Behind the "Autumn Banquet", we understand the new music that Dou Wei is making.


Dou Daxian once again surprised the fans.

Following the live broadcast of his first online concert on July 7th, on the eve of Mid-Autumn Festival on September 9th, Dou Wei continued to hold the online concert of "Autumn Banquet" with Chao Jian Band, and the partner was still Netease Cloud Music LOOK Live.

But this live broadcast, there is no live picture, only audio. Dou Wei, who admits that she is afraid of society, simply does herself, and uses music with ancient poems to interpret what is "Yue Xian".

An audience after the concert said on the social platform that "every work of Dou Wei is full of a sense of picture and artistic conception, as if painting with sound".

Speaking of the uniqueness of the creation of this "Autumn Banquet", Li Jie, a member of Chaojian Band, is rightAmusement observation(ID:yiyuguancha)Said:"We completely serve traditional poetry, including our musical expression, technical means, artistic conception creation, etc., which is completely different from expressing anger and unknowns when we are young."

Good music is seen and appreciated by more and more people, which stems from Dou Wei and Chaojian Band’s insistence on the creation of new music full of fairy tales, and also from the continuous efforts of the online music platform. The platform and the creators have achieved each other and jointly completed this new music experiment.

A feast of "ancient prose"

At 17: 50pm on September 9th, less than two hours before the performance at 19: 30pm, Li Jie, the main planner of this event and a member of Chaojian Band, sent a Weibo with emoji expressions of "beer" and "ok". The comment area was also very lively, and a netizen specially left a message after watching the concert: "Thank you for your company".

As Li Jie said, the "ingredients" of the performance that day were indeed rich.

Nine ancient Chinese works lasted for more than two hours, and only one piece of "Eighteen Beats of Hu Jia" lasted for 56 minutes.

The concert was broadcast live simultaneously in Weibo and Netease Cloud Music LOOK Live. As of September 13th, only at the live entrance of the official account of Weibo Music, nearly 2 million people watched it, and the topic page of Weibo # Dou Weiqiuwen Banquet # had more than 15 million readings. Even in the comment area of the slightly niche "LOOK Live" APP Store, there were many voices of "downloading for watching Dou Wei Live".

High-quality music has also been affirmed by the audience.

Screenshot of Qiuwen Banquet Live

Yiyuguancha (ID: yiyuguancha)After combing the audience’s comments, it is found that many netizens have a strong resonance with Dou Wei’s music content.

After listening to the concert, an audience expressed their feelings in more than 500 words that night. "Every work of Dou Wei is full of picture sense and artistic conception, as if painting with sound. As for the ancient poems about autumn, every capital can instantly drag people into the silent empty mountains, the sparkling waterside, the vast Great Wall and the desert. "This is a particularly remarkable place in Dou Wei. It has never lived on its laurels, and has always been full of experimental spirit and constantly innovated its own music. He never caters to the tastes of the public, but only makes music in his mind. " Another audience said that when Dou Wei sang "Eighteen Beats of Hu Jia"My voice is young as if it were frozen in the panther period forever.

Some netizens also had an unexpected harvest. @ 京京京京京 said on the social platform, "I used to play the glory of the king, but I don’t know who Cai Wenji was. Today, after listening to" Eighteen Beats of Hu Jia ",I learned that Cai Wenji was a talented woman in bad karma." There is also a college student who just took the college entrance examination this year. After listening to the concert, he said, "These music accompanied me through the most bitter time before the college entrance examination."

Dou Wei’s New Music Experiment

In fact, this is not the first time that Dou Wei has broadcast live music on Netease Cloud.

As early as July this year, Dou Wei had made a live concert for seven consecutive days on Netease Cloud Music LOOK Live, named "Climbing Escape Concert", which also received wide acclaim.

Similar to the "Autumn Banquet", the "Climbing and Escaping Concert" is also based on ancient sages, set off by music and vocal singing. As a rare public expression in the Internet field in Dou Wei in recent years, it has gained wide attention since its live broadcast. According to the cover news report, at the beginning of the concert on the day of the performance, more than 100,000 people poured into the live broadcast room, and the "Climbing Escape Concert" has always occupied the top position in the search.

