Korean netizens hotly discuss BYD Han, Korean netizens: There is no way to sell one in Korea.

With the rapid development of new energy vehicles, the competitiveness of domestic independent brand vehicles has threatened the living space of joint venture brands. After all, domestic models have low price, good power, large space and high configuration, and have accumulated good popularity and reputation in China. As one of the important models of BYD family contributing sales, it can be regarded as a dark horse. In December this year, BYD sold 234,598 vehicles, up 137% year-on-year, and the cumulative sales volume for the whole year exceeded 1.86 million vehicles, clearly becoming a leader in the field of new energy.

What does BYD "Han", who has gained a good reputation in China, look like to Korean bloggers? Let’s take a look at their comments on "Han"

"Accurately illustrates the difference between design and art."

"The name is Han. . . Can I sell this? ? ? Ha ha "

"In the era of electric vehicles, the attack of China cars will also begin … even better, for industrial safety, it is the same as that made in China and China …"

"The days when Chinese-made electric vehicles are easy to see around us are not far away."

"I wonder if it will help popularize. The impact angle is similar to that of Xiaomi. "

"I really don’t want to use China car. If GS Global assumes responsibility and service, it is worth considering. "

"Every time you press the start button, you will hear the chirp when you speak Chinese. . . . . . As a starting tone "

"It’s still very interesting, hehehe"

"The price is good. . Although the price is high, it may be finished if you come in. "

"Even so, the design, but from the surrounding contact with the story, have considerable technical ability, it’s really amazing. Is it a shell like an empty mast, or does it have a hard interior unlike China? 。”

"In South Korea, 600 kilometers from China automobile battery, BYD technology is expected to come from South Korea’s Ssangyong Automobile."

"There are no foreign comments? ? If China people ignore it, I can’t expect it. "

"The price is a problem, the battery life is 600km (domestic standard), plus 550 billion won in South Ferrous lithium phosphate."

But no matter how well China cars are made, they should not be sold in China.

"After all, China is a power of electric vehicles. Quality cannot be spread by technology, and the product is very good. As long as the problem is solved, there is no reason not to buy it. "

"Not the post office, why do you want to drive a China car? . . This can’t be done. "

"The problem is that if the battery is made in China, the weight will be heavier, and the price of the battery may be higher in the future. . . . . 。”

"I hate buying China cars."

"Wow China car legend. . . Admit what you should admit. "

"We may not admit it, but in terms of pure electric vehicles, China is ahead of South Korea. . . . . The start of the automobile industry was driven by the country’s electric vehicles. "

"Wow, the exterior design is shooting, but this is China. How is China doing recently? ?”

"If you buy a China car, don’t you have to sit for two years and throw it away? Hehe"

"There was an electric car in China. . . I was annoyed at once. "

"BYD, the experience when I was in China was a shit car, but I don’t know what will happen now."