Online reading club | Can AI write Haruki Murakami’s novel?

Ecological literature: a way of life and aesthetics

Time:January 15th (Saturday) 15:00-17:00

Location:Good books explore WeChat video number, Peking University Boya Forum APP, Tik Tok, etc.

Guest:Hu Zhihong (Professor, School of Humanities, Southwest Jiaotong University) and Ai Lian (Director and Researcher, Institute of Literature, Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences)

With the increasingly serious ecological crisis, "ecological literature" has increasingly become an important literary category that people pay attention to. Thoreau’s Walden Lake, rachel carson’s Silent Spring, Leopold’s Yearbook of Shaxiang, Wordsworth’s natural poems and other eco-literary classics, like long-ringing alarm bells, also nourish modern people with eternal spirit. As a relatively new literary force, how did ecological literature rise? How should we define "ecological literature"? What should excellent ecological literature be like, and how should we enter the temple of "ecological literature"? On January 15th, we were fortunate to invite Professor Hu Zhihong from Southwest Jiaotong University and Professor Ai Lian, director of the Institute of Literature of Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, to lead us into the vibrant world of "ecological literature".

The Last Confucian Minister: Zhang Zhidong and the Frustration of Modern China Thought

Time:January 16th (Sunday) 9:00.

Location:ZOOM conference (ID: 86100339423, password: 005512)

Guest:Lu Yin (Associate Professor of Chinese Department of Peking University) and Ji Jianqing (Associate Professor of Chinese Department of Peking University)

Under the ideological atmosphere of advocating utilitarianism in the late Qing Dynasty, Zhang Zhidong always paid attention to culture and education while setting up industry. From the time when he left the Hongjian Academy and Bookstore in the school administration period to the time when he took over as the governor of Guangdong, Guangxi and Huguang, he founded Guangya and Huhu Academy, all of which were supported by academics. Since Guangxu Jiawu (1894), on the one hand, Zhang Zhidong devoted himself to setting up a pilot school, formulating the academic system, and promoting the transformation of culture and education in order to save the nation and protect the species; On the other hand, they want to survive China’s inherent politics and religion in the new school system, or "invent tradition" and shape the identity of the cultural nation. In the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, the issues of "quintessence of Chinese culture", "reading classics" and the dispute over scientific metaphysics can all be found in Zhang Zhidong’s cultural and educational thoughts. Just as the Guimao school system led by it laid the foundation for the modernization of education in China in the 20th century, the mediation of Confucian scholar Zhang Zhidong between ancient and modern China and the West also explored an approach within the system for the development of modern China thought.

A New House in Old Shanghai —— Hua Gai Dialogue with Hudak

Time:10:00 on January 16th (Sunday)

Location:ZOOM conference

Guest:Jiang Chunqian (Architect), Hua Xiahong (Professor college of architecture and urban planning), Lu Yongyi (Professor college of architecture and urban planning) and Jiang Jiawei (Assistant Professor college of architecture and urban planning).

Huagai Architectural Office is one of the most important architectural offices in the modern architectural history of China. It was founded in Shanghai by three architects, Zhao Shen, Chen Zhi and Tong Mao, and its architectural works are mainly distributed in Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou and Southwest China. Hudak, a Hungarian architect, is one of the most prolific and famous foreign architects in Shanghai. His architectural works have a wide range of types and styles, and he has written a brilliant chapter in Shanghai’s modern architectural history. The project team of "China Builders | Building an Ideal Country" in CAM Lab of Harvard University has the honor to invite Jiang Chunqian, a research expert of Huagai Architecture Office, and Hua Xiahong, a research expert of Hudak, to give lectures and share, and invite Professor Lu Yongyi and Teacher Jiang Jiawei as guest speakers, trying to connect the iconic figures in modern architectural history and recall their initial memories of being full of ambition and building an ideal China together.

How we look at children is how we look at our future —— A new book sharing session of Childhood Art Museum

Time:January 16th (Sunday) 15:00-17:00

Location:Read only the WeChat video number.

