The new BYD Qin is released, the fuel version is as low as 50,000, and the electric version has a battery life of over 500km.

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On November 5th, Beijing Kunlun decided the World Fight Center. In this "tough" venue, BYD held a new Qin conference.

When it comes to BYD, in this issue, Che Jujun will think of the BYD F0 that was originally opened as a "soul used car dealer". At that time, I bought it for 8,000 yuan, and I have been accompanying it from the internship of Che Jujun University until now. It was 80,000 kilometers when it started, and it ran 20,000 kilometers a year in care. Although there is no tachometer in the low match, the shock from the steering wheel can completely make you "blindly change", and of course, there is the most popular "starting tire burning".

So seven years after listing, what kind of magic will Qin have?

One,Fuel version =1/2 electric version

BYD Qin is the "pioneering work" of BYD Dynasty series. This time, BYD released four versions of Qin Fuel Edition, namely, manual luxury, manual comfort, automatic luxury, automatic distinguished type, and the brand-new Qin EV high endurance luxury and high endurance distinguished type that everyone is most concerned about.

Fuel version

Guide price of new Qin fuel version: 64,900-81,900.

Pre-emptive price of the new Qin fuel version: 59,900-76,900 "exclusive to the first batch of car owners before January 25, 2020"

Ev version

Guide price of new Qin EV version: 129,900-139,900 "after comprehensive subsidy"

No mistake, the lowest price of fuel version is 1/2 of the price of EV version. Will it bring a cheap car after the low price?

Dragon Face brought by former Audi designers is simple with atmosphere, beautiful with sharpness, which completely changes the stereotype of "earth" brought by F0 and F3 in the past and is more international.

The wheelbase is 2670mm, with the longest body of the same class of 4675mm, which makes the new Qin look good and practical.

The new Qin is equipped with DiLink 2.0 intelligent networking system, and users can freely install APP applications on the system, such as Tik Tok, K-song software and tank battle’s "Full Memories of Childhood Bullies".

▲ tank battle in ▲DiLink system.

More importantly, BYD Qin EV Edition also supports the OTA of the whole vehicle, including the comprehensive upgrade of major functions such as multimedia system, power system and braking system. In addition, the car is also equipped with the mobile phone remote control driving technology that Di Fener talked about.

Second,EV version battery life

Halfway through the conference, the organizer announced the results of the new Qin EV endurance test by professionals at the end of October. The NEDC battery life of this car is 421km, but the battery life of all measured vehicles exceeds 500km, with the best result reaching 628km!

OMG! Today, when the battery life of new energy vehicles is being discussed, the new Qin EV actually ran out of the battery life so much higher than NEDC. Is the three-electric system of this electric car really awesome, or are the media teachers skillful?

Che Jujun, who has tested the battery life of many electric vehicles, can’t help but be eager to try.

Not only that, thanks to the empowerment of BYD e platform, the energy consumption per 100 kilometers under the new Qin EV working conditions is as low as 12.9kWh. In addition, the new Qin EV travels 100km in 15 minutes, and the battery life attenuation is less than 5% at MINUS 10℃, which seems to solve some users’ concerns about charging rate and battery life.

Cheju nodule

Two versions of Qin are listed at the same time, each with its own characteristics. The lowest price of the fuel version is 59,900 yuan. You can buy an A-class car with beautiful atmosphere with a square meter house in a first-tier city, which is really cost-effective.

The price of the electric version is as high as 140 thousand, so it seems that BYD’s three-power system is really valuable. Of course, the product strength of this EV does have two brushes, and the battery life can reach 500km, which has basically broken the "mileage anxiety" of ordinary consumers.

Che Jujun is looking forward to the actual sales in a few months’ time, with a focus on cost performance and a sense of science and technology.