Geely Galaxy L7 top version configuration advantages are obvious

  Geely Galaxy L7 officially launched on May 31, the price range 13.87-17 3,700 yuan.

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  The price of Galaxy L7 makes consumers feel Geely’s sincerity. The Galaxy L7 entry-level configuration is not very rich, and the main function is to lower the price range. AR-HUD, Queen’s co-pilot, etc. are only available with the top or optional.

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  The Galaxy L7 is divided into five configuration versions, of which the pure electric battery life is divided into 55km and 115km, and the power is equipped with a 1.5T PHEV system. The main difference is the battery capacity. The former is 9.11kWh, the latter is 18.7kWh, and the fuel consumption is 5.23L/100km. The zero-hundred acceleration time is the fastest 6.9 seconds. The two versions of pure electric battery life are basically sufficient as commuter cars, and there will be no big difference in power experience.

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  The important thing is the configuration distribution, or in order to lower the overall price range, the configuration of the AIR version is not high, although it is equipped with LED light group, but the intelligent far and near light control, electric tailgate, body black sports kit are not equipped, and the panoramic sunroof also needs to be optional. The AR-HUD, 4-zone intelligent voice interaction system, and mobile phone wireless charging that were previously mainly promoted at the interior level are also not equipped. The Galaxy L7 is equipped with a passenger entertainment screen, with a size of 16.2 inches, with an 8155 chip, and a built-in Galaxy N OS system. For the passenger riding experience, the Galaxy L7 top version has a queen co-pilot. The Galaxy L7 seats are made of leather, the front seats support heating, ventilation and massage, and the main and passenger drivers have power seat memory, which provides good ride comfort.

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  In terms of safety configuration, the AIR version lacks the front/rear integrated double-side air curtain, driver fatigue monitoring, and basic L2-level auxiliary driving functions, so the overall configuration is relatively "plain". The MAX version configuration has been slightly improved, mainly adding intelligent high beam control, electric tailgate, breathing atmosphere light, main driver seat heating, passenger seat 4-way electric adjustment, front/rear integrated double-side air curtain, and a complete L2-level automatic driving configuration, which is considered to be in order. What really reflects the luxury of the Galaxy L7 is the top starship version, Harman Infinity audio (including headrest audio), main driver waist support 4-way electric adjustment, main driver seat ventilation/massage/physiotherapy, front seat memory, and mobile phone smart Bluetooth key. However, it is worth noting that the external rhythmic light show, body black sports kit, large-size wheels, 25.6-inch AR-HUD, driver fatigue monitoring, and even the top-of-the-line equipment are optional.

  Geely officials said that the Galaxy L7 has five product highlights: "inductive modeling, power-saving hybrid, second-understanding car machine, pet co-pilot, and native safety." The Galaxy L7 uses a power combination of 1.5T PHEV + three-speed DHT, which can meet the needs of urban commuting, suburban short-distance, and intercity long-distance, taking into account power and economy. More importantly, the Galaxy L7 has a top speed of more than 200km/h, making it the leader in its class. In addition, the Galaxy L7 puts battery safety first. Among the four items of vehicle forward scraping, vehicle rear scraping, vehicle negative impact, and vehicle bottom support, the battery has not had a major accident.

  Galaxy L7 is a product oriented towards home comfort, and pays more attention to the creation of a sense of technology and luxury in the cabin than competitors. At the same time, with the blessing of three-speed DHT hybrid, both power output and fuel consumption data are also at the middle and upper reaches of the level, making it a mature product. However, the configuration advantages of Galaxy L7 are limited to the top version. If you use medium and low matching, then the highlight of Galaxy L7 is more in the price. (Geely Galaxy, for pictures)