Comparative evaluation of tank 500/Palisti//BJ80//Land Rover discovery.

On March 18th, Tank 500 ushered in the listing, with a price of 335,000-395,000 yuan. From the price point of view, the cost performance advantage of this luxurious hard-core SUV is very obvious. But everyone still has a lot of question marks. Do you want to buy a joint venture luxury car or a big domestic toy at this price? Tank 500 has such strong off-road performance, is it a minority toy or a new favorite of the public? What exactly is the positioning of Tank 500? Who are the competitors? Today, Che Degang will give you an answer through a cross-review.

Analysis of the same price market

Let’s first analyze the market of this medium and large SUV. Obviously, after the birth of Tank 500, people will naturally associate it with Toyota Prado, and then they will think of Mitsubishi Pajero. Toyota Prado, old Toyota Land Cruiser, Mitsubishi Pajero, Jeep herdsman, etc. abound in the cross-country circle in the early years. Their off-road ability is really strong, but at the same time, it is expensive and the configuration is very low. It is completely a toy car. With the discontinuation of Toyota Prado and Mitsubishi Pajero, an era has come to an end. Obviously, the competitors of the tank 500 will not be them, but a new generation of all-round SUV, which is more inclined to off-road vehicles on the multi-purpose SUV.

Who are the competitors?

Looking at the whole automobile market in China, there are not many SUVs that can be used for urban commuting and tend to be off-road. Let’s compare several cars with similar prices and the same attributes with Tank 500. Hyundai Parriste is a medium and large SUV with a large displacement V6 naturally aspirated engine, and it is a pure imported model with high cost performance. Beijing BJ80 is a luxury medium and large SUV equipped with a 3.0T engine independently developed, which has the same positioning as the tank 500. The Discovery Sport Edition of Chery Jaguar Land Rover, although its sales volume is not high, is also a medium-sized SUV with Land Rover cross-country genes. It is difficult to make people not be tempted by hanging the LOGO of Land Rover and the official large discount.

In the end, we chose the tank 500 with 7 seats in 3.0t sports version with a price of 363,000 yuan, the modern Parisian 3.5L automatic four-wheel drive GLS with a price of 329,800 yuan, the Beijing BJ80 3.0T automatic Everest version with a price of 398,000 yuan, and the Land Rover Discovery sports version with 5 seats with a price of 382,800 yuan to compare and see the strength of the tank 500.

Appearance contrast

The appearance of the four models has its own style, and it is difficult to evaluate who is good and who is bad. It can only be said that radish and vegetables have their own love. The appearance of the tank 500 is more imposing, and a lot of chrome decoration and straight lines are the strongest in several cars. The appearance of the modern Parisian Emperor is very large, and the huge air intake grille is very imposing, but the split headlights make the front face slightly "stingy". The appearance of Beijing BJ80 is a classic "square box" shape, and there is not much to say about its natural liking. At the same time, its short front-rear suspension distance makes its approach angle and departure angle large, and it has a passability advantage in cross-country. Land Rover found that the sports version was more fashionable and less wild. We use charts to compare the appearance data of several cars, so that everyone can intuitively judge their body sizes.

From the chart, we can see that the body length of Tank 500 has an advantage because the sports model we selected has an external spare tire, but its wheelbase advantage is still obvious. In addition, the height of the chassis is high, and the passability during off-road is guaranteed. The spacious body of modern Parisian gives it certain advantages in wheelbase and width, but obviously its body size is more inclined to urban performance. BJ80′ s "square box" shape gives it an advantage in height, and its sitting posture is also very high. Land Rover found that the sports version, as a medium-sized SUV, was slightly inferior in size.

Interior configuration comparison

In terms of interiors, the four models have already opened the gap in terms of materials for work and the richness of material application. The interior of the tank 500 is exquisite in color matching and material application, and has a strong sense of luxury. The interior of modern Paliste is more comfortable at home, but the central control screen is slightly smaller and the cockpit design is "modern". The interior of BJ80 is still square, but the color scheme is a little old-fashioned, but the materials used are still very advanced. Land Rover found that the sports version is a bit like the product of the last era. The interior design is not much new, and the layout has not kept up with the times. Let’s compare the configuration with the chart below to see how the configuration of the four cars performs when the prices are not much different.

