Sailis Automobile Zhang Xinghai: Cross-border cooperation to promote industrial development, multi-technical routes to meet different needs

On September 8, china galaxy Securities New Energy Summit was held in Nanjing. This summit focused on the development of new energy industry, and invited guests from new energy industry associations, new energy industry enterprises and investment institutions to talk about the development trend of the industry. Zhang Xinghai, the chairman (founder) of Sailis Automobile, gave a speech entitled "Cooperation and Win-Win to Create the Convergence Development Trend of New Energy Vehicles in the Future" at the event site.

Zhang Xinghai said that with the rapid development of the new energy automobile industry, a large number of upstream and downstream industries, intelligent technology, software technology, industry and financial capital have continuously flooded into and penetrated into the automobile field, showing an unprecedented trend of integrated development. In the foreseeable future, new energy vehicles will present six development trends: industrial integration, intelligent integration, soft and hard integration, technology integration, internal and external integration and capital integration.

Cross-border cooperation promotes industrial development and multi-technology meets different needs

Zhang Xinghai said, "The industrial integration of new energy vehicles lies in cross-border cooperation to achieve commercial landing and mutual empowerment to form a win-win cooperation." He believes that the future competition is no longer the competition between individuals, but the competition of comprehensive strength between ecosystems. Open cooperation is the gene of Sailis Automobile. In 2003, it cooperated with Dongfeng Company, and since then, it has entered the field of automobile. In 2021, we conducted cross-border business cooperation with Huawei, and jointly built the head brand AITO of intelligent electric vehicles in China.

Zhang Xinghai believes that electrification and intelligence are two technologies that develop together and compete on the same stage. Electrification is the carrier of intelligence, and intelligence is the soul of electrification. Sailis firmly practices the development path of intelligent and electric integration, and is committed to achieving a car experience with high performance, long battery life, low energy consumption and zero anxiety. In terms of intelligence, we have cooperated deeply with Huawei and Bosch, and have mass-produced HarmonyOS intelligent cockpit and L2+ Huawei ADS2.0 driver assistance system, reaching the "ceiling level" of the industry.

It is reported that Celestial Auto has built two capabilities of self-research and system integration with soft and hard integration and controllable technology through self-research and technological innovation of intelligent networked automobile core technology, so as to create products and services with ultimate experience and sustainable growth for users. AITO Jiejie series products have undergone 8 OTA upgrades in the past 12 months, ranking among the top three in the industry.

Zhang Xinghai believes that software can make the hardware function flexible, and hardware is the basis of software function realization. Without a solid hardware foundation, the function of software will not be fully exerted. The relationship between automobile hardware and software is just like the relationship between algorithm and chip. They complement and restrict each other and must be integrated and developed.

Zhang Xinghai said that diversified electrification and intelligent technology routes do not replace each other in different application scenarios, but each has its own advantages. The market will form a pattern of coexistence and development of pure electricity, hybrid and hydrogen fuel technology routes in a long time. At this stage, Celis adheres to two technical research and development routes of pure electricity and super-increase to meet the diversified needs of different users in the market. Passenger cars mainly promote pure electric and extended range models and focus on intelligence; Commercial car owners promote pure electric and extended range vehicles, and explore the research and application of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

New energy vehicle companies must adhere to long-term doctrine and have the confidence to go far.

At present, under the background of global double-carbon goal and the urgent need for new energy transformation in various countries, China automobile enterprises need to go out and find a broader market space. "New energy vehicles should go out to sea to seek a broader market in terms of internal and external integration, and absorb overseas advantages to feed back domestic undertakings." Zhang Xinghai said.

In the practice of developing overseas new energy vehicle market, Celestial attaches great importance to the integration of domestic and foreign markets. In January this year, Celestial launched SERES 5 in Belgium and officially entered the European high-end new energy vehicle market. In March, a European sales company was established to take root in localized operation; In June, we launched a European service trip to improve the localization adaptability; In July, new products were launched in Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Hong Kong and other places.

Zhang Xinghai said that the new energy car track has the characteristics of traditional car companies attaching importance to assets. At the same time, due to the transformation of electrification and intelligence, more high-tech investment is needed, and the commercial realization cycle is long. In addition, the increasingly fierce competition environment, only by persisting in long-term investment can we succeed in the knockout stage.

"The competition of car companies has become a competition of comprehensive strength, in which the absorptive capacity of industrial capital and financial capital determines whether car companies can go far and have confidence." Zhang Xinghai said. "We should see that the new energy automobile industry has great potential. By 2035, the revenue of the new energy automobile industry will reach more than 10 trillion yuan. “