BYD’s battery and battery life listed in June are absolute highlights.

     Editor’s opinion:BYD Han, which consumers have been waiting for for a long time, has finally decided on the listing and pre-sale time, and will start pre-sale in May, and it is likely to be listed in June. Han, who has been forced to add powder for the first show of blade battery safety, has at least become one of the relatively safe new energy vehicles in the eyes of consumers. Now, with the exposure of the exterior interior, it is known that its cruising range can reach up to 600km+, and it has reached a new benchmark for the endurance of EV models that will be listed one after another. What is the reason for not waiting for it to go public? What if the pre-sale in May is an unexpected good price? It is estimated that those consumers who have already paid the deposit when the new car is pre-sold in April should be distressed. Therefore, BYD Han, which has a blade battery and can last for more than 600km, is the most valuable new energy vehicle to wait and see? Anyway, just wait and see for a month, even if the price is unacceptable, other cars will not run …

     A few days ago, BYD Auto officially announced that BYD Han has started booking and is expected to officially announce the pre-sale price in May. Han EV, which just rolled off the assembly line on April 10th, and Han DM, which recently exposed the declaration map, are expected to be officially put into production and listed in June 2020. 

    According to the previous news, Han EV equipped with BYD’s new generation of Ferrous lithium phosphate "blade battery" will provide 506km/550km and 605km endurance versions. The appearance of the new car has upgraded the Dragon Face design language. Because it is a pure electric car, it adopts a closed front face design, while Han DM adopts a large-area grille design. The car incorporates the aesthetic concept of Chinese design and adopts a symmetrical design, but the details still retain part of BYD’s family style.     According to the latest declaration of Han DM, the design language used in the front face of the car is officially called "evolved" Dragon Face, and the polygonal large mouth air intake grille is connected in series with LED headlights on both sides as a whole, which enhances the visual three-dimensional sense and is highly recognizable. The design of the metal decorative pieces with the lower lip passing through the left and right air guide grooves is inspired by the unique style of the "Eight-faced Han Sword" in the Han Dynasty, which divides the sword body into eight sides. The tail will adopt the popular penetrating design at present, and the overall shape will be done in one go. The angular outline looks stereoscopic, and the bumper design below highlights the sense of technology.     Han DM will be equipped with a 2.0T four-cylinder turbocharged engine, matched with a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a peak power of 180kW, of which the maximum power of the former is 192 HP and the maximum power of the latter is 245 HP. Judging from the detailed exposure map exposed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the car accelerated to 4.7s per 100 kilometers.