"Hot Search" exposed the positive footage. Zhou Dongyu listened to the victim’s self-report and was very distressed

1905 movie network news The films directed by, starring, and starring are currently being shown. Yesterday, the national roadshow "Hot Search" and "Sound All the Way" came to Suzhou. Director Xin Yukun and actor Song Yang attended the roadshow and had a live post-screening exchange with the audience. After watching the movie, the audience was ignited by the bloody emotion of speaking out for justice in the movie, praising the movie "hitting the reality directly", saying that "the details in the movie deserve two brushes and three brushes". Song Yang, the actor of He Yan in the movie, was also sharply criticized by the audience. "After seeing He Yan attached to Peng Yue, I felt my face changed!"!

The film released a feature clip "Voice for her". Five years ago, the girl was sponsored by a wealthy businessman group, but was pushed into the abyss of "choosing a concubine interest chain" by a convinced teacher. In the face of evil deeds, she chose to remain silent and remain anonymous. Five years later, the same thing happened again, and the girl realized that "if she didn’t tell the truth, it would never pass", so she decided to stand up and bravely expose the truth … … The girls’ constant circulation also touched the hearts of the audience. "In the movie, I really felt the horror of the darkness of people’s hearts. I hope all Wang Shimin people will be punished as soon as possible!"!

The realistic theme touches people’s hearts. "Movies are also a kind of voice."

"Grandpa" audience: Looking forward to a new sequel to the movie.

At the scene of the road show, the audience was deeply touched by director Xin Yukun’s pungent description of the real issues, and said, "Director Xin Yukun has always been committed to presenting the social reality, so the social significance brought by the existence of the film is more than the film itself. Just as the film said, every time you make a sound, it is vital. I hope everyone can pay more attention to the film Hot Search and bring more practical significance." Director Xin Yukun said frankly, "There are many women in different identities, roles and situations in the film. They work together to defend justice through their own strength, which is what our film wants to express.".

There was also a "grandfather" audience who came to the road show site, saying, "Can the film" Hot Search "shoot the second and third films?" He believes that "the current network is too complicated, and the social problems are far more than those presented in movies, and movies are just the tip of the iceberg". Director Xin Yukun responded, "It is difficult to reveal the tip of the iceberg, but it is still necessary to present it. We also hope that filmmakers in the industry can shoulder more social responsibilities and make more meaningful films".

The film reflects the terrible reality that "the victims are always pushed to the stage".

Director Xin Yukun: Blue notice is the best way to expose the injurer.

In the movie, Zhang Xiaosui, a girl who was violated, was not only blocked from speaking, but even pushed to the front of the stage to divert her attention, just to cover up the truth. The hearts of the audience were also touched by Zhang Xiaosui’s experience. A female growth blogger said, "The movie reflects a terrible reality. After a woman is violated, it must be the victim who is pushed in front of the audience, and the perpetrator is often invisible." Director Xin Yukun admits that this phenomenon is also the reason that makes him angry, so he will present the injurer in the form of a blue notice at the end. He said, "In fact, this is also the ultimate long-cherished wish of Chen Miao and Zhang Xiaosui".

Another mother at the scene said after watching the movie, "People who have daughters can’t watch this. When they were young, they were asked to protect themselves. When they grew up, they were even more worried about entering the society, so I wouldn’t let the little girl in the store work night shifts. This film is very meaningful and I will continue to release my goodwill. " Director Xin Yukun agreed with her mother’s words, "Although the world is not perfect, we still need someone to stand up and change it. I hope our films can convey such a force.".