Through the comparison of configuration, the advantages of tank 500 are obvious, and the luxury configuration is very complete. As an imported model, Hyundai Parisi has outstanding performance in safety and comfortable configuration. The configuration of BJ80 is obviously a bit inferior to that of its rivals, but this is not the advantage of this car. Land Rover found that the sports version of the configuration is very low, of course, many configurations support optional, but that is an extra cost.

Comparison of power and off-road ability

Off-road capability is the strength of these cars. Next, we will explain separately what off-road configurations these cars have.

Let’s talk about tank 500 first. The tank 500 adopts a non-loaded body to improve the rigidity of the body when it is off-road. It is equipped with a 3.0T V6 twin-turbo engine powered by Honeycomb, with 354 horsepower, 260 kW maximum power and 500 Nm maximum torque. At the same time, the car also has 48V light mixing technology, which matches a self-developed vertical 9-speed automatic manual transmission. Powerful torque, coupled with the third-generation intelligent four-wheel drive system from Borgwarner, can effectively get out of trouble. This four-wheel drive system is a timely four-wheel drive system, which combines the advantages of part-time 4wd and timely four-wheel drive.

At the same time, the all-terrain control system of tank 500 can support multi-mode switching such as snow, mud, sand, standard, sports, economy and automation, which greatly reduces the difficulty of off-road. The transparent chassis function can visually check the position of the vehicle in all directions in the car, and can accurately control the driving route of the vehicle when off-road. The minimum turning radius of 5.6 meters can be achieved by turning around the tank, which is suitable for vehicles to turn in narrow and complicated road conditions. Creep mode allows drivers to face complex road conditions more calmly and avoid the risk of getting stuck in the car due to improper throttle control.

Modern Paliste adopts a load-bearing body and pays more attention to the comfort of daily driving. It is equipped with a 3.5-liter V6 naturally aspirated engine with 272 horsepower, 200 kW maximum power and 336 Nm maximum torque, matching an 8-speed automatic manual transmission. Obviously, this power configuration is more inclined to daily driving comfort and the power output is smoother.

It is equipped with a set of H-TRAC full-time four-wheel drive system, combined with the intelligent multi-terrain control system, through the power transmission control of wheels and traction control, the vehicle can maintain effective power output on various roads. There are seven driving modes to choose from: snow, mud, sand, automatic, sports, economy and comfort.

Beijing BJ80 automatic Everest edition adopts a non-load-bearing body, and the steel frame structure of the body is also the structure of a hard-core off-road vehicle, so the body is very rigid in off-road. It is equipped with a self-developed 3.0T V6 turbocharged engine, with 280 horsepower, 206 kW maximum power and 420 Nm maximum torque, matching an 8-speed automatic manual transmission. A part-time 4wd system with reliable structure is adopted, equipped with an Eaton rear axle mechanical limited slip differential with a transfer case. Driving modes are divided into four driving modes: economy, comfort, sports and snow, and the off-road performance is very strong.

Land Rover found that the sports version adopted a load-bearing body, equipped with a 2.0T inline four-cylinder turbocharged engine, with 249 horsepower, 183 kW maximum power and 365 Nm maximum torque, matching a 9-speed automatic manual transmission with a 48V light mixing system. It has a full-time four-wheel drive system and a second-generation intelligent all-terrain feedback adaptive system from Land Rover. The system provides comfortable, muddy, dynamic, grass/gravel/snow, sand, energy saving, automatic and other driving modes, and all off-road information can be easily displayed on the central control screen. Through the central control screen, the throttle response speed, gearbox shift timing and steering strength of the vehicle can be finely adjusted. Land Rover’s off-road system uses powerful electronic control to make off-road easier, and at the same time, it also supports the driver’s depth adjustment, so that he can choose "entry mode" and "professional mode" like playing games.

Che Degang concluded:

Obviously, the performances of these four rivals are different. The modern Parriste should be an SUV that is more inclined to drive in the city, while Land Rover found that the sports version has increased a lot of playability. The off-road performance of Beijing BJ80 requires the driver’s excellent skills and is hard-core. Tank 500 is a central existence. With rich configuration, it can be used as a luxury car in daily commuting. When off-road, it can also rely on excellent intelligent systems to make the configuration of vehicles simpler and leave pure happiness to drivers.

In this small "circle", the performance of the tank 500 is very balanced in all aspects, but back to life, we don’t live in the wilderness most of the time, so the tank 500 is the most suitable model in the same level in terms of cost performance, power and off-road configuration. Therefore, it is not a toy for everyone, but a new choice for everyone to enjoy life, but the city can be wild, and balance is the biggest highlight of tank 500!