Holding hundreds of thousands of new energy vehicles, these models must not escape.

From January to February, 2022, the terminal sales volume of new energy passenger cars was 559,000 units, up 1.32 times year-on-year. In the past March, many car companies withstood the influence of various adverse factors such as supply chain and price increase, setting a new high. In terms of traditional cars, GAC sold 227,500 cars in March, up 30.7% year-on-year, and its new energy car brand Ai ‘an sold 20,317 cars. Of course, BYD, which directly announced the suspension of fuel vehicles, is the "big brother" of traditional vehicles in the field of new energy. In March, car sales exceeded 100,000 units, and new energy surged by 346.2% year-on-year. Among them, the Qin family sold 24,797 vehicles in March; Among the new power brands, Xpeng Motors once again won the sales crown, and delivered 15,414 units in March, up by 148% month-on-month and 202% year-on-year. Except for General P7, Tucki P5 has become a brand-new sales growth point of the brand.

This means that as a consumer, when choosing new energy vehicles, you can’t always look around these brands. For example, if you want to buy a new energy sedan with hundreds of thousands, GAC AION S PLUS, BYD Qin (parameter picture) Plus and Tucki P5 are often confusing alternatives. Today, let’s have a plate. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these models, and who is more worthy of choice?

I. Starry Warship Guangzhou Automobile Aion S Plus (139.6-189.8 million yuan)

Let’s take a look at Guangzhou Automobile AION S Plus. As the star model of Ai ‘an, it focuses on the positioning of "Starry Battleship". The design is very sci-fi, which accurately identifies the preferences of young people and solves many inevitable problems of new energy vehicles, such as endurance. It is divided into two grades: 510km and 602km, which largely solves the anxiety of endurance. In addition, in terms of comfort, GAC AION S Plus is also very good. Because it is a tram, it is quieter and more stable to sit on. In addition, it has an excellent sense of space inside the car, with a body size of 4810×1880×1515mm and a wheelbase of 2750mm, and a panoramic glass canopy of 1.9㎡. Sitting in the car will make people feel that the space is open. The seat is made of imitation leather and supports the heating function.

Of course, there is no end to the car, and GAC AION S Plus also has some minor problems, such as poor sound insulation effect, loud noise, poor sound effect, poor inner material, etc., which are summarized in one place, that is, this car has room for improvement in workmanship. In addition, there are some problems with the car of GAC AION S Plus. It is equipped with a 14.6-inch intelligent central control large screen and a 10.25-inch full LCD instrument, which is called "intergenerational intelligence", but it is obviously exaggerated, and there is still room for improvement in the smoothness of the car.

Second, Longyan pure electric coupe BYD Qin PLUS(13.88-17.58 million yuan)

Among hundreds of thousands of new energy pure electric family cars, BYD Qin PLUS is one of the most recommended models. Backed by BYD, the blade battery gives it more security than its rivals. However, its advantage lies not only in safety, but also in the user evaluation, everyone also holds a recognized attitude towards comfort, and the quiet, riding experience, seats, space, etc. have all got passing scores.

First of all, as a pure electric vehicle, a quieter and smoother experience is an inherent advantage, and BYD Qin PLUS is qualified in this respect; In terms of battery life, it also provides three gears of 400km/500km/600km; In terms of space, the body size of BYD Qin PLUS is 4765×1837×1515mm, and the wheelbase is 2718mm. The interior space is not outstanding, but it has reached the passing standard. On the seat, BYD Qin PLUS is also equipped with imitation leather seats, but only the highest one has heating function, and the seat support is not bad. In addition, the design of BYD Qin PLUS’s rotatable central control panel is a bright spot, which is divided into two grades: 10.1-inch /12.8-inch 8-core adaptive rotating floating Pad, which is still very convenient to use.

In my opinion, BYD Qin PLUS is like a car that can’t make mistakes. Its development is balanced in all aspects, but it lacks some outstanding points, and the details need to be strengthened, such as loud tire noise, small central control screen size, poor dashboard design, small rear row space, bad reversing image, etc. In the final analysis, it is a passing standard in terms of workmanship, configuration and space, and there is not much optimization.

Third, the ever-changing comfortable intelligent family car Tucki P5(17.79-24.29 million yuan)

Tucki P5 is a well-deserved dark horse in the hundreds of thousands of new energy vehicle markets. At first, it attracted attention with the ever-changing smart space and lidar, but who would have thought that in the user’s subsequent experience, the basic attributes were even more surprising, even the basic models of hundreds of thousands performed very well.

In user perception, Tucki P5 is worthy of recognition in terms of battery life, comfort, acceleration, power consumption, configuration, vehicle and so on. In terms of battery life, Tucki P5 has several options of 450km/460km/510km/550km/600km, and relies on Xpeng Motors’s increasingly perfect charging network to solve the battery life anxiety problem to the greatest extent; Comfort is also one of the main points. The body size is large enough, the length, width and height are 4808×1840×1520mm, the wheelbase is 2768mm, and the reasonable interior layout and 1.493㎡ panoramic canopy roof can bring an excellent sense of space, and the seating space in the car is ample enough.

In terms of seats, Tucki P5 can be equipped with imitation leather/leather seats, heating and ventilation functions, with foldable front seat headrest and widened rear seat headrest to further enhance driving comfort; At the same time, Tucki P5 pays enough attention to noise control. The low-noise body structure, 32 cavity partitions and 40 sound-absorbing cotton make it possible to achieve the effect of 60kph road noise of 57dB. Moreover, Tucki P5 is second to none in configuration. The combination of 15.6-inch floating full touch screen and 12.3-inch high-definition full LCD intelligent instrument has an absolute advantage compared with its peers. Coupled with advanced intelligent functions such as full-scene voice, the driving convenience is directly ahead of its peers.

As for the disadvantage, the price of Tucki P5 is naturally more expensive, so everyone can consider it rationally; In addition, there is no electric tailgate, no ambient light, and the opening of the trunk is a little small, which are also the points that Tucki P5 users are dissatisfied with.

Summary and comparison, three-car configuration list

If you put the three cars together and list the parameters, you can see the difference between them more clearly:

After shopping around, what conclusion did you come to? As far as the basic attributes of the models are concerned, the three cars can be recognized by the market, and naturally they all have advantages, and all aspects are above the passing line. But by contrast, the three cars have their own advantages. If it is you, how would you choose?