2022 BYD Han DM-i car purchase manual, recommended 121KM exclusive type.

Since the announcement of the suspension of production of fuel vehicles a few days ago, the attention of the outside world to BYD has risen, and the new member of the Han family has made a debut today, which can be described as earning enough attention. This time, it launched a total of nine new cars in four series, namely Han DM-p, Han DM-i, Han EV Chuangshi Edition and Han EV Qian Shan Cui Limited Edition, aiming to attract the recognition of different consumer groups with rich product matrix. So what is the charm of Han DM-i series, and which of the five new cars is more worth buying? The answer is below.

In terms of appearance and design, Han DM-i is based on the new BYD Dragon Face language. Although it looks similar to Qin and Song families, it looks more sharp and radical, avoiding falling into the strange circle of "dolls". The interior of the super-large polygon mesh presents a "Long Lin" effect, which is not only very impactful, but also effectively improves the overall recognition. The long and narrow headlight group is equipped with LED light source as standard, with chrome-plated decoration around it, which has a "dragon beard" look after lighting.

Coming to the side, Han DM-i creates a good back-sliding posture, thereby highlighting the sports attributes. However, the wheel hub size is 19 inches, and the internal structure distinguishes different styles to meet the individual needs of consumers. Its tail-penetrating Chinese knot LED taillight group is a bright spot. Under the streamer layout, it is very eye-catching when opening.

Walking into the car, Han DM-i takes a light and luxurious style in the interior configuration, which can make people feel full of sincerity. It is mostly covered with soft materials, and it is also made of real wood and aluminum imported from Europe, which not only effectively improves the driving experience, but also enhances the overall grade. Some super models can also support the optional purple carbon fiber interior, which makes the sports atmosphere stronger. The new car comes standard with a 12.3-inch full LCD instrument and a 15.6-inch large touch LCD screen, which not only ensures the clarity, but also is equipped with DiLink 4.0(5G) intelligent network connection system, which has rich application support and the human-computer interaction experience is worthy of recognition.

In terms of size, the length of Han DM-i is close to 5 meters, and the wheelbase is 2920 mm. The data table is now eye-catching among medium and large cars. The car can make effective use of the internal environment, thereby expanding a considerable range of activities and storage space. The new car seat is covered with imitation leather/genuine leather, which is comfortable and supportive to the touch, and with the functions of heating/ventilation, the driving experience is further improved. In addition, some models are also equipped with Dynaudio Dynaudio audio, which is matched with multi-layer sound insulation glass and car air purifier devices, adding a touch of comfort during driving.

Previously, relying on DM-i super hybrid technology, Qin PLUS DM-i and Song PLUS DM-i flourished in the field of plug-in hybrid, and almost every month they won the sales champion and runner-up. BYD has therefore found another way to seize the opportunity in the new energy war. Han DM-i is naturally equipped with this "black technology", which is based on 1.5T turbocharged engine+motor. The maximum power of the former is 102kW, while that of the latter is 145/160kW. Now the oil price is rising, but the fuel economy of the car is excellent, which is also its key advantage to seize the market.

For security attributes, Han DM-i has also made great efforts. It not only comes standard with 11 all-round airbags, but also has as many as 41 hot-formed steel parts to further strengthen the protection level. The new DiPilot intelligent driver assistance system contains a variety of applications, plus rich configurations such as Bosch’s sixth-generation ultrasonic radar to protect your driving safety.

On the whole, Han DM-i shows BYD’s sincerity. So which car is the most worth buying?

2022 DM-i 121KM distinguished model

Manufacturer’s guide price: 215,800 yuan

Recommended index: Samsung and a half

Although it is an entry-level model, in fact, the overall cost performance of this car is not bad. However, the seat is covered with imitation leather, and the co-pilot seat lacks some adjustment methods. In addition, it does not support the memory of the electric seat in the main driver’s seat and is not equipped with Dynaudio Dana audio, which may be slightly eclipsed in driving experience.

2022 DM-i 121KM distinguished model

Manufacturer’s guide price: 225,800 yuan

Recommended index: four stars

Although this car still covers the seat with imitation leather material, the height adjustment (2-way) and lumbar support (4-way) are added to the co-pilot seat, which effectively relieves travel fatigue. The driver’s seat supports electric seat memory, and the addition of Dynaudio Dynaudio audio is a highlight.

2022 DM-i 121KM exclusive type

Manufacturer’s guide price: 235,800 yuan

Recommended index: four and a half stars

The main aspects such as the three major pieces have not changed. The extra 10,000 yuan is to upgrade to a leather steering wheel and a leather seat. In addition, multi-color atmosphere lights are added, and the exterior rearview mirror becomes automatic anti-glare. These things are installed outside at more than this price. Considering that Han DM-i has exceeded the 200,000 yuan mark, it is worthwhile to spend more.

2022 DM-i 242KM flagship model

Manufacturer’s guide price: 289,800 yuan

Recommended index: four stars

In fact, compared with the previous model, this version can be described as a comprehensive upgrade. First of all, its pure electric cruising range is directly doubled to 242 kilometers, and the total power of the motor is also increased to 160 kilowatts, which is more powerful in performance. Secondly, the car has the functions of parallel assistance, fatigue driving reminder, side warning of reversing car, automatic parking and parking, and more importantly, four ultrasonic radars and four millimeter-wave radars are added, which makes the safety capability more reliable. But the price difference between this car and the previous model is too big, so it is unnecessary to spend so much money.