Boao Forum imagines the future of artificial intelligence and 5G technology, which is no longer far away.

   This year’s Boao Forum for Asia is held with the theme of "New Future of Asia: New Vitality and New Vision", and it is natural to discuss the cutting-edge innovative technologies. Tu Yo Yo won the Nobel Prize, Google’s AlphaGo defeated the Go champion, and VR technology was put into the news war between the two sessions … … Against the background of a great wave of scientific and technological achievements and the outbreak of artificial intelligence, the media and people at home and abroad are eagerly paying attention to the "light of science and technology" and "China voice" flashing at Boao Forum.

   How will technology change the future of mankind? How will the Internet be "pragmatic" in promoting intelligent manufacturing? Will China’s science and technology enterprises rise, or will they be followers of Silicon Valley?

   Zhang Yaqin, president of Baidu, predicted that "Smart Plus" would become the technological cornerstone of the fourth industrial revolution. Li Xu, CEO of Shangtang Technology, believes that in the past ten years, China has developed to a certain extent in the reserve of talents and artificial intelligence. He believes that China has the strength to develop artificial intelligence.

   Looking back at this year’s Boao Fair, the big coffee makers in the industry put forward four scientific and technological imaginations:

   The first thought:

   It is not a dream for science and technology to promote the digitalization of personal credit information of Pratt & Whitney Finance.

   "Internet finance: painful and growing" sub-forum site. Image source: official website of Boao Forum for Asia

   Dong Jun, CEO of Building Block, said in the sub-forum "Internet Finance: Pain and Growth" on March 22nd that the transaction mode of P2P is eye-catching, the improvement of risk control technology is the next development focus of the industry, and the application of big data and the innovation of related technologies can greatly reduce the financial transaction cost. Dong Jun believes that if we do deep excavation and innovation in technology, risk control is actually a problem that can be finally solved, and there have been very successful cases in the world. In addition, traditional finance has always paid attention to high-end customers, and the rapid development of internet finance technology has made such services truly face a large number of long-tail customers. At the same time, technology can reduce or improve the effectiveness of risk premium and realize the so-called "universal benefit".

   Zhang Jun, CEO of Paipai Loan, believes that there are still technical obstacles in using big data to realize personal credit judgment, for example, the width of individual data collection is relatively insufficient. But if one day in the future, all individual data can be collected, individual credit can be accurately measured, and the loans released at that time should be zero risk.

   Jing Xiandong, President of Ant Financial Services, spoke at the Youth Leaders Roundtable: ‘ Distance ’ In the definition sub-forum, it is predicted that in the next three to five years, "big data credit investigation" technology will change the distance between people, people and business, people and services, portray a person’s credit portrait in more dimensions, and help us understand each other.

   The second thought:

   Combining the experience of traditional Chinese medicine with modern science and technology to go global.

   Wang Guoqiang, deputy director of the National Health and Family Planning Commission and director of state administration of traditional chinese medicine, was interviewed by the media. Image source: official website of Boao Forum for Asia

   Tu Yo-yo, an 85-year-old pharmacist from China, won the Nobel Prize, which inspired the national scientific and technological circles and strengthened the confidence in the research and development of traditional Chinese medicine.

   Zhang Boli, academician of China Academy of Engineering, president of Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and president of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said in the sub-forum "Scientific and Technological Innovation: Promoting the Internationalization of Chinese Medicine" on March 23rd that Professor Tu Youyou won the Nobel Prize, indicating that the combination of Chinese medicine experience and modern science and technology can solve major problems. Traditional Chinese medicine must be combined with modern science and technology, and the story of traditional Chinese medicine can be told well, so that it can better go to the world. The most fundamental thing for Chinese medicine to go global is its curative effect. Science and technology are its wings. The deeper the scientific research is, the harder the wings of Chinese medicine will be, and the higher and farther it will fly.

   Wang Guoqiang, deputy director of the National Health and Family Planning Commission and director of state administration of traditional chinese medicine, called for improving the layout of Chinese medicine opening to the outside world, using modern science and technology and traditional research methods of Chinese medicine, carrying out in-depth cooperation, promoting joint research in many fields and disciplines, producing a number of original and leading scientific and technological achievements, and promoting Chinese medicine to glow with new vitality and vitality.

   The third thought:

   Artificial intelligence is more widely used, and smart devices have self-awareness.

   "The Future of Wearable Devices and Smart Terminals" sub-forum site. Image source: official website of Boao Forum for Asia

   Go champion Li Shizhen finally lost to AlphaGo. Is artificial intelligence really unexpected and impossible? At the sub-forum on "The Future of Wearable Devices and Smart Terminals" held on the afternoon of 24th, the big coffee makers in the industry started brainstorming around "Future Smart Terminal Devices" and imagined the future "Smart Plus" life picture.

