Word of mouth collective off the charts! There are these good movies to watch in the North American summer file.

    Special feature of 1905 film network At present, the summer stalls in the mainland are entering a scuffle, and each one is more unexpected and dumbfounded. Just after witnessing the wonderful story of visual effect mix-and-match, the absurd performance of "Looking at Heaven in Summer" came again, and it was hard to wait for a word-of-mouth explosion. The result was released in North America two years ago.

    However, looking across the ocean, the summer vacation in North America is much easier than ours.

    Except for last week’s word-of-mouth, the freshness of rotten tomatoes is only 27% at present, the evaluation of several newly painted films on rotten tomatoes this week has almost all exploded, staying above 80%. They are much happier than we can only watch morbid youth films, and these films are basically seed candidates for this year’s award season.

    These newly-opened films in North America on August 12th have not been imported into the Mainland at present, but they are worthy of your attention and should not be missed.

Go through fire and water

    Director: david mackenzie

    Screenwriter: Taylor Sheridan

    Starring: chris pine/Ben Foster/Jeff Bridges/katy mixon/kevin rankin

    Release time: August 12, 2016 (USA)

    Length: 102 minutes

    Rotten tomato freshness: 99% popcorn index: 81% MTC score: 86 points.

    It is a typical film starring two male actors, namely chris pine and Ben Foster. Chris pine is a very familiar actor. In the new series, he is Captain Kirk of the Enterprise, and his role is very impressive. In the evaluation of rotten tomatoes, The Patriot Ledger commented that he brought a performance with great surprise.

    Another protagonist, Ben Foster, whom we have seen on the mainland big screen today, is Medivh in the movie.

    In addition to the above two leading roles, this film also has an actor with the level of Best Actor, that is, Jeff Bridges who won the Oscar for Best Actor in 2010.

    In terms of cast, the film can be said to be possessed by both powerful idols. What these three people are going to perform in this film is the story of the police and robbers. Chris pine and Ben Foster play two brothers, one has a criminal record and the other is a divorced father. They decide to rob a bank together, but when they succeed, they have to avoid the pursuit of the criminal police played by Jeff Bridges, and the two sides stage a wise pursuit.

    Let’s look at 99% of rotten tomatoes:

    "Go through Fire and Water" is a genre film that transcends the genre. It is a typical American-style feature film, which is very grounded in place and time. It is one of the best films of the year. — — Atlantic monthly

    You may have seen it before, but it is worth seeing again. — — Time Out magazine

    In the evaluation, the only bad thing is that this film obviously has so many good things, but it has not been well used in this film, resulting in a good viewing experience.

    However, the viewing experience varies from person to person. The overall evaluation is red, of course, there are reasons.


Out of tune diva

    Director: Stephen Frears

    Screenwriter: Nicholas Martin

    Starring: Meryl Streep/hugh grant/Rebecca Ferguson/simon helberg

    Release date: August 12, 2016 (USA)

    Length: 110 minutes

    Rotten tomato freshness: 87% popcorn index: 75% MTC score: 71 points.

    Judging from the current evaluation in North America, the film’s portrayal of Florence Foster Jenkins, an out-of-tune diva, has been affirmed, including the interpretation of Aunt Mei.

    The success of this film lies in that the director did not treat Florence Foster Jenkins as a joke, nor did he treat Aunt Mei as a joke. — — indieWIRE

    Meryl Streep was very funny when he stood on the stage and sang. — — New York Times

    It can be said that Mei Yi, who has excellent singing skills, was once again affirmed by her performance in shaping the image of an out-of-tune singer. It should be said that, not surprisingly, Mei Yi will nominate the Oscar for best actress.

    Aunt Zhong Mei is going to perform a tenor singer in the early 20th century, and only with very poor singing skills and excellent entertainment can she win the audience’s love. France also made a film with the same theme, which was released in September last year, and the evaluation was good. The American version of "Out of tune" focuses on Florence’s last performance before her death.

    In the film, Aunt Mei can be regarded as a singer who ruined her image. When the pianist heard her voice, the reaction was like this — —


    Therefore, Mei Yi’s acting skills can be described as the biggest attraction.

    Hugh grant plays Florence’s ex-husband Mr Clare in the film. His feelings with Mei Yi in the film are also a highlight. His identity is not only Mei Yi’s ex-husband but also her assistant.

My father and my blood

    Directed by Jean-Francis Ricci

    Screenwriter: Peter Craig/Andrea Berloff

    Starring: mel gibson/Elisabeth R?hm/William H. Macy/diego luna

    Release date: August 12, 2016 (USA)

    Length: 88 minutes

    Rotten tomato freshness: 83% popcorn index: 77% MTC score: 66 points.

    Mel gibson, who won the Oscar for best director, is now 60 years old, but still body of work, active in the field of action movies. In this film produced by Lionsgate, he plays a father who is at war with drug dealers.

    Mel gibson is a former criminal. This time, his daughter made a boyfriend who was addicted to drugs, and inexplicably killed a person. He had to use his former criminal skills to fight against the current criminals and protect his daughter.

    The film was shot in Mexico, and the characteristics of the western desert are also extremely remarkable in this film. Fierce gunfight and intense chase, it should be said that from the trailer, the thrilling and exciting elements of action movies are all available, and the emotional promotion between father and daughter, from the evaluation of North America, should be regarded as a stable work in normal stories.

    If you can separate artists from art (most people are at a certain node), there is basically no movie, drama, novel or music or painting to enjoy, and the rest is completely invisible. — — TheWrap

    Mel gibson’s fans are very lucky. This short and exquisite film has a strong atmosphere of retro pursuit and elements of black crime movies. — — Los Angeles Times

    In fact, as a fan of mel gibson, in addition to this film, he also has a very important director’s work to be released this year, and the award season is locked. It is also an annual expectation.

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