The game "The Sims" will shoot the film "Barbie".

1905 movie network news According to foreign media, the well-known game "The Sims" will be adapted and filmed as a live-action movie, which will be produced by LuckyChap, the production company, and () directed and co-scripted, and EA, the original game developer, will also participate in the film production. Last year, produced by LuckyChap, produced and starring by Margot Elise Robbie, won the global box office champion in 2023 with a score of 1.445 billion US dollars.

The Sims is a computer game that simulates life. In the game, players play a virtual role with changeable personality characteristics, skills and interpersonal relationships, and complete ordinary tasks in daily life such as cooking and decorating. To some extent, The Sims and Barbie have similar characteristics. There is no real storyline in this game, and the life of the characters is controlled by the players.