The 2.4T version of the Great Wall Gun is open for pre-sale. How should the brand-new diesel engine be evaluated?

The 2.4T version of the new Great Wall Cannon pickup truck released at the Beijing Auto Show in 2024 has become the focus of attention. As the brand with the highest sales volume of pickup trucks, any new model of Great Wall Cannon pickup truck will get the most attention. The applied new technology is often regarded as the most advanced technological achievement, but in terms of the parameters of the brand-new diesel engine it carries, its level is objectively not the strongest pickup diesel engine.

Let’s look at its parameters first:

  • The maximum power is 135kW.
  • The maximum torque is 480 n m.

The power and torque parameters seem to be quite good, and objectively they do exceed some diesel engines with the same displacement or larger displacement, but at least two pickup trucks have higher diesel engines.

Reference competing products

1. Jiangling Ford Ranger

The diesel engine of the car is 2.3T, and its displacement is slightly smaller than that of the Great Wall Gun, so the maximum torque is 470N·m, but the maximum power reaches 137kW;. The matching gearbox is 10AT vertically, and the reliability and fuel consumption performance of this combination are remarkable.

However, the published average fuel consumption is 8.1-9.2L/100km, and the fuel consumption data is not ideal.

2. SAIC Chase T90 High Power Series

The 2.0T diesel engine carried by this vehicle has two series of high and low power, and the standard of the low power version is 120 kW/400 N m, which is quite different from the Great Wall Gun 2.4T diesel engine. However, its twin-turbocharged high-power 2.0T model has a high level of 160 kW/500 N m, which has obvious advantages in both torque and power, but the displacement is 0.4 liter smaller, which shows that the strongest pickup diesel engine at present is this one.

The matching gearbox is 8AT, and the average fuel consumption is about 8.3L/100km.

Looking back at the Great Wall Gun 2.4T engine, its performance is objectively slightly worse than that of Datong T90 pickup truck, and it is equal to that of Jiangling Ford Ranger. The matched automatic gearbox is 9AT developed by Great Wall Motor, and the reliability of this combination is beyond doubt, but it is not a benchmark in technology. Therefore, the basis of ensuring sales volume is price. The pre-sale price of the manual four-wheel drive version is 126,800 yuan, the automatic two-wheel drive diesel version is 125,800 yuan, and the automatic four-wheel drive diesel version is 138,800 yuan and 148,800 yuan.

Its flagship version is slightly lower than the automatic four-wheel drive version of Jiangling Ford Ranger, and has a slight advantage compared with the high-power version of Chase T90. However, the actual price disparity is less than 10,000 yuan. If the requirements for vehicle performance are high, it is recommended to increase the car purchase budget.

However, the 2.4T version of Great Wall Gun has certain advantages in fuel consumption, and its published average fuel consumption is 7.9L/100km, which can achieve lower fuel consumption under the premise of larger displacement but no higher power and torque. Great Wall Motor’s 9AT gearbox and complete transmission system must be different.

The ordinary version of the gun pickup truck is the setting of the tool truck, and the tool truck needs low fuel consumption. As for the performance of the vehicle, as long as it can meet the commuting needs of various road conditions. Therefore, the Great Wall Cannon pickup truck is a pragmatic option. If the purpose of buying a car is mainly commuting and go on road trip, then the suggested option will be the above two cars.

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