Commercial pickup trucks can also be listed in Chongqing with the Fashion Great Wall King Kong Gun.

"Make pickup trucks popular."

This slogan was put forward when the Great Wall Gun brand was released in 2019. After a lapse of three years, the Great Wall Cannon pickup truck gradually changed the image of pickup truck in the eyes of Chinese people, and reached the 300,000 th vehicle assembly line last month, creating a record for pickup trucks in the new era. Recently, Great Wall Gun has brought a global product of market segment-King Kong Gun (parameter picture). On June 2, 2022, King Kong Gun was officially listed in Chongqing. This time, the Great Wall Gun has redefined commercial pickup trucks: commercial pickup trucks can also be fashionable.

The brand-new King Kong Gun is built on the same platform as the Great Wall Gun. It is powered by gasoline and diesel, and has two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive versions, as well as three models: standard box, long box and flat-bottomed container. The price range of standard box gasoline version is 88,800-116,800 yuan, the price range of diesel version is 95,800-123,800 yuan, and the price range of long box model is 2,000 yuan. The flat container version adds 2000 yuan to the long container. The pilot model can also purchase a limited optional package of 2000 yuan: including "LED headlights +360 panoramic images".

As a commercial pickup truck with special significance, the appearance of King Kong Gun is obviously different from the previous domestic commercial pickup truck models, showing a sense of fashion and strength, which is in line with the aesthetics of more consumers nowadays.

The overall shape of the front face is the same as that of the Great Wall Gun series, which is square and domineering. It adopts the blasting launching net and cooperates with the square lattice headlights, which is very heroic. The new car is available in five colors: dream blue, worry-free white, bold horizontal black, enterprising gray and struggle brown.

As a pickup truck with four doors and five seats, the length, width and height of King Kong Gun are 5635*1880*1815(1840)mm, the wheelbase is 3410mm and the container size is 1550(1820)*1500*495(470)mm respectively.

The proportion of the side of the car body is also very harmonious, and the dynamic waistline setting makes the new car simple and tough as a whole. The design of low cargo platform and container lighting is very intimate, and the turning diameter of 11.9 meters makes the King Kong gun more flexible in turning and turning around. At the same time, the body is made of a large number of high-strength plates, and all the places where the cargo box, door and hood are seen and touched are very thick, which shows the kindness of the materials.

Entering the car, although it is a commercial vehicle positioning, the interior design of the King Kong gun will not be cheap at all, more like a passenger car. The seats are generous and comfortable, the amount of leather is more graded, and the riding feeling in the front and rear rows is relatively good. The central control adopts a suspended 10.25-inch (12.3-inch) central control large screen and a 3.5-inch LCD instrument panel.

According to different models, it provides technology equipment such as mobile phone interconnection, intelligent voice, smart refueling, smart parking, smart home, etc., and supports FOTA upgrade, which greatly facilitates the further evolution of products enjoyed by car owners.

In other configurations, the King Kong Gun is more like a passenger car, such as keyless start, leather steering wheel, leather seat, electric adjustable seat, seat heating, automatic parking, uphill assistance, automatic air conditioning, car-seeking mode, and delayed lighting to accompany me home. There are also functions such as ESP system, four airbags, reversing radar, tire pressure monitoring and panoramic image. In the past, these modern technological functions would not appear on a commercial pickup truck.

In terms of power, the King Kong Gun adopts the power combination of 2.0T+6MT manual gearbox. The model of 2.0T gasoline engine is GW4C20B, with a maximum power of 197 HP and a peak torque of 360 Nm. The 2.0T diesel engine model is GW4D20M, with a maximum power of 163 HP and a peak torque of 400 Nm. At the same time, some models of King Kong Gun are equipped with part-time 4wd system, with 2H/4H and 4L driving modes, which fully guarantees the ability of King Kong Gun to get rid of difficulties in harsh environment, and the adjustment of front double wishbone and rear leaf spring suspension is also very mature, which greatly improves the comfort of the models.

Informal carcriticize

Whether it is for leisure or fashion business, the Great Wall Cannon pickup truck is no longer the rustic "truck" in the past, but a more modern and attractive existence. According to the leader of the Great Wall Gun manufacturer, pickup trucks are still more used in commercial scenes in the current domestic market. For example, in infrastructure, living security, private economy and other industries, with the lifting of the ban on pickup trucks in more and more cities, pickup trucks have a unique advantage in urban use. For small-scale urban logistics express delivery and small business people, pickup trucks are definitely more convenient than commercial vehicles such as light trucks.

As the benchmark of the pickup truck industry, the release of the new King Kong gun by Great Wall Gun has given commercial pickup trucks a new measure. Such a commercial pickup truck with both fashion and strength, while bringing more commercial assistance to users, can still take care of home use, which is indeed a good choice. At present, King Kong Gun provides car buyers with five exclusive rights: financial gift, replacement gift, interconnection gift, recommendation gift and worry-free gift. Commercial pickup trucks may wish to give it a try.