However, different from the "Climbing Escape Music Festival", this "Autumn Banquet" has reached a peak in both quantity and quality. As many as nine pieces of music, "Qiuwen Banquet" broke the record of six works performed on the first day of "Climbing Escape Concert" and also broke the record of one hour, which was very friendly to fans in quantity and duration.

Autumn banquet program

However, what is even more rare is that,There are more experimental contents in this concert, which is precisely the portrayal of Dou Wei’s pioneering experiment that the audience said that he "has never lived on his laurels, and has always been full of experimental spirit and constantly innovated his own music".

In the form of performance, in addition to the common musical instruments such as guitar, synthesizer, flute, harp and guqin in the last concert, there are more experimental expressions in the concert, among which "Night Tour in Jicheng Temple" is one of the surprises of the day. Dou Wei said that although this piece of music is very short, "but as a sketch effect" for everyone to present. In fact, this piece of music is short and concise.Many pioneering musical techniques are used, such as sampling and collage.

Sampling music can be traced back to the 1970s, when a series of sampling works full of experimental pioneers were born. For example, in Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill, New Jersey, Charles Dodge’s Song of Speech (1972) used sampled music composed by Mark strand’s speeches and so on.

Leo and Dou Wei co-produced the vocal dialogue of Night Tour in Chengtian Temple, and Dou Wei and Chaojian band used the technique of sampling music to process the music in the track, adding dog barking, motorcycle, ringtone sampling and character dialogue, as if Su Shi had a dialogue with Zhang Huaimin across the Millennium. Among them, those dramatic and absurd expressions make people laugh. For example, imitate Su Shi and Zhang Huaimin to say hello and polite words: "Brother Min!" "hey!" "Brother Min please" and "Brother Xian please"; Another example is the "homophonic terrier" mixed between Chinese and English: "Are you hungry", "A little" and "Oh really".

Screenshot of "Night Tour of Chengtian Temple"

Sampling techniques and collage techniques are combined. In 1948, Pierre schaffer composed a series of five etudes for radio in France. In "Etudes for Subway", an interesting musical structure was formed by collecting the sounds on the railway tracks and juxtaposing them. This technique has also appeared repeatedly in the works of Dou Wei and Chao Jian Band in recent years. In addition to "Night Tour in Chengtian Temple", 2021′ s "Medical Treatment with Epidemic" is also a very pioneering work, and all kinds of news voices and other voices in the work will make people think of stockhausen and Bretz when collaged together.

The audience also heard the sound of cell phone ringing in the concert. These seemingly accidental sound samples were actually intentional.

Chao Jian band Li Jie toldYiyuguancha (ID: yiyuguancha)These sounds can separate the audience from the music.Music sometimes makes you feel that it still exists, including some noises, which we feel it is necessary to put in. It is not a coincidence, but we have arranged it.

New music should be "unlimited"

In fact, Chao Jian Band has always taken "new content" as the direction of exploration.

Li Jie toldYiyuguancha (ID: yiyuguancha)"Nothing new makes us feel that listening to Pink Floyd is very similar to listening to it in the past, so we still focus on recording, recording the sound mix, and then listening to our own creations now."

Pink Floyd, as a representative band of avant-garde and artistic rock, was commented by the media: "Mobilize all kinds of sensory media to help express the theme of music and give the audience diverse but vague intuitive feelings."

Pink Floyd

The output of new content also needs an "unlimited" working environment, Li Jie continued."I think we are very free to make music now, and we don’t have those frames and corners, that is to say, we don’t have to do it.". In addition, the working hours of four days a week also make everyone have a balance between life and work.

The biggest surprise of the "Autumn Banquet" was the 56-minute "Eighteen Beats of Hu Jia", which is a typical representative of "unlimited" new music.

For the first time, Shi Yihong, a national first-class actor, was invited to sing Eighteen Beats of Hu Jia at the Shanghai Peking Opera Theatre.The "novelty" of this piece of music lies in the integration of the sound of Tsing Yi with the timbre of guitar and synthesizer, which brings a novel listening experience to the fans.

Dou Wei is also crazy about "Amway": "The masterpiece of the ages, the content of this 18-beat text is very touching, the narrative of the story with touching words and the interpretation of Ms. Shi Yihong’s opera are so touching."