Guest:Li Jie (deputy curator and curator of Luhu A4 Art Museum) and Ma Zhijuan (founder of Aizhe Education)

How we look at children is how we look at our future. A Chengdu Art Museum, known as Summer Mountain School in China, told us with 10 years’ efforts and attempts that every child needs unrestricted expression. Li Jie believes that children should be creators and actors. He collected the unique cases accumulated in these years together with decades of experience in curating and organizing exhibitions into the Childhood Art Museum. On the afternoon of January 16th, I listened to Li Jie and Ma Zhijuan talk about the stories of Childhood Art Museum in the one-way online live broadcast room …

Datang before and after An Shi Rebellion

Time:January 18th (Tuesday) 19:30-21:00.

Location:"Messenger" WeChat voice group

Speaker:Zhang Mingyang (historical writer, media person)

Why did the Anshi Rebellion break out? Why did the Tang Dynasty collapse? The experience of people who are separated from the experience is enough to explain and convey. On January 18th, a series of activities were held online by the Messenger of Lights. Historical writer Zhang Ming took the experiences of many key historical figures in the Anshi Rebellion, namely, Li Linfu, Yang Guozhong, An Lushan, Yan Gaoqing, Ge Shuhan, Yang Yuhuan, Li Heng and Zhang Xun, as clues to focus on the important issues in the process of Tang Dynasty’s prosperity and decline, so as to re-portray the complete historical picture of the Anshi Rebellion period.

Attachment: Preview of offline activities

Beijing | Ye Jintian’s Aesthetic World —— The Launch of the New Book "The World Without Time Series"

Time:January 14th (Friday) 19:00-21:00

Location:PAGEONE Bookstore, No.28 Chengfu Road, Haidian District

Guest:Ye Jintian (fashion designer and visual artist), Shi Hang (screenwriter and planner) and Chen Guanzhong (writer).

On the evening of January 14th, Ye Jintian will visit the PAGEONE Wudaokou Store with a new collection of artistic essays "The World Without Time Series", together with screenwriter Shi Hang and scholar Chen Guanzhong, to talk about their artistic ideas, share their understanding of the artistic world full of oriental poetry, and think and discuss with readers and friends the aesthetic viewpoints and practical explorations in various fields such as clothing, stage, film art, visual art and contemporary artistic creation.

Beijing | The Burning Ash of Time-Nineteen Contemporary Poets in Beijing’s New Book Launch Conference and Reading Conference

Time:January 15th (Saturday) 14:00-16:00

Location:Gulou west Theater, No.6 Xiaobadaowan Hutong, gulou west Street, Xicheng District

Guest:Tang Xiaodu (poetry critic and poet), Nishikawa (poet, writer and translator), Cang Di (poet and professor of Chinese Department in Peking University), etc.

Burning the ashes of time-Nineteen Contemporary Poets in Beijing is a distant echo of Sixteen Modern Poems of Beijing Youth in 1986 after thirty-five years, and it is also the first time to systematically sort out the local poets in Beijing after "Today’s Poetry Group". On Saturday afternoon, we invited Tang Xiaodu, Nishikawa and other poets to gulou west Theater to share this new book with readers and recite their own poems on the spot. At the same time, we also invited Chen Yonghai, Vivi and other scholars and musicians as performing guests to sing beautiful songs for everyone.

Beijing | Times are like fog

Time:January 15th (Saturday) 14:00-15:30

Location:Meikailong Art Center, Beiyi Street, No.798 Art District, No.2 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District

Guest:Dai Jinhua (Professor of Chinese Department of Peking University) and Lu Nei (Writer)

On January 15th, we were honored to invite Dai Jinhua, a scholar, and Lu Nei, a writer, to start a dialogue together under the auspices of Fuyuan, the curator of the exhibition "Elephant Runaway". Dai Jinhua, when commenting on Lu’s novel Fogwalker, mentioned its literary characteristics of "intertemporality"-the characters and their self-awareness in the novel have always been undetermined, and the writer’s writing has always been guided and involved by the fate of these characters, such as walking in the fog. The literary world along the road provides us with an anthropological vision. When we enter the narrative composed of floating people such as warehouse keepers, migrant workers and literary youth, we also begin to slowly see our own desires and lives.

