BYD Han sold more than Audi A6L. Does anyone still look down on BYD?

In 2021, the total sales volume of BYD’s full range of passenger cars reached 730,093. Among them, the sales volume of new energy vehicles reached 593,745, an increase of 231.6% compared with 2020, which once again refreshed the historical sales record of new energy vehicles in China.

As we all know, BYD has two major sectors in the field of new energy vehicles, EV and DM. These two sectors have contributed greatly to the success this time. Last year, the sales of EV and DM series were popular all over the country. In December alone, they achieved 48,317 vehicles and 44,506 vehicles respectively. For example, since its listing in July, 2020, Han EV (parameter picture) with a price close to 280,000 yuan has exceeded 10,000 yuan per month for many times, and its sales in December even surpassed Audi A6L, ranking among the best in the field of medium and large cars.

In the past, BYD was once regarded as synonymous with cheap cars, and the logo was also ridiculed as rustic. At one time, many people even asked BYD to change the logo. However, BYD has been resisting the pressure for so many years, accumulating core technologies in the field of new energy vehicles, and finally achieving a counterattack with excellent three-electricity technology. As it turns out, once you are strong, all the ridicule is a cloud, and those who once laughed at BYD LOW may have joined the queue to buy BYD. It can be said that BYD is no longer the "BYD" in the impression! It has started a new era of its own.

It is reported that BYD Han is about to usher in a brand-new change. The website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has already revealed the declaration map of the new BYD Han EV. According to the application materials, although it is a mid-term change, the change is still quite big. Not only the appearance is more fashionable, but also the size is slightly increased. As standard, Ferrous lithium phosphate blade battery provides two kinds of power: single motor and dual motor.

First of all, in appearance, the new Han EV not only has a more refined front face, but also optimizes the headlights, adopts some black decorative strips and adds more wheel styles to choose from. The change of the tail is even more amazing. The taillights are shaped like Chinese knots, full of oriental charm.

In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4995×1910×1495mm and the wheelbase is 2920mm respectively. In terms of power, it is divided into single-motor and dual-motor models, of which the maximum power of the single-motor model is 180 kW; The maximum motor power of the dual-motor model is 180 kW and 200 kW respectively.

Due to the lack of production capacity and domestic epidemic situation, BYD’s delivery volume and order volume in 2021 have a certain lag. But even so, the annual sales volume in 2021 is only tens of thousands less than that of Mercedes-Benz (758,000 vehicles). In order to make up for this, in 2022, BYD will open a number of new factories across the country and go all out. For domestic sales, BYD is afraid that it is no longer Mercedes-Benz Audi, but Toyota and Volkswagen.

From the current point of view, after lifting the capacity crisis, BYD does not need to worry about sales at all. Judging from the strength of BYD’s products in Hanzhong, it is not difficult for new energy products such as EV and DM to reach millions of sales. BYD is obviously not from that BYD.