This linkage of Eggs makes "partners" no longer limited to games.

I didn’t expect that "Egg Party" should be linked with KFC?

After all, a while ago, the official of Egg Party just announced that it had broken 500 million users, and it was the limit I could think of to link with the national IP of Pleasant Goat. Now, Egg Party has started to link with KFC, a world-class brand, which makes me very shocked by the efficiency of brand linkage of this game, and I have to sigh that near the end of the year, the official publicity offensive will be launched.

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Of course, this linkage itself is worth talking about. One side is the leader of domestic party mobile games, while the other side is a well-known fast food brand. The cross-domain linkage activity itself is also very heavyweight, and the strong alliance naturally makes players interested. I can’t help but wonder what kind of activities and new ways to play this linkage.

In fact, the linkage publicity PV released first this time has already hinted at the theme and tone of this linkage.

PV video tells a story about going to KFC fried chicken shop to find a lucky chicken nugget. If you can find this lucky chicken nugget, then players will meet their destiny takes a hand’s egg, and the content of this linkage activity will be slowly presented to players with the end of the story …

It is not difficult to see that the core of this linkage is "precious partners", and the activities released by the government are all around this theme.

Among the activities in the game, the official launched a new character "Yuanqi Maruko" according to the theme, and its related supporting skin. According to the official renderings, these skins and clothes have maintained a high standard of design in the past. Whether it is the original designed clothes or the classic red and white work clothes linked with KFC, its familiar color scheme makes people feel that the egg is full of vitality; The action, expression and expression of the role itself are also very dynamic and appealing, and the role image is very vivid, which is very suitable for its "full of vitality" role design.

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Wandering stars

In addition to the new skin, the official also added new action dance to the game, and included KFC’s joint song "Song of Chicken Pieces" in the game. The rhythm and melody of the song sounds quite brainwashing, and with the newly added magic dance "Chicken Block Dance", I have even begun to imagine the cheerful picture of dancing with the song with a bunch of eggs in the game, and its magic degree may also become a hot material for players to use on major social media.

Moreover, this time, the official also opened the "KFC Store" in the game, where players can collect ingredients and make them according to the recipe, and use these food props to turn other players in the scene into KFC’s hot food-for example, making a box of French fries during the activity can "sneak attack" while other eggs are not paying attention, transforming them into more "egg" French fries, and the whole process is very happy.

At the same time, the official also launched the activity of "Invite the people of the whole country to eat KFC". Players can pull their friends in the game to complete the official task and get the reward treasure chest. Players can choose to open the KFC treasure chest or the egg treasure chest. If you open the KFC treasure chest, players can get the KFC vouchers given by the official, so that the game activities can contract your "egg-based" package. The latter gets rainbow coins in the game and exchanges them for generous rewards in the game.

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In addition to these online contents, offline linkage activities are also quite rich. KFC specially launched the "Egg-based" package. Players can receive the corresponding activity activation code after purchasing the package. With this code, players can redeem the linked theme avatar and avatar frame in the game. In addition, since December 30th, the offline stores in KFC have also started the activity of "laying a foundation card for eggs", and players can go to the officially designated stores with their game partners to collect the "laying a foundation card for eggs" and witness the friendship between themselves and the egg partners in KFC.

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It can be said that the main theme of this activity is a "friendship". Through this activity, I can gain insight into the profound meaning of this linkage: social value.

It is reasonable to think about it. After all, Egg Party is a game that is good at party play. Encouraging players to communicate and interact in the game can be said to be the policy set at the beginning of party game design. However, many online games on the market now also attach great importance to the construction of their own social systems, so it is nothing new to attach importance to socialization.

However, compared with most competing products in the market, the practice of Egg Party seems to be more detailed and in-depth. The game official not only stays at the broad level of so-called "social value", but also accurately finds the core elements and core demands of the egg player. For example, in this activity, although it seems that the theme of socialization is still emphasized, if we study it carefully, it is not difficult to find that its content is not broad, but almost all of them emphasize the attribute of "partner" in the game, which is "egg partner" in the words of the game.

As Jerusalem is to the west, the "egg-to-egg party" is almost inseparable. In the game, you can see the eggs in groups; All kinds of egg player communities are also looking for the voice of "egg partner". Moreover, the influence of "partner culture" is not limited to online, and many partner friendships are gradually moving from virtual to reality. Some people get to know each other in the game and get married in reality, becoming bosom friends with each other. Many "egg partners" have therefore become lovers in reality, accompanying them for life.

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The new roles launched this time are also paired.

This kind of "egg-to-child" culture can become a core element of the game, and the official has naturally made a lot of efforts in it. This linkage with KFC is a typical case. No matter online or offline, the content of linked activities is almost related to friends, and companions can get better rewards and interesting effects-the activity of "inviting the people of the whole country to eat KFC" needs to be completed with their own partners, and activities such as making fried chicken props let players experience the real fun brought by working together with their peers.

This time, the official wants to use these activities to create an atmosphere of "everyone can be an egg partner", not to mention that the official number has always emphasized the social elements of the game in publicity. At present, the community atmosphere of "Egg Party" is so active that it is indispensable for the official to actively promote various social elements in the game and to create a community atmosphere for players.

It can be seen that the official of "Egg Party" is very clear about its core position-in the fast food era where everything needs efficiency, it is the most important thing to let players enjoy social fun, and "Egg Party" has done this very well, which is also the only magic weapon for it to achieve today’s brilliant achievements in just over a year.

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From this point of view, the official not only wants to promote the "partner culture" in the game, but also wants to encourage the "egg partner" to go offline from the online and truly gain a precious emotion. Officials may want to use this activity to expand the possibility of game socialization in the future, make the game community move from virtual to reality, make game friends no longer limited to netizens, and make the "egg-to-child" culture no longer limited to games, but become a phenomenon, a social concept in the real society.

This is the official vision for the future of the Egg Party, and this joint activity is a solid step taken by the official in the process of achieving this goal.

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