Fan Weiqi is on a world tour on the road to happiness, the most suitable for a white concert

On August 10, 2019, Fan Weiqi’s world tour concert on the road to happiness ended in Xiamen. More than 5,000 fans on the scene joined Fan Weiqi to experience the truest taste of happiness in her singing. It is precisely because of this that the "On the Road to Happiness" world tour concert is called the most happy concert by fans. "Whether it is Fan Fan’s singing, lighting, dance beauty, or Fan Fan’s ever-changing shapes, there is a warmth from the heart, which makes us really feel that we are on the road to happiness." In 2019, Fan Weiqi debuted for 20 years. In the past 20 years, she has undergone a transformation of her identity, from a dream-chasing and hard-working girl to a wife and a mother. She has also encountered ups and downs, but she has never forgotten her original intention – to stand on the stage and express her heart with singing.

Happiness infects the audience, Fan Weiqi sets sail for happiness

The whole concert, with happiness as the basis point, through the five parts of starting – love – friends – on the road to happiness – Home is where you are at, more than 30 songs run through the most original happiness in Fan Weiqi’s heart. These five parts also take everyone through the only way to grow and mature. Start, for the dream in your heart; love, to find the other 1/2 of yourself in life; friends, are confidants who accompany you on the road of life. Let yourself, love and friends move forward together on the road to happiness, and you will find the true meaning of home: where you are, is home. There is love, friends, and happiness at home~ Peace of mind! " I feel that every stage of life will encounter all kinds of problems, and everyone may encounter setbacks, stress and unhappiness at any time. But at the same time, every stage will have happiness and surprises. I want to use this concert to bring everyone to experience a happy life through singing, find the most secure home in my heart, and feel the charm of life. Delivering happiness is also my original intention that has remained unchanged since my debut 20 years ago. "This is the original intention of Fan Weiqi to hold this concert.

For this concert, Fan Weiqi went through meticulous preparations, from the music, to the lighting, the stage, to the costumes, and even the makeup. "When the lights came on and the music played, I appeared on the stage through the elevator, met the fans, and heard their applause, I felt that all the efforts were worth it, and I was the happiest at that moment," Fan Weiqi said.

At the beginning of the concert, Fan Weiqi dressed in white clothes and translucent trousers, wearing a white gauze skirt, made a happy appearance. From "On the Road to Happiness", "Thinking Too Much", to "Our Anniversary" and "Departure", Fan Weiqi brought familiar melodies to everyone as soon as he opened. The temperature of the scene suddenly increased, and everyone was ignited with the warmth of their hearts in the singing.

The most suitable confession concert to witness a happy new beginning for fans

In the concert, the most touching scene was when a fan proposed to his girlfriend in front of the 5,000 audience under the witness of Fan Weiqi. The tears of the two people embraced each other, which moved the audience, and everyone witnessed a new beginning of their happiness together. Fan Weiqi’s song "The Distance of a Heart" is an interpretation of their love: "In summer and autumn, the movie of growth and transformation will be something that will not get tired of doing in a lifetime." Fan Weiqi’s concert is the best place to propose, because in her concert, there is always a feeling of double happiness and full of positive energy. "

When the prelude to "True and False Questions" sounded, it also set off a small climax of the concert. From "True and False Questions" to "Can’t Reach" and the next "The Most Important Decision", it opened the happy chorus on the early autumn night. Everyone enjoyed and released to the fullest, and the romantic and warm atmosphere warmed the audience. 

Diverse shapes, different styles, each is Fan Weiqi’s fashion about happiness

In the Xiamen station of the "On the Road to Happiness" world tour concert, Fan Weiqi put a lot of effort into styling and clothing. First, she opened with a white dress, translucent trousers, and a white gauze skirt, which was bright and friendly. Next, the red dress showed a noble aura, and the pink bare shoulder dress gave Fan Weiqi a smart and lovely atmosphere. The silk sleeve skirt gave her a sexy and sensual, but elegant energy. Fan Weiqi, who has been out for 20 years, is still tall and slender. She can control different styles, stand out but not stand out. She uses just the right beauty to make her charm bloom on the stage, showing the paradigm of happy fashion.

At the end of the concert, Fan Weiqi used "The First Dream" as the end, because she firmly believes that although this concert has come to an end, it is also a new starting point for happiness, just like the lyrics sing: "The first dream will definitely arrive", Fan Weiqi will use her own singing to continue the transmission of happiness.

In the past 20 years, from the first album "Fan Fan’s World" to the later "Fan Fan’s Thanksgiving," 13 albums have been filled with the musical attitude and happiness that Fan Weiqi wants to express. "Even those who are struggling in the depths hear her songs, and their hearts brighten in an instant." This is what music critics say about Fan Weiqi. Fans like her because: "Her singing has gone beyond the transmission sound itself, but really entered the heart. Her songs are my resonance."

In the past 20 years, Fan Weiqi’s pursuit of music has not changed at all: "No matter what kind of music style, what kind of rhythm, or what kind of lyrics, it must have its own temperature. What the singer transmits through the song, in addition to the emotion of the song itself, should make people feel a message: no matter what kind of situation, be kind to yourself, because we have always been on the road to happiness."

In this concert, we saw Fan Weiqi, who has spent 20 years to fulfill her musical dream and convey happiness.

Looking forward to more than 20 years in the future, Fan Weiqi uses a happier and better self to realize her dreams with singing on the stage and convey happiness.