Beijing | Glory of Poetry —— The launch and sharing session of the new book Argument on the Flame: A Collection of Poems of Gidemaga

Time:January 15th (Saturday) 15:00-17:00

Location:SKP RENDEZ-VOUS, 4th floor, Beijing SKP Shopping Center, No.87 Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District

Guest:Gidemaga (poet), Munk (poet), Tang Xiaodu (critic), Ge Fei (writer), Li Er (writer), etc.

What is poetry? What influence will poetry bring to our lives? Whether facing the vast sky or the deep heart, poetry, as a word, actually enters the infinity formed by light and darkness, which is the poetic concept expressed by the famous poet Gidemaga in Ode to the Saddle. Gidemaga is from Daliangshan, Sichuan. As the most representative national poet in China, he has won many international honors in recent years. Debate on the Flame: Poems and Poems of Gidemaga is a collection of his main poems, which also contains his tribute speeches and cultural declarations in the field of global culture. On the afternoon of January 15th, we invited Gidemaga and many other guests, such as poets, poetry critics and translators, to visit SKP in Beijing together, so that poetry can fully play its role in communicating with the human mind, and through the window of poetry, China can listen to the voice of the world, and the world can also read China’s poems and see the glory of poetry.

Beijing | Young Writers and Original Literature —— A New Book Sharing Meeting of Streets Without Roses

Time:January 15th (Saturday) 19:00-21:00

Location:One-way space 5F-42, Chaoyang Joy City, No.101 Chaoyang North Road, Chaoyang District

Guest:Li Liuyang (poet and novelist), Zheng Zaihuan (novelist), Luo Danni (one-way space editor), Xia Yu (film festival worker and producer) and Yu Bei (book editor).

When it comes to young writers and original literature, who do you think of? And how did their writing, publishing and even reading go through? Holding this question, at the same time, on the occasion of the publication of young writer Li Liuyang’s new novel collection "Streets Without Roses", on the evening of January 15th, I listened to young writers Li Liuyang, Zheng Zaihuan, Luo Danni, Xia Yu and Yu Bei, and talked about the writing and publication of original literature together in the one-way space Joy City store …

Anecdote of Peking University in Beijing | Republic of China —— Also on how to read new ideas in old newspapers

Time:January 16th (Sunday) 10:00-12:00

Location:Sihe Academy, No.28 Zhonglao Hutong, Dongcheng District

Speaker:Zhou Yun (freelance writer)

This Sunday, we are in Sihe Academy, expecting you who like reading to listen to Mr. Zhou’s talk about "Peking University in the Republic of China Newspapers". The lecture mainly examines the features of Peking University, Tsinghua, Yanjing, Fu Jen, Beijing Normal University and other schools through anecdotes about food, clothing, housing, transportation and reading. Scholars such as Hu Shi, Chen Yinque, Ma Yuzao and Futian Chen also have different manners and sounds, so they can see the big picture from the small and see the leopard from the inside.

Beijing | What Made Us Today —— Meeting of Modern World 500 Years Program

Time:January 16th (Sunday) 14:00-16:00.

Location:No.6 Nanyang Hutong, Dongcheng District, Nanyang Shared International

Guest:Li Jun (Professor of China University of Political Science and Law), Shi Yao (Professor of Foreign Affairs University), Zhai Zhiyong (Associate Professor of Beihang University), Liang Wendao (writer and media person).