Before the concert began, fans also wondered why the original performance of "Ode to Tsing Yi" was not included in the concert. Dou Wei’s answer was also touching: "Ode to Tsing Yi" needed a real Tsing Yi to sing, but the previous version of "Ode to Tsing Yi" gave the audience a preconceived idea, so in order not to break this "preconceived", the "Ode to Tsing Yi" was finally removed.

Facts have also proved that "Eighteen Beats of Hu Jia" has also changed from "after making up" to "the biggest surprise" that night.

The cooperation between the two artists is also very harmonious, and everyone is immersed in it. Dou Wei said publicly, "Ms. Shi went to the studio at 3 o’clock in the afternoon and recorded six beats in one breath. When I looked at my watch, it was past 8 o’clock, and we were all unaware of it. The amazing speed really surprised us all. "

Li Jie, Shi Yihong and Dou Wei

Shi Yihong also praised Dou Wei after the completion of the cooperation. "Teacher Dou Wei gives people the impression that he is not good at words, but this person is sincere, and he is very impressed by the concentration and persistence of music. He admires such musicians very much. Now there are not many." In WeChat official account’s "Yi Hong Chats Opera", Shi Yihong once again said: "It is rare to see such a pure and dedicated musician. In just a few days,I deeply feel that Mr. Dou Wei loves music and China traditional culture, especially ancient poetry. He and Chao Jian band are in this recording studio, insisting on writing for more than three years, free from external interference, focusing on making music, happy and beautiful."

The mutual support and achievements of artists have been proved in Eighteen Beats of Hu Jia.

Let the "new music" label be deeply rooted in people’s hearts

It is also due to Netease Cloud’s efforts as a platform that netizens and fans can learn about dou wei recent situation and feel Dou Wei’s new music experiment.

Dou Wei expressed his thanks to Netease Cloud for this concert."The platform has done a lot of homework. They will cooperate with the music, cooperate with the text, and also have subtitles. I think it is great, which is more convenient for everyone to watch and listen."

In fact, Dou Wei’s choice of Netease Cloud Music LOOK live broadcast is also related to the platform ecological soil of Netease Cloud Music for many years.

In the industry, Netease Cloud’s user group has always been famous for its youth and taste. The huge base of young users means that diversification and niche groups are also the soil for Netease Cloud to survive, and it also gives Netease Cloud more confidence to do "new music experiments" and be paid by users.

Netease Cloud Music "Ladder Project 2022"

In recent years, Netease Cloud has made great efforts around new music and minority music.

According to media reports, as early as 2015, Netease Cloud Music launched the "Ideal Musician Support Plan". In 2016, Netease Cloud Music launched the "Stone Plan" in Beijing to support independent musicians. This project has been completed in the fourth season this year. .

In addition to special support for independent musicians and minority musicians, Netease Cloud also provides peer-to-peer precise support for minority music categories. For example, for rap music, Netease Cloud Music has formulated different support policies before and after the stage. According to the 2022 Chinese Rap Music Report, Netease Cloud has successively launched "Post-Millennium Wave Series Theme Planning" to focus on promoting rap musicians in the new era, and "Lighting the Live Action" has assembled top domestic rap musicians to create many high-quality online performances, and more rap musicians have been seen in the online rap area.

In addition to supporting musicians and music categories, Netease Cloud also achieves the reach of multi-circle fans through live broadcasts, podcasts and other channels.

For example, Netease Cloud’s LOOK Live has created the official brand column "Musician Comes", and built new gameplay in the form of voice and video live broadcast to realize the spread of musicians and the reach of fans. Netease Cloud’s self-made podcast "Music Calls" creates a music sharing scene close to the ear through voice calls.

Look live screenshot

Therefore,It is no accident that Dou Wei and Chao Jian chose Netease Cloud.

Under a series of combination punches, more and more "new music", minority music practitioners and listeners are willing to open Netease Cloud Music to listen to related works, and the "new music" label attribute on Netease Cloud has become more and more popular. Not surprisingly, in the future, we will hear more really thoughtful, skillful and creative good music like "Autumn Banquet" here.