Will Hua Xizi, who was dragged down by Li Jiaqi, break his arm to survive?

In these two days, Hua Xizi’s brand public relations department shivered and dared not say a word.

Ren Li Jiaqi’s hot search was one after another, but Hua Xizi only voiced twice, "Rumor that Li Jiaqi gets a high commission" and "Rumor that Hua Xizi is a Japanese brand".

By the way, there is a risk of another storm and hot search.

Hua Xizi, who comes from the high-end positioning, is now ridiculed as a "new currency" for migrant workers. In the pull of "expensive or not", the product is disassembled into "how much is a gram of eyebrow powder", and the oriental aesthetics and the rise of domestic products shaped by the brand are abandoned. It is really embarrassing.

Before this, few people disassembled beauty products into one gram of raw materials to evaluate the price. Therefore, when netizens rushed to Weibo of Huaxizi and denounced that eyebrow pencil was more expensive than gold, the core question involved was whether it was worth it. Further, there were both product quality problems and miscalculation of product sales channel layout, which really made Huaxizi brand take it seriously.

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The dilemma of Huaxi people relies too much on channels.

Hua Xizi was brought out by Li Jiaqi. This is almost the consensus of the public.

The success of Hua Xizi is also the epitome of most domestic beauty brands. First, the market situation is opened with the help of the traffic of the head anchor, and then various brand activities are announced through a series of stars and big V matrices.

And Hua Xizi’s dependence on Li Jiaqi is not deep. In Li Jiaqi’s own words, Hua Xizi is "just surnamed Li".

The commission of online transmission of Huaxizi is as high as 60%-80%, and even some single items reach 100%. This is the only rumor that Huaxizi denies.

Although the authenticity has not been proved, Li Jiaqi is still an almost single and effective channel for Hua Xizi.

In fact, Hua Xizi has long been aware of the danger of this single channel dependence. It is understood that Hua Xizi has already laid out online channels such as Amoy, JD.COM, Vipshop, Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker. On the Tik Tok platform alone, Hua Xizi has laid out seven official live accounts. Overseas, Huaxizi’s sales are mainly based on brand independent stations, and it has also settled in three-party e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Shrimp Skin. These are places where there is no Li Jiaqi.

This time, if Li Jiaqi pulls Hua Xizi into the whirlpool, will he be forced to break his arm to survive, and whether the "expensive than gold" of diss by netizens will be adjusted, which is worthy of continued attention.

Original title: "Hua Xizi, who was dragged into the water by Li Jiaqi, will he break his arm to survive?"

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