Being in daily burnout, we may all ask ourselves: "How did I live like this?" Is life the only choice now? What is the significance of human existence? Will the future get better? Watch the ideal APP series "500 years of the modern world: what made us who we are today" and try to answer this extremely complicated question. On Sunday, we will hold a program meeting, inviting many core members of the program’s creative team "Daguan Academic Community", Li Jun, Xiu Shi, Zhai Zhiyong and media person Liang Wendao to talk about their views on modern life and the thoughts behind this program.

Beijing | "Female She" documentary screening exchange meeting

Time:January 16th (Sunday) 19:00-21:00

Location:One-way space 5F-42, Chaoyang Joy City, No.101 Chaoyang North Road, Chaoyang District

Speaker:Ni Huaxuan (documentary director)

The documentary "Woman She" is a confession about women. In their calm tone, we follow their turbulent life. On the evening of January 16th, welcome to the One-way Space Joy City Store to watch this documentary, listen to director Ni Huaxuan’s story about his filming this documentary, and sincerely look forward to everyone’s telling or sharing after the screening.

Beijing | Chernobyl, a nightmare that must be constantly reviewed.

Time:January 18th (Tuesday) 19:30-21:30

Location:The third floor of WeWork in Shangdong Park, No.2 East Fourth Ring North Road, Chaoyang District, Douban xWeWork City Meeting Room

Guest:Luo Xin (Professor of Ancient History Research Center and Department of History, China, Peking University) and Tigerson Yang (reporter and writer).

"Douban 2021 Reading List" was announced, and "Chernobyl Midnight" topped the list of "2021 High Score Books". On January 18th, Douban Reading will join a page Douban Club to invite Professor Luo Xin and journalist and writer Tigerson Yang to talk about the nonfiction writing in our era and how we will understand the relationship between disaster and history, history and the present in the post-epidemic era. In addition, we also invite Adam Hickinbotham, the author of this book, who will record and share videos for bean friends.

Shanghai | Is your personal information safe in the era of big data?

Time:January 14th (Friday) 14:00-16:00

Location:Theme classroom of Pudong Party Construction Service Center, Floor 1, Pudong Library, No.88 Qiancheng Road, Pudong New Area

Speaker:He Yuan (Executive Director, Data Law Research Center, Shanghai Jiaotong University)

In the era of big data, data and information have become very important resources. At the same time, information leakage, online fraud and other problems that infringe on the security of personal information frequently occur, which makes people worry about the security of their personal information. The protection of personal information has become a hot topic of public concern. On the afternoon of January 14th, the study and reading club invited He Yuan, executive director of the Data Law Research Center of Shanghai Jiaotong University, secretary general of the Artificial Intelligence Governance and Law Research Center of Shanghai Jiaotong University, researcher of the Digital Economy Research Institute of the United Nations World Silk Road Forum, and director of the China Network and Information Law Research Association, to give us an authoritative interpretation of the Law on the Protection of Personal Information in People’s Republic of China (PRC) based on daily cases.

Shanghai | A Wild Child’s Awakening Journey —— Reading Meeting of Boys

Time:January 14th (Friday) 19:00-21:00

Location:Third Floor, Sinan Bookstore, No.517 Fuxing Middle Road, Huangpu District

Speaker:Huang Yaqin (Book Editor)

The Boy is a novel by French writer Marcus Malte, who won the Fermina Prize for Literature in 2016. On the evening of January 14th, at Sinan Bookstore, we invited Huang Yaqin, the translator of Boys, to read this bildungsroman with you, and to start the awakening journey of a wild child that began in 1908.

Shanghai | Visible and Invisible Berlin

Time:19:00 on January 14th (Friday)

Location:B1 Dapingchu, Dayin Bookstore, No.333 Songhu Road, Yangpu District

Speaker:Hu Sang (poet, translator, scholar)

500 years of urban history, 21 Berliners and 1 Berlin. Berlin: A Portrait of a City is the representative work of Rory McLean, a historical biographer who has won many literary awards. By depicting those men, women and countless unknown people, it depicts the city and speculates on their life trajectory. On January 14th, the third lecture "Visible and Invisible Berlin", the third series of the Great Hidden Wujiaochang Humanities Forum, let us meet Berlin.

