What is the value of the Bird’s Nest London Derby over 50,000 football commercial competition?

  BEIJING, Beijing, July 23 (Reporter Wang Muqing) Last night at the Bird’s Nest, Premier League champion Chelsea and FA Cup champion Arsenal staged a "business derby". The commercial competition named "FAW Toyota 2017 Chelsea VS Arsenal London Super Derby Cup" ended in Chelsea’s 3-0 victory, and won positive comments from both coaches Kong Di and Wenger after the game. Putting aside the skills of commercial operation for the time being, the quality of the game itself is the focus of the coach’s attention, and it is also the guarantee of whether the game can present value.

  Chelsea’s three-goal victory ignited the Bird’s Nest Stadium and announced that the number of seats exceeded 50,000.

  From London to Beijing, the "Commercial London Derby" between Chelsea and Arsenal spanned more than 8,000 kilometers. In the Bird’s Nest, fans who support Chelsea and Arsenal are evenly divided on both sides of the stadium, and the camps on both sides are bounded by the center line of the stadium, showing the visual effect of "competing with each other" in red and blue.

  In the middle of the second half of the game, the stands on the first floor of the Bird’s Nest were almost full, with more than half of the seats on the second floor and a slightly sparse number of fans on the third floor. According to the live broadcast, the number of seats in the Bird’s Nest reached 55,000 that night.

  The only pity is that the game lost its suspense early. After the 40-minute tug-of-war, Belgian international Bashuay and Brazilian international William scored two goals in two minutes. It was only five minutes after Yibian fought again, and Bashuayi scored another goal. The score of 3-0 completely killed the suspense until the 90-minute whistle. The "dentist" who scored twice was voted the best in the game without any doubt, and the captain of the Blue Army Cahill won the "London Super Derby Cup" from the organizer.

  During the game, an interesting scene happened in the stands. After the 3-0 lead, happy Chelsea fans spontaneously played a "human wave", but whenever the "human wave" rolled to the middle line, Arsenal fans chose silence. For a time, the boiling blue was in sharp contrast with the silent red.

  How to reflect the value of football commercial competition? Famous coaches pay more attention to the quality of the game.

  From the spectator’s point of view, this is a football commercial game with good atmosphere. From time to time, "authentic" songs came from the stands of the two die-hard fans, and the singing method of the songs came from the original reproduction of the Premier League. Compared with a few years ago, reporters witnessed the "Milan Derby" or "Italian National Derby", and the number of fan groups was more.

  Last night, Chelsea coach Kong Di sent all the team’s starters — — In addition to Azar, Diego Costa, who was absent due to injury, and Morata, who just signed, the Italians sent 11 players who played the most in the league last season, as well as the signature 3-guard formation.

  In comparison, "Professor" Wenger also sent more than half of the regular starters. After all, it has always been the trait of the French coach to like to use young people freely. "I’m trying a new way of playing and giving young players a chance." Wenger explained after the game.

  In Wenger’s view, the quality of the game against Chelsea is not low: "It is true that the result is not satisfactory, but the level of the game is very high. It’s a long way to China, but it’s normal for professional players to travel long distances. We need such a high-level warm-up match to test the ability and state of players in the preparation period of the season. "

  Coincidentally, Kong Di also believes that the greatest significance of this "Commercial London Derby" is to ensure the quality of the game: "The game between Chelsea and Arsenal is always fierce, and for me, the derby is also a normal game. But high-intensity competition is a good starting point and opportunity for the season, so that players can be prepared at the physical, physical and tactical levels. "

  In addition, Kong Di also thanked the fans of both sides for creating atmosphere on the sidelines for 90 minutes. He bluntly said that this was a good incentive for the players who had spent the holiday.

  Early this morning, the Chelsea team will continue to fly south to Singapore and arrive at the next stop of their trip to Asia. Meanwhile, the Arsenal team will fly back to London to prepare for the annual Emirates Cup warm-up match at home. Three weeks later, the two teams will compete for the Community Shield Cup at Wembley Stadium — — The last drama before the opening of the Premier League every season.

  The curtain of this "commercial derby" has fallen, but the thinking about the mode of football commercial competition has never ended. Facts have proved that Chelsea and Arsenal’s deadly enemies in the same city have added points to this commercial competition. However, there are still 30,000 empty bird’s nests, which also indicates that there is still a lot of room for exploring the value of commercial competitions. In the final analysis, a real confrontation game is the key to "realizing" commercial value. (End)