   Zhang Xianming, from the Sustainable Development Laboratory of Yuanda Group, concluded that "future smart terminal equipment" is a healthy smart wearable device for auxiliary medical treatment. He said that he hopes that smart wearable devices in the future can prevent diseases, and health is the most important. This is a huge market.

   Meng Pu, chairman of Qualcomm China District, and Yossi VARDI, the father of Israeli technology entrepreneurship, both predicted that it would be a smart phone. Yossi VARDI believes that smart terminals are still in the embryonic stage, and smart devices are a series of combinations, such as sensors, transmission and other devices, which can generate some conversations with the human body, and manufacturers and users can link data with the Internet. In the future, the most promising field is optical equipment, which has just reached the turning point of cost. Today, we only see pioneers, but we haven’t seen the real highlight.

   Young SOHN, president and chief strategy officer of Samsung Electronics, thinks it is a VR device. He believes that if all wearable devices are integrated into our lives, it means that we can not only rely on wearable devices for entertainment, but also rely on them for learning, monitoring our health, improving the environment, helping us improve our social life, and using mobile technology to make us have a seamless experience.

   Yan Zheng, the founder of Ant Vision Technology, also believes that the final wearable device is a virtual reality device for smart glasses. Nowadays, many virtual reality devices can’t enter the home. Optical technology limits the volume of VR, and the future VR technology determines the shape of the product. The real opportunity is the innovation of optical technology, after which products can be made smaller and smaller.

   The day before, Travis KALANICK, CEO and co-founder of Uber Global, said in the sub-forum of "Efficiency and Innovation: Sharing Economy to Change Our Future" that in the future, Uber will conform to the historical trend of artificial intelligence development and gradually promote the application of driverless technology in a long period of time to further improve people’s quality of life.

   Ben GOERTZEL, chief scientist of Aidyia and chairman of the Artificial Intelligence Society, said at the "Future of the Internet" sub-forum on the 25th that one of the problems of artificial intelligence at present is that general artificial intelligence has not yet been formed. He took AlphaGo as an example, and AlphaGo can only play Go. If you let AlphaGo play another kind of chess, you need to rewrite the code, so the general artificial intelligence that can learn by itself has not yet appeared. He believes that if the cloud system can be used to share data between different artificial intelligence devices, so that artificial intelligence devices can learn from each other, the dream of universal artificial intelligence can be realized.

   Zhang Yaqin, president of Baidu Company, believes that the third stage of artificial intelligence is that artificial intelligence devices can be as self-conscious and emotional as people. However, he believes that this development trend does not mean that machines will defeat humans in the future, and we don’t need to panic.

   The fourth imagination:

   5G is no longer far away. The first 5G network is likely to appear in Asia in the future.

   The guests spoke at the sub-forum "Dialogue with the Future 5G: Information is at your fingertips and everything is at your fingertips". Image source: official website of Boao Forum for Asia

   Duang! When 5G knocks on the door, is the world of all things still far away?

   On the afternoon of March 24th, in the sub-forum of "Dialogue with the Future 5G: Information is at your fingertips, and everything is at your fingertips", Guy SENE, senior vice president of Keysight Technologies, pointed out that everyone can take photos and upload when watching the game on the spot with a 5G mobile phone, but this is only the beginning. 5G can change the way we participate in this game: you can watch the game smoothly while sitting at home and in the car; You can also install sensors on balls, sneakers and venues, and people can combine with augmented reality equipment, and then completely immerse themselves in the game; You can even choose to look at it from the referee’s perspective, and when you take a penalty, you can look at it from the goalkeeper’s perspective. This has greatly improved the experience of watching the game.

   Leif JOHANSSON, chairman of Ericsson, believes that there will be a high-speed 5G network in the future, so that cars can be connected to each other and know their respective positions. They can know the positions of surrounding objects with sensors, stop in time and avoid collisions. Pedestrians are also connected through smart phones, and they can connect to the same network, which can realize perception and prediction. Therefore, high-speed network can connect people and things, perceive each other and improve the safety of future traffic. 5G can also realize telemedicine. The ocean side is the top expert in the industry, and the ocean side is the patient lying on the operating table. Remote surgery through remote equipment and human-computer interaction will become a reality. Through the induction equipment, the robot hoes the lawn and washes clothes for you during the day, and makes dinner or cold drinks for you in the evening to become a life assistant.

   Sha Yuejia, vice president of China Mobile, boldly predicted that in the process of promoting 5G, Asian countries have become more and more active and played an increasingly important role, and the first 5G network is likely to appear in Asia in the future. (Source: Zhongqing Online Author: Zhou Wanjiao)