Shanghai | Can AI write Haruki Murakami’s novel?

Time:January 15th (Saturday) 14:00-16:00

Location:Building 7, Shangsheng New Institute, No.1262 Yan ‘an West Road, Changning District

Guest:Jiang Jianqiang (writer, editor-in-chief of Tokyo Study Publishing) and Yan Feng (professor of Chinese Department of Fudan University)

Kenichi Ohmae, a famous Japanese economist, will be a chess player, a good administrator with seven crowns forever, and shinya yamanaka, director and professor of iPS Cell Research Institute of Kyoto University and winner of the 2012 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, respectively, standing at the forefront of economics, artificial intelligence and life science, and made a very distinctive description of the future world pattern. In "New Consumption Patterns in the Future" and "The Future of Human Beings, the Future of AI", they took a step forward and reflected on their industry from the perspective of other fields. The deeply focused writing and dialogue were full of sparkling inspiration moments. On the afternoon of January 15th, please walk into Shanghai Shangsheng New Institute’s Tomoya Bookstore with all your curiosity about the future. Teacher Jiang Jianqiang, who is devoted to the study of Japanese philosophy and culture, and teacher Yan Feng, a professor and doctoral supervisor of China Language and Literature Department of Fudan University, will be the guests and "observers" of the new book "Translation Vision" to talk with you about the future world in their vision.

Shanghai | Go out, live and love to the end —— The 80th anniversary of Xiao Hong’s death

Time:January 15th (Saturday) 14:00-16:00

Location:No.230 Jiujiang Road Readers Bookstore, Huangpu District

Guest:Luo Gang (Professor of Chinese Department of East China Normal University), Ni Wenjian (Associate Professor of Chinese Department of East China Normal University), Su De (writer)

A talent has been lost all her life. Xiao Hong longs for love and warmth, but she has never felt the warmth of her family, and she doesn’t know how to love others. In this way, she wandered from man to man who appeared as a protector, and finally let herself be black and blue. In Xiao Hong’s eyes, "women’s sky is low and their wings are thin." Eighty years after Xiao Hong’s death, what kind of sky and wings do women in China have? On January 15th, let’s talk about Xiao Hong’s love and wandering with Luo Gang, Ni Wenjian and Su De, and talk about the greatest significance of reading Xiao Hong today.

Shanghai | Humor doesn’t have to be born funny and doesn’t need a script.

Time:January 15th (Saturday) 14:30-16:30

Location:Duoyun Academy Drama Store, No.398 Changle Road, Huangpu District

Guest:Jiang Suolan (screenwriter) and Kang Yuanzhao (actor)

How to be the best impromptu actor on earth shows many rules of impromptu performance, gets to the heart of life, and helps us get rid of the shackles of inertial thinking. On the afternoon of January 15th, we invited Jiang Suolan and Kang Yuanzhao, translators of How to Become the Best Improvised Actors on Earth, to visit Duoyun Academy and Drama Shop to share stories about improvisation and humor.

Shanghai | How do we learn ancient Chinese today —— Talking from Lv Shuxiang’s Selected Notes.

Time:15:00 on January 15th (Saturday)

Location:Zhida Bookstore, Floor 1.5, Fuhua Science and Technology Building, No.525 Guoquan Road, Yangpu District

Guest:Bu Genhai (special Chinese teacher), lin li (special Chinese teacher) and Wu Mei (editor).

