People who keep running for a year have changed their bodies beyond imagination!

Running-This is a seemingly ordinary but actually efficient aerobic exercise.The benefits it brings are not limited to the body, but also a deep healing of the mind.

Running is so magical that it can not only improve our cardiopulmonary function and change our physical state, but also play a significant role in boosting the spirit and help us establish a positive and sunny life mentality.

Primary change: physical and mental balance

Emilia Clarke, a British actress, is famous for playing the role of "Dragon Mother" in Game of Thrones.

During the filming of Game of Thrones, she ran five days a week and three miles a day to keep healthy and mentally balanced.

She once shared her ways to find time and motivation to run on social media, and encouraged others to pay attention to their health and body.

1, set a clear goal:Set the goals of exercise and healthy life, and link these goals with her career and personal growth. This helps her find the motivation to run and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

2. Make a plan:A detailed exercise plan was made, including the number of runs, distance and time per week. She arranges running in the morning or evening every day, and makes sure that the time is properly arranged so that she has enough time to finish her task.

3, adhere to a fixed schedule:Arranging running on a fixed schedule helps to find time and motivation to complete the exercise. She takes running as a daily routine and gradually gets used to exercising in a certain period of time.

4. Create a good running environment:Pay attention to creating a good running environment, such as choosing a suitable running route and wearing comfortable running shoes and clothes. This helps to improve her running experience and motivation, while reducing the resistance caused by discomfort.

5. Find a running partner:Running with others can bring extra motivation. She can find like-minded partners to share the fun and challenges of running, so as to inspire each other and improve their motivation.

6. Reward yourself:Emilia Clarke will give herself some small rewards to motivate herself to keep running. These rewards can be buying a new pair of running shoes, traveling or enjoying a good meal. These rewards can make her feel that her efforts have been rewarded and inspire her to continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

These methods can also provide some enlightenment and help for others who want to keep running.

Intermediate change: enhancing brain power

Many people may think that running is just a simple aerobic exercise, and its benefits stay in the superficial effects of improving physical fitness and exercising heart and lungs. However, people who really know how to run can find that its magic is far beyond your imagination.

Running can also help us improve our reaction speed, enhance our memory, and even help us to innovate our thinking.This is why we will find that runners tend to be more agile and their thinking is more active.

In the book Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain written by John Ratey, an associate professor at Harvard Medical School, John Ratey cited a Japanese experiment, which showed that:Jogging twice a week for 30 minutes each time for 12 weeks can improve the executive function of the brain.

In addition, more and more studies show that jogging can promote the growth and connection of brain neurons, thus improving the cognitive ability and executive function of the brain.

Qian Weichang, who is known as the "father of mechanics", was once an active advocate of running.

In his student days, that is, in Tsinghua University, he improved his physical fitness and academic performance by running.

When Qian Weichang was in Tsinghua, due to his poor family, he couldn’t keep up with nutrition and was thin. In the subsequent test, his performance was poor, the basketball could not be thrown into the hoop, and he finally ran three laps.

However, he did not give up, but insisted on hard exercise. After some efforts and persistence, Qian Weichang joined the Tsinghua University cross-country long-distance running team, and won the third place in the 100-meter hurdle race with a score of 13.4 seconds in track and field.

Later, every time he found that his thinking became dull, or the speed and accuracy of doing problems could not meet his own standards, he would put on his sports shoes, go to the school playground and jog for a few laps.

This simple and quick way makes his mind sharper and his energy more vigorous.

He once said: "Running is an indispensable part of my life, which provides me with a brand-new way to see and understand the world."

The double advantages brought by this kind of running are the best proof that sports make people smarter.

Advanced change: full of vitality

Every runner has his own story.

Runner "Xiaohua" shared a story about her running-running left her not only physical strength and endurance, but more importantly.The process of reinventing oneself and life..

Xiaohua after pregnancy and childbirth, like most postpartum mothers, faces the troubles of body shape change and weight gain.

However, insisting on running has changed all this. In just half a year, Xiaohua successfully lost the excess weight accumulated during pregnancy and returned to slim figure.

What is more significant is that running has injected new vitality into her mental state.

After running for a year, she said: "Now every day is full of motivation, full of confidence in the future, and fearless of the challenges in life. This can be said to be a far-reaching and better harvest than the changes at the physical level. "

Yes, this is what running brings us-not only physical strength, but more importantly, mental strength and vitality.

Phil knight, the founder of Nike, once said: "I firmly believe that if people go out and run a few kilometers every day, the world will become a better place."

As the most cost-saving and convenient way to exercise, running benefits not only the improvement of body shape and health, but more importantly, it can actively adjust our mental state.

Running has gradually become a way for many people to relax, find happiness and even understand the philosophy of life.

So, let’s start this running journey together, measure the world with our feet, and write about the wonderful life with hot sweat.

What changes have you made after running? Welcome to share!