the violations in the last round of competition, the Football Association has always pursued punishment. Therefore, today we also have reason to believe that the Football Association will punish the players who broke the rules in the last round. Cai Huikang of Harbor Team locked his throat against moises in the match, which is against the image of the Super League. Therefore, according to the previous punishment standard, Cai Huikang is likely to be punished.

In addition, for those players who fell to the ground and touched porcelain in the game, I believe that the Football Association will also give a fair penalty, and sending a ticket will also make the Super League more fair. The red cards of many players from Haigang team and Taishan team caused discussion among fans after the game. I believe that the Football Association will definitely give the results today as to whether these players will be punished.

Once the tickets for Haigang and Taishan are announced, these players can be suspended for several games. The suspension cannot be completed this season. Whether to bring them to the FA Cup or next season’s league is the focus of attention for fans. So, which players will the Football Association punish? According to the existing situation, it is basically inevitable that Cai Huikang will be punished. His behavior in the game was very improper, which had a bad influence on the Chinese Super League.

As for moises, it’s hard to say, because the relationship between him and Lei Wu has also become the information that fans want to know. In short, the Football Association’s pursuit of punishment is an important measure to maintain the order and fairness of the league. Whoever fouls should bear the corresponding responsibility. We are looking forward to seeing the Football Association punish players who violate the rules fairly and make the Super League more fair and enjoyable.

Conclusion: Chasing the penalty is to maintain the fairness and order of the game, and it is also a warning to the players by the Football Association. I hope everyone can maintain good game manners and achieve fair competition. At the same time, we also call on fans to look at the game rationally, and don’t blindly idolize or maliciously attack opponents. Only by maintaining the order of the game together can the Super League develop more healthily and steadily.