Lv Shuxiang, a well-known linguist, once compiled a Selected Reading of Notes for young people who are beginning to learn classical Chinese. Since its publication for more than half a century, it has been well received by readers. Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing Co., Ltd. collates various editions, chooses the good and follows them, and adds three editions of postscript, 1955 preface and Ye Shengtao preface as appendices to launch a new edition. On January 15th, we invited special-grade Chinese teacher Bu Genhai, special-grade Chinese teacher lin li and teacher Wu Mei, who has been committed to promoting young people’s reading, to talk with readers about the book "How do we learn ancient Chinese today", which was compiled by young people decades ago by Mr. Lv Shuxiang, what inspiration it has for us to learn ancient Chinese well today, and the importance of learning ancient Chinese for us to learn Chinese.

Shanghai | Women’s sky is low and their wings are thin —— On the 80th anniversary of Xiao Hong’s death

Time:January 16th (Sunday) 14:00-16:00.

Location:4/F, Building 1, Zhengda Plaza, No.168 Lujiazui West Road, Pudong New Area.

Guest:Wan Yan (Professor, Writer and Poet, School of Humanities, Tongji University), Guo Yujie (Media Person and Writer), Cancan (Podcast Anchor) and Agua (Podcast Anchor)

Xiao Hong, recognized as one of the "four talented women in the Republic of China", is full of talents, but she also encounters misfortune in her life. Xiao Hong has never lost her stubbornness from beginning to end, not being bound by traditional dogma and etiquette, and following her own desires to do what she really wants to do. She was painfully awake and tried to be herself. On January 16th, let’s talk with Wan Yan, Guo Yujie, Cancan and Agua about today’s women and what kind of sky and wings women should have!

Shanghai | Exploring the Historical Lessons of the Eight Kings Rebellion, Reproducing the Sad and Happy Life of Famous People in Wei and Jin Dynasties —— Sharing Meeting of the New Book "See Luoyang again —— Historical Lessons of the Eight Kings Rebellion"

Time:January 16th (Sunday) 15:00-17:00

Location:Zhida Bookstore Activity Space, Floor 1.5, Fuhua Science and Technology Building, No.525 Guoquan Road, Yangpu District

Guest:Xiao Neng (teacher of Wuhan University of Light Industry), Luo Yuming (professor of Chinese Department of Fudan University) and Bao Pengshan (professor of Shanghai Open University).

See Another Battle in Luoyang truly reproduces the "Eight Kings Rebellion", a sad and dark moment in China’s history, reveals the sufferings of the people and the grievances of the scholars at the time of national turmoil, and warns people that historical experience is worth learning and the lessons of the rebellion cannot be forgotten. On Sunday, two scholars, Luo Yuming and Bao Pengshan, and Xiao Neng, the author of this book, visited Zhida Bookstore, recreating the "Eight Kings Rebellion", a sad and dark moment in China’s history, exploring the ups and downs of the royal family struggle from multiple angles, and deeply interpreting the success or failure of the dynasty’s rebellion.

Shanghai | Xu Zhimo Garden of Cambridge University: Le Zhengyang’s New Book Signing Conference

Time:January 16th (Sunday) 15:00-17:00

Location:Shanghai Hong Kong Sanlian Bookstore, No.624 Huaihai Middle Road, Huangpu District

Speaker:Le Zhengyang (Architect)

Xu Zhimo pursued love, freedom and beauty all his life, resisted the heavy burden of the real world with words, and endowed life with a hazy style. On January 16th, let’s walk into the poem garden built by "What if" and enjoy the realistic version of "Cambridge Dream".

Shanghai | Finding a Place to Live: Finding a Corner of the Times to Settle Yourself —— A Series of Annual Conversations of "Problem Youth"

Time:January 16th (Sunday) 15:30-20:30

Location:Between the beasts on the second floor of Bohui Plaza, No.788 Zhongshan South 1st Road, Huangpu District.

Guest:Jin jing (co-founder of the Big Fish Community Construction and Development Center), Tong Mo-nan (talk show actor), Meng Chang (media person) and Sun Zhe (teacher of the Department of Economics and Sociology, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics).

