The "Chuanweier" Shopping Festival will be held in Chengdu on December 1st.

Wanshang Yunchuan invites you to buy! In order to further cultivate and expand the new mode of e-commerce consumption, give full play to the advantages of live e-commerce and promote the sales of featured products, the 2020 Sichuan Goods E-commerce Festival hosted by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce will be held in Chengdu on December 1.

"1+2+7+3" mode allows Sichuan people to share quality Sichuan goods.

The mode of "1+2+7+3" will be adopted in the 2020 Sichuan Goods E-commerce Festival, with 1 main venue (Chengdu) +9 sub-venues (2 node cities in the twin-city economic circle in Chengdu-Chongqing area +7 regional central cities) +3 live lines for business and cultural tours in poverty-stricken counties. Among them, two node cities are Neijiang and Suining, and seven regional central cities are Mianyang, Deyang, Leshan, Yibin, Luzhou, Nanchong and Dazhou. The main venue and the sub-venue will hold a series of activities such as anchor delivery, display experience, regional interaction and platform promotion. In addition, in three poverty-stricken counties, live broadcast teams will also be organized to go deep into the fields to carry out live broadcast activities of business travel.

The launching ceremony of Sichuan Goods E-commerce Festival is scheduled to be held at 5: 00pm on December 1st in Kuanzhai Lane East Square. At that time, many Sichuan goods will be unveiled here, and major anchors will also compete to speak for Sichuan goods in the live broadcast.

Decisive e-commerce festival   Hundreds of online celebrity to see who is the hottest.

In addition to online and offline delivery, endorsement, live broadcast and live display of Sichuan goods, under the guidance of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce, the Sichuan Live E-commerce Industry Alliance was formally established. After the establishment of the alliance, more than 100 online celebrity anchors from 21 cities and states in Sichuan and thousands of good things from hundreds of enterprises will be gathered for a large-scale peak showdown with live broadcast.

The "2020 Sichuan Goods E-commerce Power Saver Live PK Competition" was officially launched in early November. The competition mode is that the anchor chooses to sell goods from the collected commodity pool to participate in the competition. The live broadcast platforms are Taobao Live, Aauto Quicker, Pinduoduo, JD.COM, etc., and the commodity pool aggregation platforms are Tmall, Taobao, Pinduoduo, JD.COM, etc. The contest will end on December 25th, and the results will be announced before December 30th.

At the same time, in order to better serve the Sichuan Talent Anchor, the Alliance also established the first batch of "Sichuan Talent Anchor Talent Pool" to make preliminary preparations for the standardized management of Sichuan Live Talent and the next step to obtain relevant professional certificates.(Wang Hongjiang)