专题:2007“五·一”黄金周 春天的快乐导航





  Zhai Guangxiao said excitedly that thanks to the care of the party and the government, he will continue to work hard to create better performance.

  On the morning of May 1st, Hu Jintao came to the 110 alarm service desk of Zhengzhou Public Security Bureau Command Center, and went into the telephone alarm center to visit the police who kept their posts during the festival. He said to everyone with deep affection: "Whenever the people of the whole country celebrate holidays, it is the busiest and hardest time for the public security police to work. You gave up the opportunity to reunite with your loved ones, in exchange for the joy and peace of the broad masses of the people. The party, government and people thank you. "

  Hu Jintao hopes that the general public security police will insist on serving the public and enforcing the law for the people, always put the safety of the people first, earnestly enforce the law fairly and civilly, and make new contributions to building a harmonious socialist society.

  Hu Jintao is very concerned about the front-line workers. In Le Kai Group No.2 Film Factory, Henan Zhongguang Group Southern Brilliant Image Information Technology Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Coal Mine Machinery Group Co., Ltd. and other enterprises, Hu Jintao came to the hard-working workers and had a cordial conversation with them to learn more about the production and operation of the enterprises and the working and living conditions of the workers. He earnestly encouraged them to carry forward the spirit of ownership, promote enterprises to improve their independent innovation ability, deepen the reform of system and mechanism, enhance their vitality and competitiveness, and make joint efforts to run enterprises well.

  Henan is a big agricultural province and a big grain province. On the way, Hu Jintao inspected the growth of wheat in Dayegang Village, Hongniwan Town, Wancheng District, Nanyang City. Hu Jintao was very happy to see the green wheat growing in the farmland. He came to the villagers who were working in the fields and asked whether the national policy of supporting agriculture and benefiting farmers had been implemented here and whether there were any difficulties in production and life.

  Hearing that the villagers hope that the good policies of the Party and the government will remain stable, Hu Jintao sincerely said that the Party and the government will definitely adhere to and improve the policies of supporting agriculture and benefiting farmers, such as direct subsidies to grain farmers and the minimum purchase price of grain, so as to ensure that farmers, especially grain farmers, get tangible benefits.

  Xinyuan Community in Zhengzhou City is a residential area with pleasant environment and perfect facilities. During the festival, Hu Jintao came here to visit the residents. He walked into community health service stations, convenience supermarkets, party member activity rooms, etc. to learn about community service and party building. In the community activity center, Hu Jintao had a cordial conversation with the retired residents who were singing.

  Hu Jintao also boarded the general dam levee at Huayuankou of the Yellow River to inspect the construction of water conservancy projects in Henan and Zhengzhou sections of the Yellow River.

  At the end of the inspection, Hu Jintao listened to the work report of the Henan Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government and delivered a speech. He fully affirmed the achievements made in Henan’s economic and social development in recent years, and hoped that the party committees and governments at all levels in Henan would promote sound and rapid economic and social development and strive to be at the forefront of the rise of the central region with a enterprising spirit and a pragmatic work style.

Editor: Wulin