Gao Yan Gao neng BUFF is full! What are the heart games of top-notch TV?

  In the past, TV used to be the home of family entertainment, but now it has mostly become a home decoration for young people. Why did TV, which used to be in the C position of entertainment life, gradually fade out from the vision of the younger generation? Compared with the big screen, young people are more willing to enjoy the lighter and diversified audio-visual interactive experience brought by smart devices such as mobile phones and tablets, and under the trend of going to the living room, TV has also begun to move away from the most conspicuous position in home life with the broken TV wall.

  For young people, they think that TV and other household appliances should not only meet the basic functions, but also be integrated into different home life scenes, and produce diverse interactive experiences with the change of atmosphere. At present, art TV, with its aesthetic artistic design and diversified scene experience, meets the young people’s pursuit of high-quality home life and becomes an art single product to enhance the sense of home atmosphere.

    New upgrade in four dimensions, new function of decrypting TV hidden.

  In September, 2023, Hisense Art TV R7 and Hisense Mural TV R8 went on the market. At the beginning of their appearance, they were quickly promoted to be the top hot items in the industry search, and became the annual trend items in JD.COM. On March 15th this year, at the new product launch conference of Hisense Video AI Good Life Full Scene Display, Hisense Art TV integrated aesthetic art home style, upgraded in all dimensions from appearance design, content and technology, and interactive gameplay, and decrypted more hidden new ways of playing TV for us, opening up more new experiences of art home life.

    The new "skin" matches the ever-changing home style

  As the saying goes, there are thousands of home styles. For young consumers, they hope that TV can be integrated with different home styles, and at the same time, home appliances can become artistic home decorations, so that home life can have more fresh and interesting choices. R7, which is simple and chic, and R8, which is designed as a mural, can naturally blend into various home environments, which can not only greatly release living space, but also enhance the beauty of home. Moreover, this appearance upgrade can change all kinds of "new skins" for TV anytime and anywhere according to your own home style, and at the same time, a variety of broad size expansion can match the home layout of different households, and the freedom of "ever-changing" layout can be realized regardless of the size of home space.

    Visit the new exhibition every month without leaving home

  For young people, high-quality life often needs artistic style, and many young people enjoy their leisure time by going to art galleries to visit art exhibitions in such a poetic way. This time, Hisense Art TV has created a more convenient way for young people to enjoy a high-quality life. In conjunction with more art institutions, it has upgraded the built-in art painting resources, and can turn their home into a digital art museum. Young people can enjoy new works of art such as master paintings at home and abroad, cutting-edge works of art, excellent photographs and so on every month, and they can visit new exhibitions every month without going out.

    Hard power to create all-round original painting texture

  Of course, in addition to artistic beauty, Hisense Art TV’s internal cultivation is also outstanding, using constant new technology to inject scientific and technological hard power into home art aesthetics and satisfy young people’s pursuit of constant new artistic style. The new generation of matte screen display technology upgraded by Hisense Art TV and the AI environmental awareness technology developed by them can make the paintings match the real and natural display effect with the changes of the environment. Even in the strong light environment of the venue, no matter which angle you stand in front of Hisense Art TV, you can feel the texture close to the real original painting.

    AI empowerment creates a companion interactive experience.

  Seeing and playing have become the standard of young people’s fashion consumption. The big screen should embrace the trend and strive to pay equal attention to beauty and fun, and integrate into young people’s home life in the way of CP partner. This time, Hisense Art TV launched interactive digital art version 2.0 based on AI. Based on the big model with leading computing power in the industry, Hisense Art TV AI-generated paintings can automatically generate specified content according to their own needs. In terms of atmosphere interaction, Hisense Art TV AI perceives the interaction function and the interaction between local weather and screen images. This kind of scene interaction does not only stay in the surface induction, but also realizes a lighter and more humanized upgrade, forming a companion interactive experience. Its interactive white noise can switch different atmosphere modes according to the mood, and the newly upgraded holiday atmosphere master can also create different emotional home atmosphere for birthdays, Tanabata, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day and other festivals.

  Like artistic inspiration, the younger generation constantly has new changes and new possibilities in the creation of home lifestyle, but the only constant is their pursuit of high-quality home life. Facing the constant exploration of young people’s new life, Hisense Art TV grasps new demands while iterating over technology, thus injecting more innovative vitality into young people’s future home life.