Wonderful! Yangpu’s "One Street, One Product" fitness team shines "unique skills"!

In order to cultivate and optimize the characteristic sports activities of "One Street, One Product" in various streets of Yangpu District, on November 3, 2023, the "Industrial Bank Cup" Shanghai Urban Amateur League was held in Yangpu District, and the "One Street, One Product" fitness team exhibition was held in Yangpu Sports Activity Center.

On the same day, more than 150 people from various streets in Yangpu District participated in the exhibition. Among them, there are square dances and line dances with a broad mass base, tai chi fans, inspiration and colorful towel exercises created by the fitness team themselves, as well as traditional sports such as pulling bells and soft balls.


Cheerleading My People,My Country brought by Yinhang Street Red Coral Dance Troupe is full of energy and movement. The square dance "Big Shanghai" created by Wujiaochang Street Aerobics Team is eye-catching, and Jiangpu Road Street Bells Team brings a bell performance "Oriental loong" with both form and spirit … …


At the event site, Shanghai Yangpu District Sports Lottery Service Management Center set up a publicity point for public welfare sports lottery to explain various sports lottery games to the public and guide them to purchase lottery rationally. Shanghai Yangpu District Sports Association for the Elderly has arranged activities such as citizens’ basic physical fitness testing, scientific fitness guidance and rhythmic platform experience to advocate citizens’ moderate exercise and scientific fitness.

It is understood that in recent years, Yangpu has insisted on cultivating and supporting the brand characteristics of "one street, one product" in community sports, creating a strong social atmosphere of attaching importance to sports, supporting sports and participating in sports, further enhancing people’s fitness awareness, and allowing more and more people to join the national fitness team, and harvesting health and happiness through scientific fitness.

Text/picture: Mao Xinhui

Editor: Zhang Tianyi

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