People’s Daily’s full-page commentary on the reception desk Spring Festival Evening: Meeting in Spring

  The Central Radio and Television General Station "2021 Spring Festival Gala" ended wonderfully. The party is close to the theme of the times and the fiery life, rich, novel, vivid and touching. The types of dance programs are diverse, and the number is the highest in previous Spring Festival Galas. The song program is full of affection, the main theme of sing the chinese’s story; Language programs are rich in themes, and the truth, goodness and beauty are praised in laughter; Cloud communication, cloud interaction, cloud reunion, and multi-screen party creativity are unlimited.

  This year’s Spring Festival Gala is "new". "New" tells the story of China like a spring breeze; "New" is sending a strong flavor of the New Year to people who celebrate the New Year on the spot; "New" is constantly presented in quality programs; "New" lies in the perfect integration of technology and art.

  With a strong confidence, gathering people’s hearts, warming people’s hearts and building a concentric cultural feast, the Spring Festival Evening pushes open the door of spring with peaceful blessings, rallying strength and inspiring people.

  The feelings of home and country describe the myriad weather of the journey of chasing dreams.

  As a special "New Year’s Eve", the Spring Festival Evening looks back on the extraordinary year 2020 with the audience, strengthening the centripetal force and expanding the concentric circles.

  In this year, 1.4 billion people helped each other to overcome the difficulties, interpreted the great love of the world with the people first and life first, and wrote an epic against the epidemic with unity and perseverance. The Spring Festival Evening dedicated carols to the great anti-epidemic spirit.

  The essay "Balcony" takes place on the balconies of five families in the same community in Wuhan, which condensed and showed Qian Qian’s absolutely amazing China people in this defending war in Wuhan. "Tomorrow will be Better" sung on the stage has become a teardrop for social media. "This year, we witnessed the responsibility of retrograde medical staff, and also witnessed the extraordinary of every ordinary hero. We have come in 2020, and in 2021, we will continue to win! " Yu Zhang, a Wuhan citizen, said.

  This year, the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" was successfully concluded, and the "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" was comprehensively drawn up. The decisive battle against poverty was won, and scientific and technological innovation made significant progress. On the journey of chasing dreams and realizing dreams, countless people exchanged sweat for gains, and made sure to move forward with hard work, leaving a solid footprint.

  Strugglers from all walks of life report to the motherland and the people at the moment of bidding farewell to the old and welcoming the new. Representatives of the winners of the 2020 National Poverty Alleviation Award came to the Spring Festival Evening and called on everyone to continue to contribute to rural revitalization; The chief designers of Chang ‘e-5 probe, manned spaceflight project, Beidou-3 and Tianwen-1 announced that China Aerospace will March deeper into the vast starry sky. A song, "The Road to Dream", sings the hearts of China people who are struggling.

  Three generations of artists, old, middle-aged and young, sang "Singing a Folk Song to the Party" to present a gift to the centenary of the founding of the Party; The song "Burning Snowflakes" expresses the earnest hope for the Beijing Winter Olympics; Piano and dance "I Love You China" dances sincere love for national conditions in melodious melody; The song "Ruixue Peace Map" prays for the motherland and people … … Shandong audience left a message in Weibo: "I have the honor to experience this ‘ Historical moment ’ We should strive to be better ourselves and do our part. The world is worth it, and everyone who works hard is more worthwhile! "

  The struggle and expectation of hundreds of millions of people in China have made the flowing time have a spiritual scale, and the journey of pursuing dreams is full of weather. "Looking at the Spring Festival Gala, recalling the difficulty of last year, and then looking at the victories and achievements, I feel very proud and very ‘ Burn ’ !” The "burning" that netizens said reflects the main tone and spirit of this year’s Spring Festival Evening.

  China’s charm is a literary feast combining tradition and innovation.

  This year’s Spring Festival Evening has the charm of Chinese traditional culture and the vitality of innovation and creation in the new era. As Chen Linchun, the general director of this year’s Spring Festival Gala, said, only by striving for the greatest common denominator, making unremitting innovations, persisting in ideological content, paying attention to culture and enhancing artistry, can we continuously inject the connotation of the times into the Spring Festival Gala.

  Live a clean and ugly life, sing and dance, and the chorus of classic operas takes the audience into the colorful opera garden; Urgent as the wind, vigorous and powerful, the martial arts "Heroes of Heaven and Earth" shows the beauty of China Kung Fu; Murals with sleeves can all be "ready-made", which incarnates the "Chinese style" of walking. The fashion show "Landscape Dressing" shows China’s aesthetics with splendid costumes and modern design.

