Is there a hot search list in Ruoyun Zhang, BiBi Zhou? The studio responded like this.

Weibo administrator announces artists who have the behavior of brushing the list.

1905 movie network news Recently, the news of comprehensive rectification of Weibo Hot Search has caused heated discussion. Yesterday afternoon, the administrator of Weibo announced the stars who had the behavior of brushing the list, and BiBi Zhou, Ruoyun Zhang, Ma Jingtao and other stars were listed one after another. Then, BiBi Zhou’s studio responded: "I have some money for making music and making MV. I really can’t afford hot search. This blame is really not back. "

BiBi Zhou Studio responded.

Last night, Ruoyun Zhang Studio also responded: "It was confirmed by all team members that the initiator, moderator and the detected list brushing behavior of this topic were not our operation." In addition, Ruoyun Zhang Studio also said that the team is communicating with the platform, hoping to clear Ruoyun Zhang’s name.

Ruoyun Zhang Studio issued a statement.

In response, netizens have left messages: "Refuse to take the blame, maintain the image of love beans", "Purify the network environment, abide by the rules, we don’t recognize what is not true, and reject everything that is not true."