[See you at 8 o’clock] Taxi driver dies suddenly in the car, but still gets a ticket?

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  · 18.826 million passengers! The number of passengers sent by railways across the country hit a new high on the first day of the "May Day" holiday.

  The Chinese Navy’s Shandong aircraft carrier formation conducts maritime training in the South China Sea.

  By 2025, 90% of tertiary maternal and child health hospitals will provide specialized services in traditional Chinese medicine.

  Tibetan archaeology has discovered several high-level tombs in the Tubo period: including Tang Feng gold ear scoop.

  Australia has temporarily banned its citizens from returning home from India, and those who violate it will be fined in prison.

  Four astronauts from the International Space Station have returned to Earth, ending more than five months in space.

  · Kim accused "defectors" in South Korea of distributing anti-North Korean leaflets: a serious provocation.

  The first collective infection of the Olympic flame relay in Japan has been confirmed, with six people diagnosed.

  · Stock gods can also make mistakes! Buffett admitted investment mistakes one after another at the shareholder meeting.

  · Huizhou KTV 16-year-old girl jumped to her death, the police have seized the Jinyu Hotel and detained many people.

  Tourists question whether Chaka Salt Lake sells tickets twice, and the scenic spot responds that the two attractions are managed by two companies.

  · Taxi driver dies suddenly in the car and is still ticketed? The traffic police involved are under investigation.

  The number of tourists in the ancient city of Dali in Yunnan exceeded 92,000, and the local management department issued a travel warning.

  The flight to be flown is to rescue the boy with a broken arm and return to the parking lot. Doctor: The boy’s broken arm has been bled normally.

  · Holiday pet foster care has become a hot search, and the price of "cat room" catches up with "human hotel".

  Although plastic film is difficult to predict, management can be improved.

  - Xinhua News Agency commented on "Many high-speed trains at Beijing West Railway Station have been suspended late"

  The Jiefang Bridge on the Haihe River in Tianjin opened, and the opening angle of the bridge reached a maximum of 60 degrees, staging a beautiful "deformation show".

  Yao Ming (first from left), chairperson of the Chinese Basketball Association, presented the CBA championship trophy to Du Feng (second from right), head coach of the Guangdong Dongguan Dayi team.

  The handwriting is super neat! Elementary school students climbed the Great Wall and were inspired to sit in the corner to write compositions.

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