  Dance programs especially embody the flavor of China. The number of dance programs in this year’s Spring Festival Evening is the highest ever, with classical dance, folk dance of ethnic minorities, contemporary dance, ballet and street dance. Zhu Xi, a combination of western classical ballet and traditional dance, has far-reaching implications, calling on people to cherish the environment and protect their green homes; The characteristic dances of countries along the "Belt and Road" are full of exotic customs and charm. Ms. Ma, a Liaoning audience, loves the dance "Jasmine". "In the past, I only listened to music and felt beautiful. Now I look at dance and my understanding of music has deepened. After listening to Jasmine, I think of dancing. "

  This year’s Spring Festival Evening connects the cultural memories of Chinese people all over the world, and also records the vivid imprint of the life of the times.

  39th Spring Festival Evening, 169 hours, 67 language programs and 788 songs … … This set of figures in the comic dialogue "Song of the Thirty Years" has activated our memory of the Spring Festival Evening. The essay "twists and turns" conveys the happiness of ordinary people’s lives with a ridiculous misunderstanding in life. The essay "Happiness to Spring" tells the truth that home is where the heart is, based on the love story of three couples. Crosstalk sketch shows not only have emotional temperature, but also capture the nuances of the ever-changing times, reflect the people’s livelihood, let the audience’s laughter penetrate the applause, and precipitate thinking in resonance and empathy.

  The song program is grounded to the people’s hearts. The catchy melody is matched with the well-known lyrics, with different styles and deep ears. "China in the Lights" has melodious melody and magnificent lyrics; The duet of "Relatives" is touching, and the lyrics of "We still hit it off at first sight" reach the hearts of the people. "The Shepherd of Coco Tuohai" is highly sung, "Running Youth" is full of movement, and "Listen to me" is full of childlike innocence … … A "post-90 s" audience praised this. "The songs of the Spring Festival Evening are very nice and full of rhythm. Today, we also want to sing our own song of youth! "

  Multi-screen party to create a brand-new audio-visual effect

  New technological changes drive innovation in the Spring Festival Evening. A number of scientific and technological means used for the first time have made the Spring Festival Evening of the Year of the Ox more rich and special, and built its own influence in all media channels.

  Combine cutting-edge scientific and technological means to create a brand-new visual effect and give the audience immersive audio-visual enjoyment. For the first time, a ring screen is adopted, and the center of the Spring Festival Evening Studio Hall is arranged in an arc shape. In the back area and above the auditorium, 154 screens form an ultra-high-definition large screen, which is integrated with the stage main screen, the ground screen and the decorative ice screen to form a dome studio space, expanding the stage visual space. This year’s Spring Festival Evening was the first 8K live broadcast on the 8K Ultra HD TV experimental channel of the main station, the first live broadcast of "VR video+3 D sound" in "Central Video" and "CCTV Literature and Art", and the first live broadcast of 4K cinema in Shanghai Media Harbor Rong Media Cinema.

  Technology serves the content, and rich scientific and technological elements expand the content expression. The robot in the creative performance "Cow Up" performs all kinds of difficult movements on the stage, and even can write in brush with both hands. The mechanical ox in "Listen to me" walks slowly … … The appearance of these technological achievements on the stage of the Spring Festival Evening confirms the development of science and technology in China.

  Cloud communication, cloud interaction, and cloud reunion integrate big screen and small screen, virtuality and reality, so that the audience can connect with each other from a distance. The whole party innovatively used ultra-high-definition "cloud" communication technology to cooperate with the stage performance. The "cloud-recorded" Andy Lau program was perfectly integrated with the live performance of the party. The Italian singer andrea bocelli and his son performed across time and space, the virtual network cartoon image "Tianyi Luo" participated in the performance of "Listen to Me", and the "cloud" audience participated in the interaction through the large-scale new media background wall, showing a "panorama" of the Spring Festival Evening to the world.

  A year’s plan starts with spring. The Spring Festival Evening of the Year of the Ox has increased the spread of positive energy and injected spiritual impetus into the development of China in 2021. Drumming to urge the levy, what is high-spirited is spiritual strength, and what remains unchanged is the pace of chasing dreams. Unforgettable tonight, we say hello to spring in spring, and we sow new hope on the new journey. Starting again, our journey is the sea of stars. Go forward, and push the China to continue to break the waves!