With the popularity of the film "Love Myth", people’s eyes once again converge on the city of Shanghai. Apart from the abstract "exquisite" symbols, what is happening in Shanghai? What other phenomena and practices are worth discussing? At the end of the year, we planned the Shanghai Station of "Finding a Place to Live: Finding a Corner of the Times to Settle Yourself". We hope to go deep into the city and talk with organizations and individuals stationed here about their observations and actions.

Hangzhou | Reaching each other through dialogue —— Zhu Yujie’s new book sharing session of Letter from Feather

Time:January 16th (Sunday) 14:30-16:30

Location:One-way space 1F, B103, Phase II, Yuanyang Ledi Port, No.58 Lishui Road, Gongshu District

Guest:Zhu Yujie (writer and curator), Zhao Song (writer and critic), Xia Xiaonuan (portrait librarian and writer)

"Seeing the words like a face", "Zhanxinjia" and "Hello Wow" … These greetings, in the chat era, sound a bit out of place, as if they can only exist in the era and memory of communication with pen and ink. Writer Zhu Yujie began to write letters during the epidemic, trying to find some certainty in confusion and vacillation. On the afternoon of January 16th, writer Zhu Yujie will bring her new book Letter from Feather, and invite writer Zhao Song and portrait library manager Xia Xiaonuan to one-way space Hangzhou Ledigang Store to reach each other by letters and dialogues.

Nanjing | The Pain Story Written by a General Practitioner —— Sharing Meeting of Chen Miaoling’s Your Pain is Related to Me.

Time:January 16th (Sunday) 14:00-16:00.

Location:Wanxiang Bookstore, No.8 Jinyinjie, Gulou District

Guest:Chen Miaoling (deputy chief physician of general practice), Yao Jun (doctor of sociology), Qin Chao (chief physician of urology department of jiangsu province hospital) and Xu Jinjing (book reviewer).

What is "parallel case"? What are the characteristics of community doctors’ working days? How to face the doctor-patient relationship full of tension? On the afternoon of January 16th, Chen Miaoling will visit Nanjing Vientiane Bookstore with her new work "Your pain is related to me", share the vivid life stories in her professional experience, exchange medical humanistic thoughts with book reviewer Xu Jinjing, doctor of sociology Yao Jun and chief physician of urology in jiangsu province hospital, and reshape the image of doctors in "narrative reflection writing".

Chengdu | It is the most worthwhile time to read Six Chapters of a Floating Life again.

Time:January 15th (Saturday) 14:30-16:30

Location:No.918, South Section of Tianfu Avenue, Tianfu New District, Luhu Eco-city Art Exhibition Center Xunlu Library

Speaker:An Gongzi (writer and poet)

Six Chapters of a Floating Life is only 40,000 words, but it has rich contents. Since it was discovered and published in the late Qing Dynasty, it has been respected and loved by the world for more than 100 years. On January 15th, An Gongzi, the translator of the new edition of this book, will visit the Footsteps Library to discover the charm of Six Chapters of a Floating Life with us, find the part that resonates with us today, and feel the precious taste of life and the lightness and heaviness of life.

Chengdu | Whatever You Want —— Xiao ‘an Poetry Sharing Meeting

Time:15:00 on January 16th (Sunday)

Location:Baiyeyi Space, No.28 Fanghua Street, High-tech Zone

Guest:Xiao An (poet), Yongming Zhai (poet and writer), Tamia Liu (poet) and Li Wanfeng (poet and art critic).

Xiao An graduated from Chongqing Military Medical University and worked as a nurse in a mental hospital for decades. She is one of the representative poets of "Non-non-non-poetry group". Her poems are personalized, casual, unique in perspective and simple in language. She is good at capturing very small thoughts and writing everything that seems ordinary in life. "I want to eat a bowl of beef noodles too much" is Xiao An’s latest collection, which contains more than 200 poems from 2015 to 2019. On the afternoon of January 16th, we invited poets Xiao An, Yongming Zhai, He Xiaozhu, Tamia Liu and Li Wanfeng to talk about the creation and significance of the new poetry collection with you.